My Lead System PRO Review - Does it Work In 2018 or Huge Scam?

My Lead System PRO Review – Does it Work In 2018 or Huge Scam?

Welcome to My Lead System Pro Review!

You are on this blog post because some one might have approached you about this system or maybe you were Googling stuff and it crossed your path…

You are here because you want to make sure if this system is actually legit…

I don’t blame you…

There are so many internet scams out there trying to get your money and I am glad you are doing your research.

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the system and then from there you can decide to join or not…

My Lead System Pro Review – What is it?

my lead system pro review

This MLSP was founded by Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Todd Schlomer in 2008.

They claim they provide the best Multi-level Marketing training tools for MLM marketers.

I personally think network marketing is great, but the problem is too many people fail…

That is why I use this training that teaches you how to build any business including MLM, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, ecommerce and more, click here to check that out.

MLSP in general has a ton of training and it’s complete…

The companies concept is around “Attraction Marketing”.

This just means instead of you chasing people, people chase you to join your opportunity.

This skill in general is very hard to master and even MLSP doesn’t give you step by step material to actually get good at it…

It’s something you have to learn on your own.

In general, My Lead System PRO teaches you how to promote MLSP to other MLM marketers out there or home based business seekers using different strategies.

The training is useful, but the average video is over 1h and 30 minutes long and only 20 minutes is useful..

The rest is fluff…

Okay lets dig deeper into the products…

MLSP Review – The Product Line

Now this affiliate program does have a lot of training, but beware of a ton of upsells…

The $149.97 per month for MLSP Mastery doesn’t give you access to everything…

You will have to purchase upgrades to your membership to get access to the more advanced training.

Once you do get MLSP Mastery, you will be asked to upgrade to the MLSP Training Library, Attraction Marketing Intensive & Sound Traffic Mojo.

Now for the MLSP Mastery, they do provide discounts if you get the 3 month, 6 month or 12 month package.

  • 3 Month Package:  $427.97 ($142.66 per month)
  • 6 Month Package:  $798.72 ($133.12 per month)
  • 12 month Package:  $1499.97 ($124.99 per month)

The MLSP Training Library 

This is where you will get access to all the live training since 2008 and the cost is:

  • $797 One Payment
  • $447 Two Payments (Overall cost:  $894)
  • $317 Three Payments (Overall cost:  $951)

So they just let you purchase it in payments if you can’t afford it in one shot, but it is more expensive…

Attraction Marketing Intensive

This is actually created by a member in MLSP named Dian Hochman.

He goes through more detail on Attraction Marketing that isn’t found in the regular MLSP Mastery membership.

Only issue with this training is the videos are very long and not to the point.

Again, there is a lot of fluff…


  • $297 One-Time
  • $167 Two -Payments (Overall cost: $334)

Sound Traffic Mojo

This was created by Mark Harbert and Frank Marino, again members of MLSP.

The purpose of this product is to bring laser targeted leads to your website or offer.

The weird thing is they do it through music?

I never really got this product.


  • $149.97 One-Time.

Now you think that was it for the upsells….


Other companies in this niche include Finish Line Network and The Super Affiliate Network.

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) – The Compensation Plan

Like all the network marketing companies out there, MLSP is also kind of like one…

It’s like a hybrid affiliate/mlm company if you think about it…

You get commissions when you refer people in the business and get paid on more than one level.

Instead of me trying to explain the compensation plan, why not let a rep do it from MLSP?

Before you watch this video, I want to let you know that it’s VERY hypy and biased…

My Lead System Pro Review – The Verdict

Overall, My Lead System Pro scam doesn’t exist…

The company has been going strong for several years and it’s only improving.

Plus I know a lot of people in the MLM and affiliate marketing space who came from MLSP so the training is top notch…

TONS of leaders were developed there and new leaders are born every day…

Not only that, a lot of digital MLM companies exist today because of this company…

Overall, I give this company the following:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, you actually learn something that can change your business forever.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed My Lead System Pro Review and if you have any questions, feel free to ask below…

If you are an affiliate for this company, tell us about your experience so far?

Would love to know!

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