Motor Club Of America Review - Is MCA any good?

Motor Club Of America Review – Is MCA Any Good In 2018 or Scam?

Updated:  May 26, 2018: You’re on this page because you are doing some research about MCA correct?

Someone might have approached you or you might be going through some other Motor Club of America review and something didn’t feel right…

…Perhaps that review was biased?

In this MCA review, I am going to tell you as it is because I am not affiliate with this company.  Find out of you should join or not….

First let’s take a look what this company is all about…

Motor Club of America Review – What is MCA?

Motor Club of America Review

Website: Honestly…

…there are so many websites out there I couldn’t even find the official one.

Every time I thought I found the official website, it was an affiliate!

Motor Club of America has been providing roadside assistance and insurance for the general public across the United States and Canada since 1926…

… In addition, they offer other benefits and services to their members.

According to them, they provide the “best” protection against unexpected occurrences at home and on the road.

They protect you against car break downs with their roadside assistance, personal accident coverage and other emergency benefits.

The also have discounts on prescription drugs, dental care and vision.

They do have over 86 years of experience and they claim they provide the “best” customer car while offering a ton of options that best suit the customer.

First I want to point out Motor Club of America is NOT an auto insurance.

It is a supplement service to assist you in your day to day life occurrences that are not usually covered through regular auto insurance plans.

You can get this additional service for $9.95 per month (Lowest level)

Now let’s look at what else you get with their membership inside of this Motor Club Of America review…

Motor Club Of America – Membership Plans/Services

  • Towing Services
  • Emergency Road Assistance
  • Discount on Legal Services for Moving Violations
  • Discount legal Service for Vehicular Manslaughter and Auto Assault and Battery (Yikes..LOL).
  • Legal Services for Auto Accident Related Personal Injuries
  • Legal Services for Vehicle Damages
  • $5,000 Stolen Vehicle Reward
  • $500 Stolen Farm and Ranch Equipment Reward
  • Touring and Traveling Services
  • Membership card
  • Key Medallion card
  • Lost Key Return Program
  • Auto Decal
  • Discounts on Prescription drugs, Vision and Dental
  • Discounts on Hotel/Motel and Car Rental

Motor Club of America Reviews

Alright let’s check out the compensation plan inside of this MCA review…

MCA Review – Compensation Plan

Believe it or not, this is actually a MLM business and you get a commission for sponsoring people into the business.

Instead of me blabbing on about their comp plan or business plan…

…why not see what MCA has to say?

Check out the MCA compensation plan video below…

***Warning:  They will try to sell you and I do not endorse anything in the video.  I am using it to show you how you will get compensated.

Motor Club Of America – Is It A Scam?

This should be an obvious one considering the company has been in business for over 80 years…

Because of that, I give this company the following rating:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Now back to this MCA Review…

It’s not a scam but there is ONE huge flaw…

People just don’t know how to recruit…

… The fact is on average people only sponsor 2 people MAX but in their heads they believe they are going to be millionaires from that lol.

So you either learn how to sponsor people the right way or look for  a business model that doesn’t require recruiting…

Ask yourself this…

Are you willing to invest a ton of money in yourself to get the right training?

If you don’t… it will be like any other network marketing deal where you will just send up failing after a few months.

Now if you are sick and tired of all the recruiting stuff there is something for you.

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…it’s been the best decision of my life


That’s because I made over $120,000 in 10 months on the side while building my primary business!

However, I can’t make any guarantees…

All I can do is help you, but you have to do the work…

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I hope you enjoyed my Motor Club of America Review and if you are in this company, please tell us about how you are doing…


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Motor Club of America

-Jesse Singh

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