MLM Recruiting Secrets That Will Explode Your Business

MLM Recruiting Secrets That Will Explode Your Business

Welcome to my blog, you are here because you want to learn the insider MLM Recruiting Secrets that will take your business to the next level…

I have been doing things different from average Networker out there…

Instead of me walking around Walmart or spamming Facebook with my links, I decided I wanted to sponsor people on demand online.

So instead of chasing money, you know when you chase anything including the opposite sex, it never works.  You look desperate and vulnerable.

Lucky for you, there is a much better way…

I’ve never begged anyone to join my business and my inbox looks like this…


I know, crazy isn’t it!

Some times I have 61 people join my business in a single day! (Right beside DS Domination, you will see a number…)

The best part is, I haven’t even talked to them on the phone.

Not only that, I have made over $140,000 in commissions pretty much on auto-pilot…


I am going to reveal to you my personal method to sponsor people on demand…

So buckle your seat belts because you are going for an amazing ride!

AND remember…

…PAY attention and take some notes.

Let’s dive in shall we?

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Optimized Blogging

Optimized blogging is my secret weapon.

A lot of people will want to throw up a weak blog that took them 20 minutes to write and talk about a deal they joined.  They believe by just doing that, people will be interested in their business.

That’s one of the worst things you can do.  Potential buyers will see right through that because you aren’t offering any insight or value in your blog post.

And then, Mr. Google won’t rank your site because of THIN content.  Google hates thin content and has made recent algorithm changes to combat that.

Google will unleash their furry animals after you!

Alright, so what is optimized blogging?

You have to write content that people actually want to read and that Google wants to rank.

What you want to do is write up a 700+ word content full of unique perspective, videos, discussion and graphics.

You must do that for each blog post…

Take a look at my DS Domination review, as an example.

When you read to that blog post, you will notice it’s easy to understand, I provide proof of concept, and I have strong “call-to-actions” (CTA’s) throughout the blog post to get people into my business.

What I love about DSD is it converts well as an offer because of it’s low entry point and if you Google “DS Domination review”, I am actually ranking for it even though it’s a tough keyword to rank for.

That’s just one post where people are looking for DS Domination.

You can’t just target the one company…

I would target hundreds to get them into your deal.

Take a look at what else I blogging about…

Did I join those companies?  No, of course not don’t be silly..LOL.


People who join those companies are also interested in my business…

You get it now?

There are THOUSANDS of programs out there.

If you are in a juice deal or vitamin deal, find 10 other juice or vitamin deals out there and write great blog posts about them…

You will realize there are a few people out there taking advantage of that already…

Blog leads are one of the highest converting leads period.

There are so many audiences you can tap into and so many different niches it’s mind blowing…

You can look into MLM companies, mindset books, affiliate marketing programs, internet coaches, and all the keywords related to “make money online” or “make money from home”.

There are two way’s to setup your blog…

You can build one from scratch which takes a lot of time, effort and money.

WordPress on your own domain can get pricey because the cost of “Themes”, “plugins” and your own hosting.

What I would recommend getting is a done for you blog that has a lot of Google juice to rank your blog posts faster…

Empower Network’s new Kalatu viral blogging platform is one of the best out there.

The best part is you can completely customize it with your own domain name.  Plus, you don’t have to pay for any plugins or themes.

The entire package is $25 per month which is a steal!

If you decide to get this blogging platform through my link, I will give you my personal strategies help you rank on the top of Google FAST.

If you type in keywords like…

“Tempo wireless review”

“Usana scam”

“Truvision health review”

You will notice I am completely dominating those keywords…

In fact, 98% of my blog posts are on the first page of Google…

I don’t mess around here 🙂

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MLM Sponsoring Tips – Post Your Blog Post in Facebook Groups

Once you get started and setup your blog, go onto Facebook and join as many groups as possible.

Then every time you make a new blog post, post them in the groups…

You can copy this template:

“[PURE CONTENT] Your Blog Post Title (Make sure it’s catchy)

Find out more here => Your blog post link”

When people see that you are actually posting valuable content, they will click your link.

Unlike 99% of the people in those groups, you are not spamming your affiliate link but instead you are giving them value through your blog post content.   When people actually read your blog post all the way through and you have great call to actions, people will jump into your deal.

Empower Network teaches you all of that when you purchase the blog, plus I will give you my personal strategies.

Now that I revealed my MLM recruiting secrets

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post, comment below and talk about some of the ninja strategies you have used that actually work…

To me blogging is still king other than paid traffic (Paid traffic leads don’t convert as high, but still very effective).


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Bless And Be Blessed,

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-Jesse Singh

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