Members Choice Review - Legit Business or Huge Scam? Find Out...

Members Choice Review – Legit Business or Huge Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my Members Choice Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Chances are someone approached you about this new business and you landed here to make sure it’s legit right?

The good news is I am going to walk you through everything so you can make the right decision…

Find out if this is legit or a scam…

Members Choice Review – The Company

Members Choice Review

Members Choice specializes in the personal development and streaming niche in network marketing.

There is an address provided in Conyers, Georgia but it’s not complete…

Co-Founders of the company is no other than Howard Harrison Jr. (President and CEO) and J.William (Executive Vice President).

Before this company, Harrison was part of a company called Noble 8 Revolution

That’s all the information I got on the company, let’s take a look at the products next…

Members Choice Reviews – The Products

Members Choice sells vStream TV’s VIPStv service for $39.95 per month with a setup fee of another $39.95.

This is what their website says:

is distributed and administered under exclusive license to AMG/SONY Music International and promoted through AMG Music, Film & Television.

I do know that vStream TV is a third party MLM company, not sure what their relationship is with Members Choice…

Anyway, that’s all I go ton the products…

Members Choice Compensation Plan

Members Choice members buy $35 positions into the 3×5 matrix cycler.

This can be filled directly or indirectly…

Overall, there are five levels to be unlocked:

  • Level 1 (3 positions) – $27 cycle commission and cycles into level 2
  • Level 2 (9 positions) $131 cycle commission and cycles into level 3
  • Level 3 (27 positions) – $2391 cycle commission and cycles into level 4
  • Level 4 (81 positions) – $52,306 cycle commission and cycles into level 5
  • Level 5 (243 positions) – $1906,395 commission paid out

Residuals Commissions

All residuals are paid through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

Once you get to $500 in commissions, Members Choice takes out $150 and put’s it into the unilevel.

To be part of this comp plan, you must put in at least $100 per month.

This compensation plan pays seven levels deep:

  • Affiliate – 10% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Bronze – 10% on level 1 and 5% on level 2
  • Silver – 10% on level 1 and 5% on levels 2 to 4
  • Gold – 10% on level 1 and 5% on levels 2 to 6
  • Platinum – 10% on level 1 and 5% on levels 2 to 7

This is their rank qualifications needs to hit them:

  • Affiliate – Sign up as a Members Choice affiliate and earn $500, then continue to pay $100 a month
  • Bronze – Personally recruit five affiliates and maintain 25 customers across your unilevel team
  • Silver – personally recruit and maintain at least ten affiliates (four must be Bronze or higher)
  • Gold – Personally recruit and maintain at least twenty affiliates (8 must be Silver or higher) and have 160 affiliates and 800 customers across your unilevel team
  • Platinum – Personally recruit and maintain forty affiliates (16 must be Gold or higher) and have 2560 affiliates and 12,800 customers across your unilevel team

Customers are non-affiliates who pay $100 per month for their streaming service.

Cost To Join Members Choice

Members Choice affiliate membership is $35.

If you want to earn residuals, you must pay their $100 per month.

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this Members Choice review…

Verdict On Members Choice

Overall, Members Choice is in the grey area for me…

I need to know if they have MORE customers than affiliates to make this company profitable…

Not only that, at $100 per month, they are on the expensive side when it comes to streaming boxes.

The fact is you can go on Amazon or eBay and buy one of these boxes for $50 to $200 one-time and you are done…

$100 per month will mean you will pay $1200 per year.

The matrix compensation plan encourages just recruiting people which is not a bad thing if they have more customers.

Anyway, right now I personally don’t recommend it…

I would wait it out and see how they are doing 6 months from now.

Plus like I said, they are not competitive to the marketplace either…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Members Choice review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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Members Choice

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