Max International Review - Legit Business or Scam? Find Out Right Here...

Max International Review – Legit Business or Scam? Find Out Right Here…

Welcome to my Max International Review!

This company has been buzzing huge on Google Trends, as well as all over the media and I’ve found the company’s name in a lot of headlines lately too.

Max International has been pegged at 100, on the trends which is the exact same peg they were this time last year!

With all the interest I decided to go and investigate what the company was all about…

I can take a guess and know that someone approached you about this business opportunity in person or on social media and now you just want to make sure it’s legit or not right too?

First you are doing your research which makes you a smart person, and I’m going to make your research worth wild.

And secondly, I am going to take you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision about joining…

Lets begin!!

Max International Review – The Company

Max International review

Started in 2007 by 3 entrepreneurs and direct marketers: Steven K. Scott, Fred Ninow, and Gregory Fullerton, brought us Max International – or “The Glutathione Company” all the way from the USA.

The company’s headquarters are located in the State of Utah, the Beehive state.

Less than 10 years later, the only original founder still standing is Steven K. Scott.

The two other visionaries appear to have kept on moving and being ambitious by going ahead and starting other business opportunities.

It appears that they did trust in the dream and goals of their company, Max International.

Scott’s part of the founding story, starts when this pair met back in 2007 and that’s when Scott met Dr. Robert H. Keller, and was informed that he was a distinguished research scientist and a medical doctor.

On Scott’s website he also says a bit more fields that Keller is well educated in as he is said to be an immunologist, oncologist, and hematologist, and has written over 100 peer-reviewed articles associated in these fields.

The pair met at Chuck Norris’s home, and the good doctor had pulled out various studies where he was focused on a new nutritional formula that increase Glutathione production, with impressive results for the user’s overall well-being.

The Dr. Keller sounds very remarkable, he is like 3 doctors in 1.

And correspondingly to Keller’s Curriculum Vitae, his levels of education and training is very much so, legit.

Here we go: Keller, got his undergraduate and Masters in Biology from Fordham University, then continued on to get his MD (medical degree) from Temple University.

The Mayo Clinic had him on the faculty, as well as the University of Wisconsin and so did the Medical College of Wisconsin, among other places.

Regrettably, the company has a past sprinkled with lawsuits.

In 2011 the company had to pay a $1.2 million settlement payment to another business called Melaleuca for poaching its sales reps.

In the same year, accusations were appearing of the company infringing on patents that Tripharma held, unfortunately in one of their created product, but this infringement has not been proven.

One last tidbit about Max International is the its mission statement is to, “to empower people to build a legacy of significant change in their lives and the lives of others.”

Are you still with me?

Good, let’s keep going in this Max International review…

Max International Reviews –  The Products

Max International products

The company retails nutritional products that goes off the concept of increasing the body’s own production amount of glutathione.

Glutathione a simple molecule that is “the cell’s first line of defense and even reduces inflammation at a cellular level,” according to Scott.

The company fully discloses on their website the ingredients of all their products online, they also posted various independent studies and clinical trials that back-up the health benefits they claim their products can actually do once taken.

A big seller of theirs is Max GXL, which costs $85 for a 30-day product supply.

There’s also a performance boosting drink, an immunity boosting supplement, a weight loss program and skin care products amongst the other items the company sells.


In 2004 at Texas A&M they did a study completed by their nutrition faculty which exhibited that glutathione production does have the following benefits:

  • Antioxidant defense
  • Metabolism regulation
  • Cellular regulation
  • Anti-aging
  • Increased immunities and protection against disease 

In 2011, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in published a new study where 40 adult volunteers with acute or chronic diseases had taken a glutathione supplements for 4 weeks.

When the study was over it concluded that no difference was found in oxidative stress biomarkers between the treated groups, and measures of glutathione levels in the study volunteers were also found to remain unaffected.

Ultimately, the nutritional supplement products showed no significant effects on the study volunteers.

Side Effects:

Certain reported side effects of long-term glutathione consumption are:

  • Lower zinc levels
  • Wheezing
  • Unknown effects on women who are pregnant or breastfeeding 

Unlike all the other Max International reviews out there I want to make sure you get both the PROS and CONS.

A lot of people just write only the benefits only…

I guess they are probably in this company where I am not 🙂

Alright time to pay close attention now it’s time for the compensation plan next…

Max International Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to sign up at $49 to become an independent distributor, and a start-up pack (buy products to keep in your personal stock for retailing).

The company offers a broad 90-day training program, which will be helpful to making money with this MLM company.

If you are trying to start up shop without sales experience and marketing knowledge, they won’t train you (like most other MLMs), and you are not going to go very far in the business.

Affiliates can earn 9 different ways with the company’s compensation plan.

Retail Profits

Affiliates earn the differences between wholesale prices and retail prices on personal sales.

Preferred Customer Bonus

This is extra commissions earned by the affiliate for customers that are on an autoship program.

FastTrack Bonus

This is a weekly based bonus paid per personally sponsored new affiliate who buys their start-up pack:

  • Personal Pack purchases net you a $15-$60 bonus.
  • Professional Pack purchases net you a $75 bonus.
  • Premiere Pack purchases net you a $150 bonus.

Double FastTrack Bonus

If the affiliate sells 3 Professional or Premiere packs in a single month to new personally sponsored affiliates, your FastTrack bonus doubles essentially.

Team Bonus

This bonus is offered to you based on the overall performance of your downline team, which is modelled as a binary structure.

You will earn 10% of the commissionable volume that your weaker binary leg makes monthly.

Unlimited Seven-Level Matching Check Bonus

The bonus presents earning up to 50% on the team commissions of any of your personally sponsored affiliates downline up to 7 levels.

Platinum and Diamond Leadership Pool

Wow if you get to this high roller level, you could be living it up, in a penthouse, with pool bonuses!

If you achieve the rank of Platinum or the Diamond ranks, you can really start pulling in some very nice bonuses.

Global Bonus Pool

The bonus is collected from 2% of the company’s total global CV and is offered to an affiliate who grew their team’s weaker binary leg as compared to the month before.

Max Living Bonus

This is a Bonus that includes no effort for it is a passively earned bonus where the affiliate who is ranked at a Platinum rank or higher can receive:

  • Platinum: $500/month
  • Diamond: $750/month
  • Double Diamond: $1,000/month
  • Triple Diamond or higher: $1,500/month

Overall a pretty fair compensation plan if you ask me…

Cost To Join Max International

The cost to join Max International as an affiliate is an independent distributor at a cost of $49.

After every year of your company association there will be an annual renewal fee of $35.

Also, to get started you buy a start-up pack, which varies on price based on the products you wish to buy to keep in your personal stock for retailing.

The larger start-up packs (Professional and Premiere) will give you access to bonuses under the FastTrack under the company’s compensation plan.

Start-up Packs:

  • Personal Pack: $130-$179
  • Professional Pack: $549
  • Premiere Pack: $999

Lastly once you must hit 100 PV monthly to remain qualified as an affiliate.

The moment you have been waiting for in this Max International review…

Verdict On Max International

Overall Max International isn’t a scam or anything…

They have been doing pretty well and are continuing to make moves.

The products seem to be good and the compensation plan is fair so you can’t go wrong…

Only issue I see is that this network marketing segment is very competitive and you have to compete with 1000’s of companies and that is why I went a different route personally…

I took the online route where I have generated well over 7 figures in the last 12 months using a powerful 2 step system…

And even NEWBIES are having success with it…

But before I talk about that…

Thank you for reading my Max International review and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below…

Having that said…

Pay close attention to what I am going to say next because it can change your life!

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Max International

-Jesse Singh

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