Low Investment Business Ideas That Make You Money

Low Investment Business Ideas That Make You Money

Welcome to my low investment business ideas blog post!

You are here because you want to probably start a business to make some extra money…

Or heck you want to make a career out of it…

Whatever the case maybe, you came to the right place because I am going to walk you through the best low investment business ideas out there…

Before we get going, I just want to let you know to pay attention and keep an open mind to any of this…

The sad truth is so many people are very narrow minded with the job mentality.

You can’t think like an employee if you are starting a business and that is the truth.

I hope you realize how important that is…

Now let’s dig in shall we?

Top 10 Low Investment Business Ideas

1.  Freelancing

If you are a creative writer, graphics designer, web designer, accountant, bookkeeper, marketing consultant, editor and so on, you can start offering your services to the marketplace.

You would be surprised how many people on sites like freelancer.com or upwork.com that are looking for people to do their projects.

2.  Child Care

In today’s busy world, parents have less time to take care of their children because of their jobs.

As a result, they hire babysitters and childcare professionals.

This is a great opportunity for people that enjoy taking care of kids to start this kind of business.

3. Pet Care

This is a very lucrative business if you like animals.  No matter what the economy is going through, people must take care of their pets.

You would be surprised what kind of money people spend on their pets each year!

Sometimes people spend 4-6 figures a YEAR on their pets.

So if you like pets, I would definitely look into this….

4.  Elderly Care

In any recent demographic study it shows that the population of the USA and other developed countries is gradually aging.

That means there is a greater number of people over the age of 50 and the demand of elderly care services is increasing.

5.  Foods and Snacks

The food industry in general is recession-proof and you can start something small with very little capital.

You can start off by making baked goods like cookies, pastries, cakes and other snacks.

Over time, you can start offering more selection.

The fact of the matter is people will always eat food and no matter what, people will spend money eating out.

6. Laundry Services

There are a ton of people out there they would rather hire people to do their laundry then doing themselves.  Another possibility is they are just so busy that they don’t have the time for it.

So why not take advantage of that?

You can have hundreds of people paying you weekly to do their laundry.

It can be a very lucrative business.

7.  Jewelry

Let’s face it, people love to look good specially women and that is why they love jewelry so much.

I would definitely look into a jewelry business where you can start off very small with cheaper watches, necklaces, earrings, brackets and so on.

When your business starts to grow, then you can introduce more expensive items.

8.  Security Services

When the economy is in a recession, some people resort to crime as a way to make ends meet.

For that reason, many home owners or business owners are hiring security services to protect their assets.

This is where you can come into play and offer this service.

You can be like the person in “Mall Cop” LOL.

That was a pretty funny movie.

9.  Marketing Consultant

When the economy is going in the crapper, business owners start to increase their marketing efforts to get more customers and more sales.

This is where you can come into play and offer them different marketing channels like SEO, mobile marketing, social media marketing etc.

If you don’t know a great deal of that, you can personally outsource it to freelancers and give them a cut.

Smart eh?

10.  Start an eCommerce Business

You can start an eBay or Amazon business from home and start by selling things around the house.

You can even start looking for items at garage sales or thrift stores and start selling them online.

Another thing you can do is drop ship items from wholesaler sites directly to your customer.

For example, you find an item on a wholesaler site and you list it on eBay or Amazon for a profit.

Then once your item sells and you get paid, you then place the order on the wholesaler site and under the shipping field use your customers address.

Now the wholesaler will send it direct to your customer.

This way you don’t need any inventory on hand.

Smart right?

There are a ton of courses on this, but my favorite one is called Drop Ship Domination (DS Domination).

You can learn more on that by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed my low investment business ideas that make you money.

Please comment below if you have any questions about anything or have more ideas.

Bless and Be Blessed,

low investment business ideas

-Jesse Singh

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