Leafit Review - Great Social Media App or Another Scam?

Leafit Review – Great Social Media App or Another Scam?

Welcome to this Leafit Review where I am going to pick apart this company.  Unlike all the reviews on the internet, I am not affiliate with it at all.  I don’t get any commissions from them regardless if I say good things or bad things about this company.  The fact you are on this blog posts tells me this…YOU are thinking about joining Leafit and want to do your research before you make the leap.  You came to the right place…No Fluff…No BS…just the truth in this blog post.

Leafit review

Leafit Review – The Company


This company was founded by four men who have different skill sets to bring to Leaf it table which includes sales, marketing, network marketing and business building.

Those men are Lawrence Sowell (The Founder CEO), Steve Heiman (Co-Founder), Michael Green (VP of Sales) and last but not least Vaughn Tarver (Master Associate).

The company is a Social Media Network with a multi-level payout which isn’t something new, but it’s still very unique in this industry.

What is Leafit All About?

What is leafit

In short, Leafit is a company that is trying to merge and build up it’s own social media platform like Facebook..well sorta.  They are actually trying to merge with the biggest Social media platforms on the planet like Facebook and twitter.  It’s going to be another social media platform to communicate on, but there is a twist to it.

The main purpose of Leafit as of right now is to be a picture sharing social media network.  I guess kind of like Instagram but you can get paid for sharing it… I will get into that later.

So the way this works in a nutshell is this…you find a picture of a product on the internet for example a pair of shoes.  You can then link the best deal on the internet to buy the shoes to the actual shoe picture.

So what you have to do is look for pictures of things that will sell online and share it on this social media platform and right now Leafit has over 19,000 vendors.

Leafit Review – Business Opportunity

Leafit Scam

This is where you can share this opportunity and get paid commissions on the members you refer.

There are TWO routes.

You can take the free route where you can make 10% commissions on your direct sales.  Majority of the people are probably going to go this way lol.

Now, if you decide to become a paid member, it’s $40 per month and you can take part of their 3×9 forced matrix system.  By going with this paid plan, you will get access to a back office and basics like support.

Like anything that is free, it’s not going to make you the big bucks.  Paid route is the way to go if you are serious about the business.

For the Full blown Leafit Compensation plan, check out the video below:

 Leafit Scam – Conclusion

So is this company a scam?  As of right now…NO!

It does have a very unique concept which no one is doing right now.  The biggest concerns I have about this company is it’s very new.  Most network marketing companies don’t make it past the 5 year mark so if you do decide to join, look out for that.

The second concern I have is there might be copyright issues using pictures from Google.  The whole premise of this company is finding pictures of products on the internet and linking them to the best deals.  Now, some of these vendors won’t be too happy about you stealing their pictures for your profits.

 What other issues?

Majority of your money will come from recruiting people and the truth is that is why many people fail.  The average person recruits only 2 people in the network marketing industry.  If you have failed in the past and you think by joining this company you will be successful…think again.  You will need to invest in yourself and get the right education to make you a recruiting master.

Now if you came here and don’t want to recruit a single person because your sick and tired of bugging your family and friends…Well, I got something for you.

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If you are apart of Leafit, tell me about your success or challenges you have had faced so far?

Thanks for checking out my Leafit review and until next time, stay blessed!


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