Kitsy Lane Review - Good Business or Not?

Kitsy Lane Review – Good Business or Not?

UPDATE (Oct 2015):  Apparently Kitsy Lane went out of business since I wrote this blog post.  I had many people tell me this…

Now I don’t know the official word, but when I went on their main website nothing happens…

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If you still want to read the review, check it out below:

Welcome to my Kitsy Lane review!

There are a ton of business opportunities out there to choose from that are geared towards stay at home moms…

I decided to do my own research on this company so I can pass it on to you.

If you want to know the truth behind the company, the products and compensation plan, keep reading and pay attention…

Let’s face it, you don’t want to get into something where you can just flat out fail…

First, let’s take a look at the company.

Kitsy Lane Review – The Company



Kitsy Lane is the brain child of man named Andy Fox who is the CEO and Founder.

The company launched in the summer of 2012 and has been growing every single month since then…

The company itself specializes in jewelry kind of like Origami Owl, but there is a twist…

Kitsy Lane gives you “Boutique ownership” where you get your own website.  From there, you can create your own store front online (e-boutique), put up certain products to sell, and promote the store front on social media.

It’s a great touch that they have a good e-commerce platform to sell the jewelry and you don’t have to mainly rely on “home parties”…

You know how annoying those can get…

Unless you like that kind of stuff, but I rather do it through the internet..LOL.

Alright so far so good, let’s take a look at the products.

Kitsy Lane Reviews – The Product Line


In direct sales or network marketing, the product has to be very important…

Face it, if the product flat out sucks, no one will buy.

I don’t have any products on hand, I had to do some research to see what are customers saying and right now I see mix reviews.

Some say they are fantastic and some say they are poorly made…

Well, the best way to settle this is if you are in this company, or a customer, please share with my readers YOUR experience with the products in the comments below this blog post (Do this after reading the rest of the blog of course).

They have several categories and have several products per category…

So when it comes to what they offer, there is a ton of variety.

Here is a list of their categories:

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Anklets
  • Hair products
  • Kids products
  • Mens products

When I saw men’s product, I was like “Oh cool, finally a jewelry network marketing company that has something for men!”.

However, when I clicked on it…

There was just ONE product and it was a Patrick Tie Clip for $28…

My dreams have been crushed…(Just kidding).

Alright, the products have a mix review, so now let’s take a look at their business opportunity.

Kitsy Lane – The Compensation Plan

Alright, you are probably saying “Show me the money!”.

Okay, just relax alright I can only type so fast…LOL.

Like any network marketing company, you earn money on product sales and personal recruits…

So let’s take a look at their comp plan shall we?

  • Earn up to 35% commissions on every sale
  • Your commissions earned depends on rank
  • Start out commissions rate is 25%
  • Sell Personal Volume $1000+ in a month and get an extra 5% (30% Total)
  • Or Be active and have $10,000+ in team volume in 1 month
  • Sell personal volume $2,500 in a month and get an extra 10% (35% Total)
  • Or Be active and have $25,000 in team retail volume
  • Commissions are paid 4 levels deep.


You know whats crazy?

That wasn’t even on the website, I had an insider tell me about their compensation plan.

This is what you see on their website direct:

  • Commissions are up to 25% on every piece you sell
  • 5 orders/week at $75 average = $3,500/year
  • 5 orders/day at $75 average order = $25,000/year
  • 20 orders/day at $75/average order = $100,000/year
  • Earn commissions on the Boutique Owners you sign up

I wish they have a nice video explanation but I see there isn’t much traffic on YouTube about Kitsy Lane…

Kitsy Lane Review – The Verdict

Overall the business opportunity is good if you know what you are doing of course…

I can’t say anything about the products, but I know how to do e-commerce…

The biggest problem with Kitsy Lane is… How are you going to get the customers to your store?

Sure you can sign up for free…

Sure you can get a nice free store front…

But, if you are not driving traffic to your online store you won’t be making any money…

For that reason, I am out!

There are way better e-commerce opportunities out there where you don’t even need the product on hand…

What I personally do is drop ship my items from a supplier site directly to the customer…

And I use the power of eBay and Amazon to drive the traffic for me.

You see what I am saying?

Now to learn to sell on eBay/Amazon is easy if you have the right information…

So that is why I have a complete step by step guide with the right softwares and tools to help you become an online retailer machine!

Heck even if you are in Kitsy Lane, you can take advantage of this system 🙂

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I have personally made over 6 figures selling products I don’t even have on hand… How easy is that?

Pretty easy to be honest.

Check out the system HERE.

You will thank me later 🙂

Now for all of you in Kitsy Lane, please share with my readers your personal experience with the business opportunity and the products. (Please NO affiliate links).

Thank you for reading my Kitsy Lane review and have a fantastic day!


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Kitsy Lane

– Jesse Singh


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