Kalatu Review - Good Blogging Platform or Scam?

Kalatu Review – Good Blogging Platform or Scam?

There has been some hype building about a new blogging platform Empower Network is launching… Maybe you got a few emails from marketers promoting this or someone you know came up to you about it.  Whatever the reason may be, I am going to reveal to you what this blogging system is all about in this Kalatu review

Could this be a winner?

…Or a flop like their ENV2 code named “Blog Beast” they launched a year ago.

Let’s find out shall we?


Kalatu Review – The Blogging Platform Revealed

Before I dig in the Kalatu review, check out this video that explains it perfectly:

When Empower Network launched their first blogging platform, it was pretty much a WordPress blog with two themes and very little customization.  This was a problem so they decided to launch their own blogging platform called “Blog Beast” or ENV2, but there was a big problem…

It didn’t rank as well and the platform overall just plain sucked.  This is why you never see any Empower Network blogs on the first page of Google for anything… They knew this was a problem so now enter…

“Kalatu Blogging System”.

This will be called ENV3 (Empower Network Version 3) and they went back to WordPress, but with a twist.

You see…

Instead of Empower trying to make a blog system from scratch, they decided to get the input of their leadership.  So Chris Record, a 7 figure earner, decided to take on this project.  He is a VERY successful blogger and he is the one who worked with Empower Network to create this new blogging platform code named Kalatu.

Their mission with this was to have complete customization and be newbie friendly at the same time.

Plus, it is geared towards a much more broad marketplace like restate, network marketers, other businesses that require  web presence.

What Makes Kalatu Blogging System Powerful?

The problem with a fresh WordPress blog with your own domain is it takes time and skills to set one up properly.  You need the right plugins and right content strategy to start ranking in Google for your keywords you are going for.

Google just hates brand new sites and it can take 2-3 months to start actually ranking on Google.  With Kalatu, it’s a little different.  They already have a powerful domain that will give you ranking power from the get go.

Kalatu blogging system has specialized plugins and widgets that help you come up with great headlines, content and great call to actions that make people buy.

Instead of spending hours on your blog post, Kalatu will condense that time to about 15-20 minutes which is a huge time saver.

Kalatu Review – 21 Day Blogging Challenge.


One of the things Empower Network is pushing with this new ENV3 platform is their 21 day blogging challenge…

The purpose of this is to build momentum on your team by people pushing out content on the internet. The only problem with this is they have to write properly and the content has to be high quality or Google will start penalize you for it.

You can’t just right a few sentences and call it a day.. LOL!

You have to give value to your readers through your content, but once you start writing everyday… You will get better and better and one day you will start ranking and start getting leads for your business.

Apparently there will be custom Kalatu only plugins that cannot be found anywhere else.  These plugins are suppose to help you get traffic faster and rank quicker.

I am only speculating on that right now as I haven’t officially test driven this blog platform…

Kalatu Scam – This blogging platform legit?

As of right now it looks very promising, but we won’t know completely until it actually launches.  I will be doing my own testing with it and see if it can rank faster than my WordPress blogs.

Kalatu also wants to reach more customers in different industries.  They don’t want to focus just on Network Marketers, but other businesses as well.

The cost of this blogging platform will be $25 per month which will include hosting, the custom WordPress blog with a ton of themes and designs to choose from.

From a price point – It’s actually a bargain.

This blog you are on right now costs about $20 per month for hosting (I don’t have standard hosting, it’s faster) and the blog theme costs me about $60.

On top of that, I had to design it from scratch and the average person can’t do that unless they invest a ton of time in it.

My conclusion is this is a great platform for people that are getting started in the online word.  If you are a seasoned blogger, I would just recommend regular WordPress and hosting.

If you are a complete newbie and want to start blogging, Click Here To Get On The Waiting List.

This platform hasn’t launched yet, but will very soon.

And if you get this system through my personal link, I am going to throw in a bonus for you.  I am going to show you how to do the right on-page SEO to get your blog to rank much faster.  If you don’t know this already, I am actually a SEO Guru, I can rank anything on the first page of Google.

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If you type in….

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You will see that I am on the first page ranking high. In fact, I am ranking on the first page for 90% of my blog posts.

I could charge you $1000 for this training, but if you decide to get the Kalatu blogging platform through my link… I will give you this additional training for FREE.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I am ready to rock this with you.  Let’s make the next 12 months the most profitable months of your life!


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