iTravelParty Review - Another Traffic MLM?

iTravelParty Review – Another Traffic MLM?

Hey welcome to my iTravelParty review!

I have been noticing a big trend in 2015…

So many Travel based MLM companies are popping up left, right and center….

So here we are again with another Travel network marketing company, but makes this different?

Which one should you join?

Well, you came to the right place because in this review, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and the compensation plan.

Find out if this is legit or a scam…

iTravelParty Review – The Company


When you first go on their website, there is absolutely no information on it…

Only thing I could see is a map of Belize on the “Contact us” page of their website.

This could be possibly where the company was registered because I don’t see an actual corporate address.

The CEO of iTravelParty is a man named Daniel Butts who was the co-founder of another company a few years ago called Rocket Cash Cycler….

How Rocket Cash Cycler worked was people deposited $315 to turn it into $5300 once the positions has been invested in…

This obviously didn’t work lol.

Before this company, Butts launched EZ Wealth formula where you had to pay $84 to join and then recruit other paid members…

Anyway, let’s see what the products all about…

iTravelParty Reviews – The Products

Like all good MLM companies, the products have to be good and in demand…

iTravelParty sell club memberships that gives you access to third party travel related discounts (Like every other Travel MLM out there).

What they claim that makes them different is the subscription will pay for itself from your first booking.

30%, 50% and even up to 90% off what you would normally pay when you book travel online from some of the big web portals.

I got that from their website.

This Travel Party service is available for an annual subscription of $199 and is called the “Tourist” membership…

It can also be accessed through iTravelparty affiliate membership which will cost you a one time fee of $299 and then $89 per month.

They claim affiliates are given great discounts with a special “gold booking engine”.

Alright next let’s take a look at their compensation plan…

iTravelParty – The Compensation Plan

So there are a few moving parts to their compensation plan and you get paid either Retail or Recruitment commissions or both…

Retail Commissions:

Affiliates of iTravelparty get paid 40% commissions when they refer a customer that purchases the $199 Tourist subscription.

Recruitment Commissions:

Affiliates of iTravelParty are paid to recruit new affiliates in the company which is called “Passport Bonus”.

This Passport Bonus collects passport stamps when they sign up new affiliates.

The truth is it’s actually just a 2×2 matrix with commissions paid on recruitment.

There are 6 spots in this Matrix:

  • Top Spot:  YOU
  • First and Second Spot (1st level):  Two members
  • Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth (2nd Level): Four members

When all of the spots are full, $400 commission is paid out and then the affiliate is put in a new matrix.

Uni-level Commissions:

This part of the compensation plan runs 9 level deep and go across to infinity.

You earn PV on the $89 per month member ship and get 60PV.

  • First Level and Second Level: 10%
  • Third to Seventh level:  5%
  • Eighth to Ninth level:  2%

Now when you have hit different levels, you advance through the ranks as well.  This is more of a status thing because it doesn’t give you any comp plan increases.

There is a matching bonus as well where you can earn a maximum of 10% depending on your rank.

Also there are one-time rank advancement bonuses which go from $200 to $10,000 depending on what rank you hit.

The moment have you been waiting for…

iTravelParty Review – Verdict

Overall, I would wait for this one to gain traction because so many of these “Travel” MLM companies are sprouting everywhere…

Only a select few will do well…

For this reason, I am OUT!

Plus for you to do well, you have to recruit like a machine…

Let me ask you this, how well can you recruit?

The answer probably is “Not well”… And it’s not your fault.

The Solution:

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