It Works Reviews - Legit Products and Business or Scam? Find Out 2019...

It Works Reviews – Legit Products and Business or Scam? Find Out 2019…

Tired of all the fake It Works Reviews all over the internet…

I know a lot of them are done by actual distributors and they are always biased…

Welcome to my blog!

Chances are you have been approached by someone in person or maybe on social media and now you want to make sure if It Works is legit or a scam…

You probably have questions about the company…

The products…

The compensation plan…

Well, you came to the right place because I will be walking you through all of that so you can make the right decision to join or not…

Find out of the “It Works Scam” actually exists or just a rumor…

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Anyway, back to this It Works review…

It Works Reviews

It Works Reviews – The Company

It Works is a weird name for a company that sells different kind of body care products and nutritional supplements.

They launched in 2001 and is headquartered at headquartered at 908 Riverside Drive in Palmetto, Florida 34221.

They also have expanded into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

The key products include: Defining Body Gel, Fat Fighter, Body Applicator 2.0, It’s Vital, So Regular, It’s Greens, So Regular, and The Answer 2.0 Weight Loss Formula.

When the company first started, it specialized in Body wraps.  They sold a body contouring system called the “Ultimate Body Applicator” that wrapped around the…body.

This apparently helped you lost weight.

Well, that product was hugely successful so they launched a whole line of health products.

Fast forward today, “It Works” is a MLM Company or Direct Sales Company.

It actually made the list on Direct Selling News magazine making it the 15th most profitable company in North America in Direct Sales.

They have made a total of $538 million dollars, this figure alone should put most of the It Works reviews to rest who call it a scam.

What they are really famous for is there crazy slogan in 2011…

Maybe you have heard of it?

“Have you tired that crazy wrap thing?”

Also, It Works called their peeps “Wrapreneurs”.

No pun intended…

Now you know a little bit of the company, let’s check out some of their products inside of this It Works review…

It Works Review – The Products

It Works Review

It Works products fall into give different categories…

Unlike the other It Works reviews out there and just barely talk about the products…

I will go through them all so you can make the right decision.

It Works Body Wraps

In this category, there are three products to choose from.

  • Ultimate Body Applicator ($59 Wholesale/$99 retail) – Has herbs and botanical.  Apply this on your body and leave it on for 45 minutes.
  • Defining Gel ($45/$75) – Hydrates your skin and is applied to specific body part.
  • Fab Wrap ($5/$8) – Complements the ultimate body applicator by fitting snug on your skin.


When it comes to this category, there are dozen of products to choose from.

Some of these products range from Facial, Cleanser, Stretch Mark, Preventage, Lip & Eye, Toner, Hair Skin Nails, Repairage, and Exfoliating Peel.

The prices range from $30 to $99 depending on the product…

It Works Greens Reviews

There are 6 different varieties and flavors and come in a powder form.

You can then mix these powders to your favorite beverages.

We all know GREENS have a ton of health benefits and loaded with anti-oxidants…

Here is their list of products:

  • Greens Orange & Green Berry: Powder Supplement with 120 grams ($33 Wholesale/$55 Retail).
  • Greens On The Go:  Portable packets of Greens Powder ($35/$59).
  • Greens Value Size Orange and Berry:  Contains 360 grams instead of 120 ($79/$139).


They have a ton of products in this category and they are all supplements.

They have vitamins/minerals, It Works Energy, Advanced Formula Fat Figher, Estro Rhythm, Omega 3, It’s Essential, It’s Vital Core Nutrition, New You, Regular, Relief, Ultimate Profit, and Ultimate Thermofit.

Prices range from $22 to $139.


It Works bundles a lot of their products together that make sense.

Here is a list of their bundles:

  • 100 Day Social Adventures ($99) – This is actually for their marketing when you want to sponsor people in the business.  You will learn how to brush up on your social media skills to launch your business online.
  • Wrap Pack ($69/$115) – This is one of the most popular bundle that includes the Ultimate Body Applicator and the Defining Gel.
  • Ultimate pack ($279/$465) – This includes, It Works ProFit, Ultimate ThermoFit, it’s Vital Core nutrition Formula, and It’s Essential Weight loss energy bars.
  • Skinny Pack ($112/$189) – This includes 4 Ultimate Body Applicators, one bottle of Defining Gel, and one Advanced Formula Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors.
  • It Pack ($179/$299) – This includes the Berry/Orange Flavor powder and also contains 4 Ultimate Body Applicators, one defining gel, four Facial supplements, one Lip & Eye supplement, and one Greens on the Go Berry-flavored supplement.

The product offering is a lot different compared to companies like Jeunesse or Rodan and Fields.

Alright, now that we went through most of the products, let’s keep digging in this It Works review and talk about the compensation plan next inside of this It Works review…

Make sure sure you are paying attention now…

It Works Compensation Plan

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid commissions when you refer people in the business.

In “It Works”, it’s no different.

Instead of me going on about the comp plan, I found a video done by a successful It Works distributor.

Only downfall is it’s very biased, but they do explain the comp plan great lol.

So, I do not endorse this video, it’s for educational purposes only.

It Works Compensation Plan Video:

Like I said before, this video will be biased but that’s okay because it actually explains the compensation plan perfectly…

Next, let’s take a look at the my video I did inside of this It works review…

It Works Review Video Overview

This is a video I did and went in depth about what it really take for proper weight loss and what my official opinion is on the body wraps inside of It Works!

The moment you have been waiting for in this It Works review…

Verdict On It Works

Alright so unlike all the other It Works reviews out there, I am going to be unbiased…

So pay close attention and keep reading alright?

The question is, does the It Work Scam exist?

Honestly, it’s FAR from the truth.

Let’s look at the facts here…

Company launched in 2001 and still here to this day making over $500 million in sales…

Does that sound like a scam?

Wouldn’t you think the FTC would shut it down long ago?

So why do people write about the It Works Scam in their blog posts?

Unlike all the other It Works reviews out there, I am not here to bash most companies.

I know a lot of marketers specially from a company called Wealthy Affiliate do that and it’s very unfortunate…

Then they turn around and talk about how their personal opportunity isn’t a scam…

Seriously, they have retail products that can be marketed to retail customers and if you want to build a business the It Works Compensation plan is very fair…

You can’t really go against the facts and I didn’t compared to other It works reviews out there…

Because they are legit, I give it the following rating:  [yasr_overall_rating]

I hope you enjoyed my It Works review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them ASAP.

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