IQUnite Review - What is Going on? Is This a Scam?

IQUnite Review – What is Going on? Is This a Scam?

Welcome to my blog… There has been some disturbing news that IQlife first became IQ Konnect and now they changed their names completely to IQUnite.  What is this company trying to do?  Why so many name changes and STILL no launch?

I am going to get to the bottom of this in this IQUnite Review!


IQUnite Review – The Company


I don’t know what is up with this company.  I can’t find ANY information on their site and everything seems to be so secretive.  I wrote another review showing you how IQ Life came about which made a social network called IQ konnect.

 Check out my IQLife Review here.

Once you go through that review, you will know exactly what this company is all about.  In this blog post, I am not going to make it long…

…I am going to straight to the facts.

Before IQUnite, this social network was called IQ konnect which FAILED to launch.  It has been in PRE-Launch for the longest time.  If you read my review of IQLife, you will know what I am talking about…

An EX- IQ member has come out with this new breaking information that they changed their name to IQUnite… Why?  Keep reading.

IQUnite Scam – Why did they change Their Name?

An insider source told me some disturbing information.

Here is what this Ex-Member Said…

They are now IQUnite and have launched a basic no frills platform that will never compete with FB. If you say something or ask a q you are yelled at have your posts deleted and are eventually kicked off if you continue to not conform. There are also a lot of bible quotes used to encourage the masses. With 10,000 followers at $9.95 a pop someone is making nearly 100,000 a month after only investing a few hundred into the Dolphin Boonex social media building site, after claiming to have invested millions. If you state the facts they claim you are being negative and misrepresenting them. Please update that they are now IQUnite. They changed because when IQKonnect was googled the scam was the first thing to pop up and they did not want that to be the first thing you saw when you researched them.

This was directly from my blog post I made about IQ LIFE.



IQUnite Reviews – Conclusion

I will be honest with you… I don’t usually call companies a direct head on scam, but this seems to be one.  So they changed their name because people were calling IQ konnect a scam?  LOL…

Oh man…

Get involved at your OWN risk.  I know $10 per month isn’t a lot, but imagine you spent thousands of hours into this business and suddenly they disappear… It’s not the $10 per month that’s going to bother you, it’s the time that you put into it which you will NEVER get back.

THAT is the risk and not the $10 per month.

If you are actually looking for  way to make money online, there are TONS of opportunities that are legit.

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Anyway ladies and gentlemen, I hope you got value in this post and WATCH OUT!


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