IQ Life Review - Legit or IQ Konnect A Social Network Scam?

IQ Life Review – Legit or IQ Konnect A Social Network Scam?

You landed on this site because you want to know the absolute truth about this company.  Well, you came to the right place because I will not hold anything back in this IQ Life review

There has been a lot of rumors floating around and in this blog post, I am going to put some of them to rest.  Before I get started, I just want to let you know I am not affiliated with this company in anyway.

With that having said, you will only get a perceptive a of  third party member with no bias influences.

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IQ Life Review – L9 App going as IQ Konnect?

Main Website:

Level 9 App was launched in February of 2013 and was giving this free mobile app away while charging $7.95 per month for extra content material.

The people who promoted this (affiliates) were charged extra on top to get the full benefit of their compensation plan in place.

I always noticed any app-based MLM companies for some reason never do well and this is true for Level 9.  What happened after the launch was disaster because of the massive sales drop.  For some reason, this company failed to attract retail paid customers.

After digging in some more, I found this out according to the Level 9 website in August of 2o13:

In Mid August, 2013, Level 9 Marketing was purchased from its founders by two of its original Brand Partners.

A few months ago, I found out they are relaunching themselves as “IQ Life” with a new brand name behind it.

IQ Life review, IQ Konnect

So what is this “NEW” app company based on?

According to Level 9 themselves, they have abandoned themselves for a social network:

There’s a movement coming! Level 9 Marketing is shifting to iQLife. As this shift continues, there are new and exciting technology trends that we as Brand Partners re positioned to enjoy and utilize. iQLife has strategically aligned with a Brand New Social Sharing Platform that will soon be released exclusively to all existing Level 9/iQLife Brand Partners. (Find Out More here)

This is very strange, a failed mobile app now entering the Social network MLM arena? Hmmm….

Let’s just keep digging further in this IQ Life review.

The Company – IQ Konnect?

After trying to dig into who is actually running IQ Life and just like the Level 9 app, there is no details on who is running the show here.

I thought it would be on their website, but the information is missing making this a little suspicious in my opinion.  This company was sold a year ago already!

I noticed the IQ Life doesn’t have an actual website yet, but I have seen another website up called “IQ Konnect” which has a “COMING SOON!” sign and is parked at the moment of this IQ Life review.

Here is what I saw:

iq konnect, iqkonnect

Right now it’s just telling people that it’s coming soon when they visit IQ Konnect.  When I dug deeper into who registered the domain name, it revealed Marty Johnson of Level 9 Marketing as the owner.

I don’t know exactly what his relationship is with IQ Life or IQ Konnect right now because it hasn’t been revealed.

The IQ Life Product Line Review

At this stage of this company, only thing IqLife has disclosed is IqKonnect and that’s about it really.

IQ Konnect is going to be a social network that is apparently going to “start a movement by rewarding you for bringing all your life experiences to this platform!”

I looked at other domain names registered by Marty Johnson and found out “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “iqlifelibrary.infi”, “”, “” are on the list.

I have no clue what these are going to be used as, maybe future products?

It’s unclear as of this iqlife review.

The IQ Life Compensation Plan Review

The compensation plan is based on the 3×9 matrix.  What this means is it puts the affiliate at the top of the matrix with 3 positions under them in their level 1.

iqlife compensation plan


So the further you go down, it will keep branching out in three’s like the image above.

The powerful thing about this compensation plan is the people in your downline don’t have to be personally sponsored by you, it could be from your upline.

This is how the commissions are paid out:

  • Level 1 – 10 cents per filled position
  • Level 2 – $1.10 per filled position
  • Level 3 – 6-15 cents per filled position
  • Level 7 – $1.15 per filled position
  • Level 8 – 65 cents per filled position
  • Level 9 – $1 per filled position

There are some extra perks like the 25% matching bonus for all your personally enrolled members.  To be qualified for this bonus, an affiliate must keep three active paid affiliates in their downline.

If you keep six paid members in your downline, you will get a 50% matching bonus.

The costs to joining IQ Life…

Right now the affiliate member ship for the IQ Konnect is $9.95 per month.  Which isn’t a whole lot and many other companies charge a lot more to enroll.

IQ Life Review – Conclusion

So is this company legit or a scam?

I can’t say it’s a full on scam, but there are some alarming things about it.

First of all, it looks like they haven’t learned their lesson by switching from an app MLM to a social network one.  For some reason, MLM social network companies have done horribly in the past.

There have been ton’s of these kind of companies launching all over the place, but none of them actually took off.

The concept is interesting, but having to recruit people in an inferior Facebook social network is insane!

I don’t usually say anything negative about network marketing because it’s truly a great business model, but because of the Level 9 track record, I have a feeling IQ life and IQ Konnect will have a similar fate.

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If you are about of this IQ Life or IQ Konnect bandwagon and having great things to say, please comment below.  My review is my personal opinion, but anything can change.


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IQ Life

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