iPas2 Marketing System Review - What is This About?

iPas2 Marketing System Review – What is This About?

You stumbled across this iPas2 Marketing System Review because you want to know what the whole buzz is all about.  Is this just another Big Idea Mastermind wannabe…or is there something special going on with this.  First, I just want to let you know that I am not affiliated with iPas2 in any shape or form so all you will be getting from me is a honest third party review.

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What is iPas2?

Ipas2 is a complete marketing system that has everything you possibly need to run an internet marketing business.  It incorporates a ton of things that cost me personally a lot of money to learn and it’s just built into the ipas2 system.

For example:

  • Full blown traffic sources, and done for you traffic.
  • Dashboard with traffic tracking so you know the sources.
  • A high converting offer that is tested properly.
  • A cheap front enter offer to get people to the door.
  • An upsell offer (A proven one that actually sells).
  • A profit maximizer (More training to help you to become successful).
  • Trainings, phone sales teams and coaches.
  • iPas2 = Business in a Box.

Like most of these marketing system’s, there are different membership levels who have not joined the ipas2 marketing system.  These levels of membership is based on what products you own in Empower Network.

To give you a better understanding, I am going to break the different membership levels down for you.

iPas2 Silver Membership – Basic Package

This is the first level membership where you will get the following tools:

  • 100% Full Access To the ipas2 marketing system
  • Empower Network Viral Blogging System
  • Empower Network Blogging Academy
  • Ability to Earn $225+$25 per month from the “Profit Maximizers”.
  • iPas 2 Mastery Coaching Training Course.
  • Daily Live Training Webinars With 6 & 7 Figure Earners.
  • Online Chat Support & Live Phone Call Support.
  • 30% Commissions on the iPas 2 trip Wire, Front end offer & Upsell.

Total Overall Value:  $1,512.00

The costs:

The Silver Membership of iPas is $322.00

You must own the following Empower Network Products:

  • $25 per Month Empower Network BLog
  • $297 (One Time Payment) – Viral Blog Academy

Once you have purchased these products within Empower Network, you will have full access to the iPas2 marketing system and will give you the ability to earn $225 from your profit maximizers.

Ipas2 Gold Membership – Intermediate Package

Once you have this membership, you’ll have everything from the SILVER membership and much more:

Access To Underground Traffic Training And Resources:

This is the same traffic they have used to launch their platform during their testing phase which is valued at $2999.

Earn an Additional $1600 Per Customer: 

When you have the Gold membership, you can earn up to 4 times more than the silver membership.  This is valued at $1600!

Commissions Go Up From 30% to 50% on iPas Tripwire, front end offer and upsell.

The iPas 2 Gold Membership is $1600:

You must own the following products:

  • $100 per month Inner Circle Membership Audio Set.
  • $500 (One Time Payment) High Ticket Academy.
  • $1000 (One Time Payment) $15K Formula.

Total Value:  $4,946.00

Once you are at this level, you have the ability to earn $1822 from your profit maximizers.

Now for the ultimate package….

IPas 2 Black Membership – Ultimate Package

This is the top of the line membership you can get and it has all the benefits of SILVER & GOLD..PLUS MUCH much more:

New Team Member Orientation with One-on-One Couching:

This is a very powerful feature, when you sign someone up at this level, they will get their very own business coach and so will you.  This is great to have when you don’t know what your doing and need help.  Top Business coaches can charge up to $6000 per session so this is a steal!

VIP Access Black Membership Card:

This is very cool, with this black membership card, you have access to special live events, dinners, entertainment, private masterminds and great discounts on other ipas2 product releases in the future ($1499 Value).

You get $3000 PER customer from Profit Maximizers:

When you are a Black Membership owner, you have the ability to earn a whooping $3000 extra from anyone who becomes a black membership level client.

iPas Mastery Coaching Course – Advanced Training:

Imagine getting trained by 7 figure earners that are masters of traffic and marketing.  This is very powerful and if you implement it, you will get great results.

Get Paid 70% Commissions on iPas Tripwire, front end offer and Upsell:

This is self explanatory.  Instead of getting paid 50% like in the Gold membership, now you will earn 70% commissions.

Total Value:  $13,993.00

The Empower Network products you must own:

  • Masters Course ($3500 which pays $3000 in affiliate commissions).

Now there are extra fee’s from iPas 2 which are:

  • $97 Black membership (includes your one-on-one coach)
  • $39.95 Black Membership (If you want to do your own coaching).

Note:  These two fee’s are temporary, once iPas 2 launches it will be gone.

So how does this compare to Big Idea Mastermind?

Well, it’s more revamped and much more professional.  Plus, you don’t have to join a person that is already in iPas2 to use this system.

Where in BIM, if you don’t join a member, you can’t get access to their training.

Overall, it’s a great system, but remember you have to put in the work.

It’s almost becomes a top tier program like  Mobe.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and if you have failed internet marketing in the past, you have to pay more attention and actually focus this time around.


The results you get will depend solely on your work ethics and it takes a lot of time an effort.

For example, Empower Network used to hype up their blogging platform how you can make a ton of money blogging.


It’s true you can, but by “Blogging Daily” won’t do anything LOL.

You have to master the art of content creation and learn the right way of doing SEO to get maximum exposure…

The only reason I got good at blogging is the fact I stuck with it for a year.

So if your looking for something that will get much faster results without all these technical skills…iPas2 isn’t for you then.


There is a system out there that does get you results much faster…in fact, I have some people making a profit online within 48 hours.

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That is honestly the easiest business I ever done in my life…I wish I knew about it sooner.

The best part is, you don’t have to recruit or do any kind of marketing…

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I hope you all enjoyed my ipas2 marketing system review and if you are using this system, share your results with my readers by commenting below.

Until next time….


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