Internet Lifestyle Network Scam - Find Out The Truth Here...

Internet Lifestyle Network Scam – Find Out The Truth Here…

So you have been hearing all this buzz from this company and want to find out if it’s actually legitimize.  There are a ton of scams out there so you doing your diligence is the proper way of doing research. In this Internet lifestyle Network scam review, you are going to find out the truth.

I am not affiliate with this company in anywhere and there is nothing to buy in this blog post…only the truth.

Before we start…

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The Internet lifestyle Network Scam Review – Company


internet lifestyle Network scam

When your looking at a network marketing company or these hybrid companies like ILN, you have to tell yourself, what is the force behind this company?  Do they have a proper vision?

The founders of the Internet Lifestyle network created this company in 2013 and it actually exploded.

The three founders are Mark Hoverson, Vincent Ortega Jr and Clifton Hatfield who all have been successful in the affiliate marketing arena.

Both Mark and Vincent are both 7 figure earners on the internet so the leadership is in the right direction.

What Is The Internet Lifestyle Network?

In a nutshell, it basically teaches you how to make money online and start an online business through the branding method.

What this company provides is proven methods and strategies on how to drive traffic, capture leads and convert them into sales ALL online.

Some of the techniques they teach you is how to build your mindset properly to think like a 7 figure earner.  Let’s face it, your thinking process is 99% of the battle.

This is a great video to give you a quick Internet Lifestyle Network Review:

Internet Lifestyle Network Review – The Products

The products of any company either makes or breaks them.  The product must be unique and something that either is tangible that does what it says or intangible where it can be information that adds value.

The ILN products are ALL intangible information products.

Here are the list and the costs involved with them:

  • Apprentice Membership: $37 per Month
  • Inner Circle Membership: $95 per Month
  • Leadership branding For Direct Response: $195 One Time.
  • Solomon CEO: $495 One time.
  • The 8 figure marketing Blueprint: $995 One Time.
  • Mark Hoverson’s Solomon CEO: $1495.00 One Time.

Each of the products add on value on top of each other and if you decide or don’t decide to join, remember to take it in steps.

Now, there have been many companies in the past with this similar business model that have been more proven. I will show you some of the faults with this company later on in this internet lifestyle network review.

The Compensation Plan For ILN

On the surface Internet lifestyle network claims it’s all about building any business online, but the truth is their products are geared towards promoting ILN.

The company pays you 4 level’s deep at 50% for your personally sponsored members.  Every other level in the compensation plan pays 10% commissions which overall is great compared to most network marketing companies.

Here is a great illustration:

internet lifestyle network compensation plan

 The Internet Lifestyle Network Conclusion

Some people may call this a scam, some people say it’s an awesome opportunity.  To be honest, overall it’s not a scam.  Only thing I don’t like about this company is it’s using a infusionsoft back office.  It doesn’t look very professional and they should go with a custom stand alone back office.

Plus, this kind of program isn’t new, there have been many “Internet Lifestyle” hybrid mlm companies out there like Empower Network and MOBE.

At least with those two, they are well established.

So what is the main problem with internet lifestyle network?

People just don’t have the patience to learn how to do internet marketing where they need to learn how to drive traffic to the offer.  I am not saying it doesn’t work, you have to work hard on this to become very successful.

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If you are internet lifestyle network, please share your personal experience with this company so my readers will have even more insight.


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