Infinity Downline Review - Legit Business or Scam?

Infinity Downline Review – Legit Business or Scam?

Welcome to my blog post and you are here because you want to know more about this company. ¬†Maybe you Googled a biz op or someone approached you about this company, but whatever the reason is you want to do some research…

In this Infinity Downline review, I am going to break it down for you so you can make the decision to join or not.

Remember to pay attention to this blog post and read it all the way through!

Infinity Downline Review – The Company



This is the brain child of a man named Peter Wolfing who launched this company March 1, 2009.

I had a chance to dig into Peter Wolfing’s history and it looks like he is very popular among the internet marketing crowd…

As of 2015, the company is still thriving and growing…

This company is a hybrid network marketing company because it does require you to recruit members in it but it’s all done online.

There are other companies like this such as Empower Network and MOBE which are the more popular ones in this industry.

The good thing about Infinity Downline is the price point of joining which is only $25 per month.

Now that you got an idea about the company, let’s look at their product line…

Infinity Downline – The Products


Like all the good mlm companies, the product must be unique and offer value in the marketplace…

Infinity downline offers a suite of products for $25 per month.

Here is a small list:

  • Affiliate Marketing Training series
  • Product Creation Training series
  • WordPress member site training series
  • Forum training series
  • Squidoo training series

Now because I am not a member, I couldn’t really go in depth about the products.

What I did is check if there are any complaints about the products and to be honest I didn’t see any that are worth mentioning…

There are a lot of bloggers out there that mislead readers and call everything on the internet a scam and they all have one thing in common…

They are ALL “Wealthy Affiliate” members LOL!

Seriously, take a note next time you are reading a blog post and see what their true intentions are…

Anyway, back on topic, let’s check out their business opportunity.

Infinity Downline Reviews – The Compensation Plan

This is where the majority of the money is made and this holds true to all the other MLM companies out there…

Instead of me trying to explain it, why not let an “Infinity downline” member do that instead…

BEFORE you watch this video I want to warn you that I do NOT endorse what’s said in the video…

…This is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only.

I am not going to lie, this video is pretty hyped up LOL.

Cool beans!

I told you that it will have a lot of hype LOL.

Anyway, so what is the verdict about this company…

PAY close attention now.

Infinity Downline Scam – is it true?

The company has been with us for 6 years now so it can’t be classified as a scam.

The problem with companies like this promise a lot of good stuff and pray on the naive.

The truth is sure you can make money with this company if you know what you are doing…

That is the problem though, 98% of the people don’t know what they are doing and will fall into this trap.

SO you have to learn the skill sets to become a great internet marketer which will cost you more then $25.00 per month that Infinity Downline offers lol.

If you want to become a real marketer…

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That is what made me a 6 figure blogger online…

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I wouldn’t even posted that if it didn’t work…

I believe the WORLD should have that on the side while building any business opportunity that they are currently in.

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I hope you enjoyed my Infinity Downline review and if you are in this company, please share with my readers your personal experience with the companies products and business¬†opportunity…


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Bless and Be Blessed,

infinity downline review

-Jesse Singh

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