iGrow Network Review - Legit System or Scam?

iGrow Network Review – Legit System or Scam?

Welcome to my iGrow Network Review!

Chances are you have been approached by someone to join this free social network site called “it”.

Or maybe you were part of Leafit and you suddenly saw that their website says it’s no longer available, but click on this link to iGrow Network…

Whatever the case maybe, you came to the right place.

In this review, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or stay away.

Find out if iGrow Network is legit or a scam!

iGrow Network Review – The Company


The person who is in charge of the show is CEO Michael Green who was also the Vice-President for Sales in leafit…

iGrow Network is actually originally started as vLeaf (Leaf international or Vision leaf) which launched in 2012.

It was an Ad-Credit scheme that collapsed after a short run…

In 2014, they came back with a company called Leafit with the founder and CEO named Lawrence Sowell.

Leafit branded themselves totally away from vLeaf because they didn’t want to be associated with a Ponzi scheme…

They instead branded themselves as a “People’s App”.

In a nut shell, this app gave users to post third-party images social networks.  Now those images contained affiliate links to products so once someone clicked the image and purchased, that affiliate would get paid commissions.

It was like a shopping app.

Ultimately, Leafit FELL and if you go on their website (www.leafit.com), you will see it gives the following message:


So not a good start so far…

So now after Leafit’s callapse, this is their third attempt…

iGrow Network launched mid-2014…

Lawrence Sowell seems to be still there, but is low key.

iGrow Network Reviews  – The Products

iGrow Network is a Social marketing program now…

They provide education and tools to “explode any business”, whether online, offline, networking or traditional through leveraging and monetizing the power (Sic) of social networks…

Very bold statement for a company that failed two times already in the past…

iGrow Network market their own social network called “it” (“lifeonit.com).

The “IT” membership is actually free and is different than the iGrow Network affiliate membership.

Other than the “IT”, there are no other products iGrow Network provides that’s retailable, but they do have training’s etc.

iGrow Network – The Compensation Plan

The cost to join iGrow Network as an affiliate is $50 per month.

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid commissions when you bring someone in the company…

It’s no different here.

Instead of my trying to explain their compensation plan, why not iGrow do it?

Note:  This video is full of HYPE and I do NOT Endorse this video. It’s for education purposes only!

iGrow Network Review – The Verdict

Overall, it’s hard to judge if this is a scam because the company is still relatively new.

One thing I can say is it doesn’t have a good track record…

Vleaf fell and so did Leafit…

So what makes this company any different?

And the only way to get paid big money here is to recruit other affiliates.

The “eCommerce” side of things pays only 1%-5% commissions…

Which is $2-$10 on a $200 product sold…

And for that reason…I am out…

If you are looking for a 100% legit company…

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Right now I have over 4000 members join and all of them have made a profit…

Only way of not profiting is if you join and don’t take any action…

Taking action is required!


I hope you enjoyed my iGrow Network Review and if you are in this company, what makes this different than vLeaf and Leafit?  Also, what are your results so far?

Please share your experience in the comments below…



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igrow network

– Jesse Singh

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