Herbalife Review - This a good business or Obsolete?

Herbalife Review – This a good business or Obsolete?

Welcome to my blog, the chances are you got approached by someone about Herbalife or you heard about it online and just want to do your research before you get started…

…I do have good news for you because you just landed on a proper Herbalife review because of one big reason…

I am NOT biased and affiliated with this company at all.  I am going to go through the company, products and business opportunity and from there you can make the right decision to join or not…

First, let’s take a look at the company.

Herbalife Review – What is it?


Website: www.herbalife.com

If you didn’t know this already, but Herbalife is a established company that has been with us since the 1980’s.  It was founded by a man named Mark Hughes and started this company selling nutritional products…

….As more people tried the products and experienced positive results, the company started to expand.

Unfortunately, Mark Hughes passed away at a very young age in 2000, he was born in 1956.  In spite of that, the company is continuing to grow and now Herbalife has 2.3 million independent members and are in over 75 countries.

Quite the accomplishment if you ask me 🙂

I guess it’s biggest competition would be Amway.

So what are the products all about?

HerbaLife – The Product Line Review


When it comes to products, Herbalife has no shortages.

They have a HUGE selection of…

  • Personal Care
  • Weight management
  • Energy and Fitness
  • Targeted Nutrition

On top of that, each of those categories have tons of products.

You can check out their product catalog here.

If I listed all of their products, this blog post would be a million miles long LOL!

There has been a lot of success stories over the years as well and…

…I haven’t seen anything negative.

There has been a few cases where the products didn’t settle well with people and they just had to take more bathroom breaks than usual LOL!

But again, everyone’s body is different…

…and not everyone will experience good results.

Now for the moment you have all been waiting for… SHOW ME  THE MONEY!

Herbalife Reviews – The Business Opportunity

When it comes to network marketing, you need a great compensation plan to make a decent living.  So when you sponsor people into Herbalife, you get paid a commission on all product pack sales.

There are two Herbalife Member Packs:

1.  The FULL HMP which contains full sized products ($92.25)

2.  The Mini HMP which contains sample-sized products ($59.50)

Here is a video from Herbalife explaining their compensation plan:

Herbalife compensation plan is good, but there are powerful ones out there…

Overall though if you know how to sponsor people, you can make money with Herbalife because with just product sales alone, there isn’t a lot of profit.

Herbalife Review – Conclusion

The company overall hasn’t gone obsolete and it’s still growing to this day.  In fact, it’s one of the biggest network marketing companies on the planet and thousands of people join each month.

The problem is there is a massive failure rate because of the competition and people just don’t know how to recruit more than 1.6 people (That’s the industry standard).

You can try to generate your mlm leads online, but that takes another skill set.

So what is the solution to all of this?

You either learn how to sponsor people properly or find another business model that doesn’t require recruiting.

If you are sick and tired or the whole recruiting people deal, well I have something for you.

I have been doing this on the side of my primary business for 10 months and generated an extra $120,000 in the last 10 months…

Yes… You saw that right 🙂

The best part was I didn’t have to recruit anyone in that side business.

So if you are in Herbalife or any other network marketing company, I suggest you do this on the side for extra cashflow.

Heck I have people making more money than me!

Click Here To See What I Mean.

It’s so fun to do as well, it’s like printing money legally 🙂

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Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed my Herbalife review and if you are in this company, please tell us about your experiences.


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