GoodLife USA Review – Legit Travel Business or Big Scam?

Welcome to my GoodLife USA Review!

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity on social media or in person and now you want to make sure it’s actually legit.

The good news is your doing your diligence instead of blindly jumping into this…

I see so many people join on hype and later on find out it wasn’t what they expected.

I want you to have the right information so PAY close attention to this post and read this to the end…

I will be revealing shocking truths that will greatly impact your decision to join or not…

This is a completely third party review where I will walk you through the company, products and compensation plan.

Find out of this is legit or a scam.

GoodLife USA Review

GoodLife USA Review – The Company

GoodLife USA is the bring child of Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner who are the founders of the company and serve as the CEO and partner.

GoodLife USA specializes in the travel MLM niche and is based out of the state of Florida in the USA.

I did a research on both of these owners and found that Mark Seyforth started off his MLM career back in 1975 with Seyfroth Laboratories which was about a diet shake.

In 1980, Seyforth partnered with Herbalife and designed their compensation plan and manufactured their products through Seyforth Manfacturing.

In 2013, Seyforth launched a company called One24 or “Day 1” which still operates today.

Ed Dovner history on the other hand isn’t as clear.

According to their website:

Ed Dovner started cultivating his entrepreneurial spirit at the tender age of 21 when he became an acclaimed sales agent at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

He then successfully created a niche market company within gourmet coffee industry and sold his business for a substantial profit.

In 1993, Ed launched First Choice Armor & Equipment and grew the company to over $90 million in sales. Again Ed sold the company for a substantial profit in 2010.

Now you know a little bit about the company and the founders, let’s take a look at the products…

GoodLife USA Reviews – The Products

GoodLife USA is a wholesale discount club and market travel memberships.

With these memberships, you can save money on travel, retail and more…

This is what they say on their website about their products/memberships:

Our members benefit from some of the best international travel consultants in the world, allowing GOODLIFE USA to deliver some of the biggest discounts and best package deals available. We stand behind this with a Price Match Guarantee on hotels, condos, cruises, hand-selected luxury getaways and more. GOODLIFE USA members also take advantage of Lifestyle Benefits ranging from entertainment & attractions to shopping and dining to sports, health & wellness, insurance — the list goes on and on. Imagine one place to discover discounts, deals and cashback offers on all the things you do, enjoy and need… every day!

There are 3 memberships to choose from:

  • Silver Membership:  $11.95 per month (Includes travel, hotel and lifestyle savings) – No setup fee.
  • Gold Membership:  $39.95 per month (Includes getaways and cruise packages) – $99 Setup fee one-time.
  • Platinum Membership:  $59.95 per month (Includes personal concierge and fantasy getaways) – $199 setup fee one-time.

Now you know about the GoodLife USA memberships, let’s get into the compensation plan next…

GoodLife USA Compensation Plan

Like all good network marketing companies, you get paid commissions when you sponsor people in the business that buys the products…

It’s not different here in GoodLife USA.

GoodLife USA Ranks

Overall, there are 10 ranks in GoodLife USA, here is a break down with their qualifications:

  • Level 1:  GARNET – Generate $300+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s
  • Level 2:  TIGER’S EYE – Generate $500+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s
  • Level 3:  FIRE OPAL – Generate $1,000+ Monthly with 2 personal IBO’s, 2 Shared teams, Minimum commissionable value (CV) – 30,000
  • Level 4:  SAPPHIRE – Generate $3,000+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s, 5 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 75,000
  • Level 5:  RUBY – Generate $5,000+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s, 10 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 195,000
  • Level 6:  EMERALD – Generate $7,000+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s, 20 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 350,000
  • Level 7:  DIAMOND – Generate $10,000+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s, 25 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 500,000
  • Level 8:  DOUBLE DIAMOND – Generate $25,000+ Monthly with 2 Personal IBO’s, 35 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 1,000,000
  • Level 9:  TRIPLE DIAMOND – Generate $50,000+ Monthly with 2 personal IBO’s, 50 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 2,000,000
  • Level 10: CROWN BLACK DIAMOND – Generate $100,000+ Monthly with 2 personal IBO’s, 75 Shared teams, Minimum CV – 3,000,000

Recruitment Commission Payout

When GoodLife USA members sponsor new affiliates, they get paid through a 3 level unilevel structure.

The amount you get paid will depend on which membership they purchase and which membership you are on:

  • Silver membership affiliates earn on one level of recruitment
  • Gold membership affiliates earn on two levels of recruitment
  • Platinum membership affiliates earn on three levels of recruitment
  • Silver and Gold membership affiliates can qualify for three levels of recruitment by selling and maintaining at least twenty active travel memberships

Next, the amount of commissions paid through these 3 tiers look like this:

Silver Membership Members:

  • Earn $25 for recruiting another Silver affiliate
  • Earn $75 for recruiting a Gold or Platinum affiliate

Gold Membership Members:

  • Earn $25 on levels 1 and 2 if a Silver affiliate is recruited
  • Earn $75 on level 1 if a Gold affiliate is recruited and $25 on level 2
  • Earn $75 on level 1 if a Platinum affiliate is recruited and $50 on level 2

Platinum Membership Members:

  • Earn $25 on levels 1 and 2 if a Silver affiliate is recruited
  • Earn $75 on level 1 if a Gold affiliate is recruited and $25 on level 2
  • Earn $75 on level 1 if a Platinum affiliate is recruited, $50 on level 2 and $25 on level 3

You can also get paid those commissions if you sold and maintained at least 20 active travel memberships.

On top of that, you get a “Dream Dollars” when GoodLife USA members downline sponsors new members.

This can be put towards purchasing travel services.

Travel Membership Commission Payout

Both retail and affiliate memberships in GoodLife USA are paid in their 2×20 matrix compensation plan structure.

This can be direct and indirect members in your downline…

Overall, there are 2,097,150 positions in a 2×20 matrix…

You also get 5% of the CV generated by personally sponsored members on top…

Commissions are than paid monthly at the rate of 5% of the CV generated through the first 15 levels of the matrix.

Then from 16 to level 20, you get paid 2% on those levels.

Which looks like this:

  • Silver memberships generate 4 CV a month (5% = 20 cents per retail customer, 2% = 8 cents)
  • Gold memberships generate 20 CV a month (5% = $1 per retail customer, 2% = 40 cents)
  • Platinum memberships generate 30 CV a month (5% = $1.50 per retail customer, 2% = 60 cents)

Commission sharing

In the first month in GoodLife USA as an affiliate, you have to share your commissions with your upline.

  • The sponsored affiliate gets the first $60 a newly recruited affiliate generates in commissions
  • After $60 they earn 50% of the next $500 earned
  • After $560, commissions are split pro rata based on downline CV generation

Cost To Join GoodLife USA

There is a base GoodLife affiliate fee of $79.

  • Silver Membership:  $11.95 per month (Includes travel, hotel and lifestyle savings) – No setup fee.
  • Gold Membership:  $39.95 per month (Includes getaways and cruise packages) – $99 Setup fee one-time.
  • Platinum Membership:  $59.95 per month (Includes personal concierge and fantasy getaways) – $199 setup fee one-time.

If you are an affiliate, you have to pay the setup fee’s in each membership + $79 on top.

GoodLife USA Review – The Verdict

Overall, this is probably the better travel MLM companies I have reviews…

And I have reviews TONS.

Most of them never make it past a few years for some reason…

The only issue I see with GoodLife USA is that are CUSTOMERS willing to pay $143 to $918 per year for these discounts?

Plus, GoodLife USA doesn’t own these products, they are using third party discounts.

For the average person that travels once a year, I don’t think it’s worth it.

You have to see what your travel costs and and see if these memberships will save you money overall after the membership fee’s.

Now for the business opportunity side…

You can make a lot of money if you can sponsor a butt load of people and have your team members duplicate that…

Even though it says you just need TWO IBO’s in your downline, they need to sponsor new members and generate many teams.

It’s just not very newbie friendly because it doesn’t actually have cutting edge training on how to promote…

There are much better programs that teach you how to promote and then you leverage their system to make you money…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my GoodLife USA review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

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GoodLife USA

-Jesse Singh

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J - December 13, 2016

You should update your review, the information has changed quite a bit.

    Jesse Singh - December 14, 2016

    Hey J,

    Give me the updates in the comments and I will make the changes my friend 😉

    Chris - January 3, 2017

    Looking fioward to your list of updates to Jesse’s review of the Goodlife opportunity. Thanks!

Glennis D - April 4, 2017

Information still needs updating. As of April 3, 2017 lots of changes that are not shown in this review.

Quentin Robinson - April 19, 2017

I’m new but for the most part you’re on target, they are improving so things will change. Your review was great thanks. I see the vision of GoodLife.

    Jesse Singh - April 24, 2017

    Hey Quentin,

    Thank you for commenting!

      connie dickerhoof - October 9, 2017


        Jesse Singh - December 1, 2017

        Hey Connie,

        Sorry to hear about your ban experience.

Sheila - May 2, 2017

Hi, you prices are incorrect and you need to update your information. You are missing a big piece of the goodlifeusa program. This makes all the difference. The process now, is as easy as throwing a card on the floor.

    Jesse Singh - May 4, 2017


    Why don’t you give me the updates so I can add them to this review?

    David Bangert - June 28, 2017

    Sheila are u involved w this business?


EBrooks - May 16, 2017

For one, discounts are available on a LOT more than just the travel industry. GoodLife USA has partnered with over 900K companies across the world, with discounts available on everything from restaurants, new car purchases, computer purchases, shopping at hardware stores, etc. etc. The list is too extensive to go through them all.

Don C - August 27, 2017

Jesse Singh, many people have mentioned the info. needs updated about new changes and you say “just Send me the Updates”? You of all should already know small and large changes since you Jessie have been making a lot of money but I see here you still “Dodge” the questions by your repetitive answer for them to send you the updates. Not to be rude, you sound like a car salesman dodging the questions which have been the same question yet still reply the same about them personally sending you the info you may not wish to disclose like a snide/slippery snake… Yikes, Makes me wonder not much of a promoter of a good life.

    Jesse Singh - September 12, 2017

    Don C,

    You have NO clue.

    So far not ONE person has come up with this “new information” and not one person sent me an email.

    If someone actually stepped up and sent the information, I would have updated it NO problem.

    So take your negative assumptions and stick them some where else.

    Only snake is you by throwing out assumptions about people.

    Get out of here lol.

Dan - September 2, 2017

I really need to know more before I can get started

    Jesse Singh - September 12, 2017

    So far not one distributor has stepped up to give me more info on the company.

    So I apologize.

    Janie Mertz - May 4, 2018

    Dan I can help you and give you a card to use to try out the hotels, car rentals, and activities. Are you in the USA, Canada, or Phillipines. We are open there. for the IBO which is the independent business owners.
    This has been greatly improved to one subscriber and one IBO positions. It is going to be great now.
    Contact me to answer your questions and get more information. thanks Janie M.


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