GoBig7 Review - Great Opportunity or Scam?

GoBig7 Review – Great Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my GoBig7 review!

I have been hearing some buzz about this new company so I decided to investigate to see what it’s all about…

Chances are you are on this blog because you heard about it from someone or you ran across it on the internet.

The good news is in this blog post I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

All I ask is you pay attention and read this all the way to to the end…

Let’s dig in shall we?

GoBig7 Review – The Company



On their website there is no information on the owner of the company, heck it doesn’t even have an “About us” page which I think is VERY important…

This way people know the company is transparent…

The good news is I am a smart cookie, so when I checked out the terms and conditions, it revealed all…

The company is located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

When I dug into it further, I noticed the footer of GoBig7 shows the following information:

“Copyright 2003-2015 InternetMarketingLawPorducts.com for World Light LLC…”

And so on…

When I did further research on World Light LLC, it shows that it does operate from Tennessee and the person connected to it is Michael Dodd…

Now Michael Dodd brought to my intention he was just a business consultant and that’s it…

Michael Dodd was involved in another program called “Penny Matrix” back in 2012.

Penny Matrix was a $7 per month matrix recruitment scheme and when I checked the Alexa traffic information, the site is getting barely any traffic.

Not sure if the company actually went under because the website is still operational.

Cool beans!

Man that was a lot of research just to find out who the owner is and it looks like GoBig7 is another matrix recruitment scheme…

Alright let’s not jump into any conclusions yet, let’s keep going…

GoBig7 Reviews – The Product Line

When I jumped on the site to find out more about the products, all I saw was “MATRIX MATRIX Refer people in the matrix and you will get rich”.

Well not exactly in those words, but it seems to be pushing the matrix recruitment part heavy which is a big no no if you ask me.

It looks like the company has no retail able products or services and just pushing memberships.

The only thing I found on their website about their product was this….

Get just 2 companies (Restaurants, Bars, Car Washes, Construction etc …) to advertise with you! Charge them, for example $20 (or whatever amount you believe your services are worth), for their advertisement.
You can do this over and over and make lots of “extra money”!

So you have to find companies to advertise with you?

Not sure where they are going with that…

But right after that statement I just saw more of “Get 2 people so they can get their 2”.


Alright let’s take a look at their compensation plan…

GoBig7 – Compensation Plan

GoBig7 just like “Penny Matrix” is a $7 Matrix position purchase with commissions paid out when recruiting affiliates that do the same…

The actual structure of the matrix is a 2×14 all that means you can only have two members below you but goes 14 levels deep.

This income is residual month after month as long as your matrix is active.

Here is a quick chart on how they pay out:


On top of that, there is 100% matching bonus on your personal recruits in the matrix…

Cost To Join:

Affiliate membership is FREE, but if you want to participate in the matrix, you must pay $7 per month.

The moment you have been waiting for… Pay attention now 🙂

GoBig7 Review – The Verdict

First I want to say that it looks like GoBig7 is just a reboot of “Penny Matrix” that Michael Dodd created back in 2012.

It has a similar pay structure and the membership fee is the same as well…

There is several things I don’t like, but mainly Michael Dodd makes it sound really easy when he says…

Get 2 people signed up in 2 day!  Get them to do the same in 2 days and so on – AND – in 28 Days, Voila… $19,659.60 PER MONTH is your income now!


I just had to laugh, really just like that you make $19,659.60 per month?

Where do I sign right?

BUT it’s NOT like that….

The cold hard truth is this…

98% of the people who join this company will fail period…

And why would you join a company that has no real valuable products or services?

Don’t get trapped in these matrix recruitment based schemes because I have not seen ONE that lasted the test of time.

So for that reason I am out…

So Jesse, what should I join then because I want to make a legit income from home!

I will be honest with you, I love recruiting people into opportunities that are legit and bring real value.

I am good at recruiting but that may not be the case for you.

So I looked long and hard for an opportunity where a complete newbie can get started with and profit.

And after reviewing hundreds of companies….

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It’s so newbie friendly that I have over 4000 members actually profiting from this business because of one MAIN thing…

You don’t have to recruit a single person…

That is usually the biggest problem and now I have found a solution for you…

So are you going to just keep jumping opportunity to opportunity just to fail because you can’t recruit?

I am sure you are much smarter than that…

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I believe you are on this blog post for a reason…

It’s your time to shine now….

I believe in you and I KNOW you can do this…

Click here and Let’s Rock This Out.

If you are in GoBig7, you can still do what I do because it doesn’t compete with anything…

Leave a comment below about any experiences with GoBig7….


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Bless and Be Blessed,


-Jesse Singh

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