Global Entrepreneurship Report Released By Amway 2016

Global Entrepreneurship Report Released By Amway 2016

Recently Amway released their 2016 Global Entrepreneurship report and the data is showing that there’s an increased interest and support for entrepreneurship…

People want to learn more about the path on entrepreneurship, but there are gender and education gaps that still exist, yes even in 2016.

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Global Entrepreneurship Report For 2016

This report was conducted by having 45 countries take part in telephone interviews which had over 50,000 men and women from ages 14 to 99.

According to Amway, 77% of the members interviewed responded in a positive manner towards entrepreneurship in general.

This could be the fact that more and more people want to work independently from an employer these days.

According to Amway’s report, 39% of the members interviewed see self-employment as more likely in five years than today and 56% feel comfortable looking for customers and making profits.

Amway said:

These results seem to be indicators of a changing world of work

This is more true for the millennial generation who are big on working independently…

Just take a look at YouTube and you will see many young people building their own businesses online.

Amway Entrepreneurial Spirit Index for 2016

Now, Amway has something called a AESI (Amway Entrepreneurial Spirit Index), which they use to see which countries respond better to online business opportunities or just network marketing in general.

The average score for all of the countries combined was 50…

The United States scored 56 which wasn’t even the highest…

You would never guess who scored the highest?

Vietnam scored 81…

The lowest scoring countries were Japan and Bulgaria with a score of 26.

Very interesting…


People in the report that had a university degree (84%) were more positive towards entrepreneurship compared to people that didn’t have a degree (74%).

People with the degrees (46%) believe they see themselves being self-employed in the next five years compared to people that had no degree (37%).

University graduates (60%) were very comfortable for getting customers for their business compared to non-graduates (55%).

People with degree’s (60%) also see themselves starting a business compared to non-graduates (41%).

Amway was shocked in these finding…

I personally thought graduates would be more interested in getting a job in their field…

Why would you spend all that money to go to university and then just starting a business?

You don’t need a degree for that…


After interviewing both men and women, both responded positive towards entrepreneurship, but men are more willing to start a business and are more comfortable getting customers.

Both gendors, 43% could imagine starting a business, but 48% of men are more willing to do so compared to woman at 38%.

Another thing to look at is fewer women (52%) would be comfortable getting customers compared to men (60%).

Overall, the AESI score for men was 55 compared to women at 47.

Global Entrepreneurship Report – Verdict

I personally didn’t expect these results and found it very interesting that men are more likely to start a business these days compared to women.

Not only that, university graduates are more positive towards entrepreneurship compared to non graduates.

That one shocked me the most because why the heck would you go to university then! lol.

Also, countries like Vietnam score higher on the AESI compared to lets say Japan…

What do you guys think?

Did you expect these results?

Comment below about your thoughts on all of this 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, see you on the next one.

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Global Entrepreneurship Report 2016

-Jesse Singh

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