Genesis Mining Denies Partnership With USI-Tech & Omnia Tech

Genesis Mining Denies Partnership With USI-Tech & Omnia Tech

USI-Tech has been delaying showing external income sources to fund their ROI’s for awhile, but they finally revealed some footage from their ‘new data center in Iceland”.

I was actually excited because this is the FIRST cryptocurrency MLM company to provide information like this.

USI-Tech Data Center

However, it was short lived because it didn’t take people long to find out that USI-Techs “new data center” looked EXACTLY like Genesis Mining’s facility in Iceland.

Genesis Mining Data Center

There was speculation maybe USI-Tech was mining through Genesis Mining, but that was quickly shut down.

I saw some replies of a tweet on a cease and desist to Omina Tech (explain more on that later in this post), Rory, a Twitter user, asked Genesis Mining about the footage below:

Still waiting for you to comment on USI-Tech using your video and claiming its their facility.

Are you willingly entering a partnership with a known Ponzi scheme or is this another elaborate lie by USI.

Confirm or we will assume the former.

Genesis Mining said:

We’re investigating if any of the footage is real and if, how it it happened.

In any case: None of the hardware belongs to them.

We have no business or any other relationship with them.

So did USI-Tech actually build a 1:1 clone of Genesis Mining’s facility in Iceland?

Hmmm…it’s not likely…

To be honest, the footage doesn’t mean anything really because it’s NOT a substitute for proper audited accounting to verify external income sources for USI-Tech’s affiliate ROI payments.

Even though they launched their Bitcoin pack almost six months ago, USI-Tech has failed to provide ANY evidence of external income sources coming in to generate those affiliate ROI payments.

To be honest, I was REALLY close to joining, but I can’t right now…

Genesis Mining is also distancing themselves from another cryptocurrency mlm company called Omnia Tech.

This company launched back in September and offered affiliates daily ROI where they claimed it was from Genesis Mining.

However, Genesis Mining denies ALL connections with Omnia Tech in their latest tweet on November 24th, 2017:

We received a few inquiries about Omnia recently.

We hear that they are still using our brand name in presentations, however, they have never purchased equipment from us after their launch.

Omnia has been asked to delete all references to GM. Thank you.

Now I did fine some evidence of Omnia Tech buying a service from Genesis Mining as a customer, but they are not partners and not associated with each other.

Right now, I wouldn’t join EITHER of these companies until they can provide actual audited accounting proof on this external income sources not some videos of some facility that’s owned by a different company…

Stay tuned…

Note: I want to make something clear, cryptocurrency in general is legit, just these MLM’s companies are not in this field that promise ROI’s.

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genesis mining denies USI Tech and OmniaTech

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