Genesis Global Network Review - Legit Business?

Genesis Global Network Review – Legit Business?

So after going through a ton of business opportunity reviews, the one’s that generated me the most money with the least amount of effort are these ones.

You can get the full story here.

Now you are here because someone approached you about Genesis Global Network or you have been hearing a ton of buzz.

I can’t blame you.

After all, they have completely exploded in recent months and even at this time of review (April 2015), they still get more then 1000 people searching for “Genesis Global Network”.

So is this a scam?

Not so fast there buddy…

Find out the truth about this company in this Genesis Global Network review…

Genesis Global Network – The Product



This company’s product is online advertising which you can purchase to promote other products and businesses.

These are called “Business Units” or BU for short.

Then what you do as an affiliate is profit from these business units through either your personal advertising sales or the sales of other people you personally referred.

You’re essentially paying for advertising and these business units are just traffic packs.

This traffic according to some people is ideal for the “make money online” niche and for some have seen results.

Now, let’s take a look at the “opportunity”.

Genesis Global Network Review – The Opportunity

For the right people, this can be a very lucrative business opportunity.

You get paid in a few ways.

The main method of getting paid is off your business units (BU) from your personally sponsored members.

There are several different levels in the company that you can achieve once you start getting rolling, however, the place to be is at the “Emerald level”, where you can earn 10% on your personally enrolled members.  Your second generation level will be 3% and your third level will be at 2%.

The cost of these business units (BU) is $1.00 each and you must purchase a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 10,000.

These packs expire after 90 days.

On top of that, there is a 2×5 forced matrix which the masses love…

People jump into these matrix deals because they want to be as high in it as possible.

This builds a sense of urgency and weeds out the tire-kickers and excuse-makers.

On top of that, you can get paid 5% on your own business units.

Plus, a small percentage of Business Unit sales go into their company pool and do profit sharing with the company affiliates.

They call this “Rebate Rewards Pool, or RRP”.

GGN – The Conclusion

Overall, the company is okay.

It’s not a scam or anything and the right people will be profiting.

This opportunity is NOT for the masses.

Why do I say that?

That’s because the masses suck at recruiting or referring people into businesses.

Ask yourself this…

How many business opportunities you have joined that required any kind of recruiting where you did well in?

I am not trying to be negative, I am just being honest with you.

I have reviewed hundreds of business opportunities before and I found only ONE that can actually help complete newbies to earn money.

When I mean earn money, I have seen many newbies make over four to five figures every single month.

Click here for Newbie friendly opportunities.

I personally never seen anything like it in the history of “Making money online”.

  • You literally just follow the step by step training…
  • You then APPLY the training.
  • You EARN money.

That’s the simplicity of it.

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I hope you enjoyed this Genesis Global Network review and if you are in this opportunity, please share with us your personal results in the comments below.


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Genesis Global Network Review

– Jesse Singh

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