GanoLife Review - Great Coffee MLM or Big Scam?

GanoLife Review – Great Coffee MLM or Big Scam?

If your looking for a proper third party GanoLife Review, look no further because unlike many reviews out there, I am not affiliated with this company in any shape or form.  What you will get is an honest third party GanoLife review with nothing held back.  Let’s dig in shall shall we?

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Ganolife review

GanoLife Review – What is This Company?

GanoLife is the brain child of a brain named Joven Cabsagl who is well known to build empires of over $750 million in sales with other network marketing companies.  While building GanoLife, he brought in two apprentices, Chis Tidwell and Tony Potter, who exploded GanoLife around the world.

Chris Tidwell is the Chief Executive Officer where Tony Potter is the Executive Vice President of the company.

The company launched in 2011 and has been growing ever since, in fact, in the last 6 months of this Ganolife review, the company grew 73% which is great.

I would say it’s biggest rival would be Organo Gold which is another coffee based MLM company.

GanoLife 365 – The Products

GanoLife Products

Like every network marketing company, a company needs great products to be successful.  The “GANO” part of the name is based on the main ingredient this company infuses in their products called “Ganoderma” which is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet.  The Chinese call it the “King of all Herbs” because it is one of the few herbs that are nutritionally perfect found in nature.

All of the products Ganolife carry that have the number “365” in it has Ganoderma.

Here is the list of products:

  • Colombian Supremo – Brewed
  • Black 365 Coffee – A full bodied black coffee
  • Latte 365 Coffee – Creamy Latte
  • Mocca 365 – Smooth Silky Mocha
  • Cappuccino Hazelnut 365 – A rich Hazelnut Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino Vanilla 365 – A Smooth Vanilla Cappuccino
  • Cappuccino Caramel 365 – A Scrumptious Caramel Cappuccino
  • Chocolette 365 – A heavenly, Hot Cocoa
  • Green Coffee 365 pills
  • Ganoderma 365 pills

GanoLife Compensation Plan Review

When you get started, you have the option to buy the $195, $495 or $995 starter pack.  The more expensive the packages, the more products and perks you get in their compensation plan.

Now, instead of me rambling about their comp plan, why not hear it from GanoLife themselves?

Watch the short video that explains this:

After watching that video, you can see there is money to be made with GanoLife if you know what you are doing of course…

GanoLife Scam Exist?

You might come across some Ganolife reviews and they might call this company a scam.  The people that call this a scam probably had a bad experience not because of the company, it’s most likely their personal skill level in the network marketing industry.

You see,

GanoLife will have a ton of success stories where people go from rag to riches in a short period of time, but the truth is many people will fail this business because of the biggest hurdle in this industry…


No matter what a company says, recruiting is the MAIN way to make money in network marketing and that is the truth.  The profits you make from the products themselves isn’t that big and when it comes to coffee, it can be a tough sell.

You’re probably thinking “But Jesse, Coffee is the second largest traded commodity and 70% of people drink Coffee in North America”.

That is very true, but the truth is when it comes to coffee, people are very “BRAND” loyal.  For example, people that drink Starbucks will continue to drink it and won’t change it.  Even though Starbucks coffee costs $5-7 per cup, they will continue to spend that money.

In Canada, Tim Horton’s is huge and have VERY loyal customers that are willing to wait in the drive through for 20 minutes just to get their daily Timmies fix.

You see where I am getting at?

I am sure some people will love GanoLife coffee and make the switch, but your MAIN source of income will come from sponsoring other members.

You either learn the right skill sets to make you a recruiting ninja or you have to look at a different business model that doesn’t require recruiting friends and family, doing 3-way calls or even cold calling people for your business.

So if you join GanoLife, make sure you invest in your personal development and skills.

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You will thank me later 🙂

If you are apart of GanoLife, please share your thoughts about the products and company?  How are you doing in it?


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