Game Loot Network Review – Legit Business or Scam?

Welcome to my Game Loot Network Review post!

I have noticed a lot of new lottery and gaming network marketing companies are popping up all over the place…

Heck, you are probably on this blog post because someone approached you about this opportunity and you decided to do your research before joining.

Great idea!

In this review, I am going to walk you through the company on the information I have found out…

All I ask you to do is pay attention and read this blog post to the end to avoid any disappointments.

Find out if Game Loot Network is legit or a scam…

I also want to point out I am not a Wealthy Affiliate member who calls everything a scam either 😉

Game Loot Network Review – The Company

Game Loot Network Review

This company operates in the mobile gaming MLM niche and went into prelaunch May of 2015…

In other words, it’s a relatively new company.

According to their website, their headquarters are located in:

4120 NE Port Drive
Lee’s Summit, MO 64064

Phone: (816)600-4222

There is no “About Us” page so I have no clue who the leadership is…

But, I might know who one of the owners is…

Their website gamelootnetwork.com was registered December 16th, 2014.

And then March 30th, 2015 the registration was updated…

Lance Baker of Game Loot LLC is listed as the domain owner…

Lance is also the author of a $2.99 eBook named “Game Loot: Grab Your Piece of the Mobile Gaming Revolution” on many sites…

But, I couldn’t directly relate him to Game Loot Network because he hasn’t talked about it openly.

I don’t get why some companies don’t have an “About Us” page, it’s running a business 101.

People want to know who you are!

Anyway, let’s take a look at what the products are all about…

GameLoot Network – The Product Line

Affiliates of Game Loot network will get access to mobile gaming platform they call “The Fun Zone”.

This is where affiliates can get access to the community and win prizes etc.

You can access this for free or used paid tokens (Some games require money…).

  • Fun 50 – 50 Tokens – Cost: $10
  • Fun 250 – 250 Tokens – Cost: $50
  • Fun 500 – 500 Tokens – Cost: $100
  • Fun 1250 – 1250 Tokens – Cost: $250
  • Fun 2500 – 2500 Tokens – Cost: $500
  • Fun 5000 – 5000 Tokens – Cost: $1000

These packages are tied to affiliate memberships and don’t offer anything retail.

Next, let’s take a look at their business opportunity…

Game Loot Network Reviews – The Compensation Plan

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid commissions for referring people in the business who buys a package…

Now, instead of me trying to explain the compensation plan, why not have Game Loot Network do it?

Also the video gives you a good overview of the company as well…

Before you watch this video, I want to let you know it’s hypy and VERY biased…

I do NOT endorse this video and is for educational purposes only.

Alright next the verdict…

Game Loot Network Review – The Verdict

Overall, the company is too NEW to judge to see if it’s legit or a scam…

I would probably hold off…

Judging by the video, it’s very recruitment heavy if you want to actually make money in the company…

And for that reason, I am out.

The truth is people fail network marketing because the big money is in the recruiting and not the product.

You are probably thinking, then network marketing sucks right?


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Heck, if you are in network marketing or even GameLoot Network, you can do this business on the side…

It doesn’t interfere with anything.

I hope you enjoyed my Game Loot Network review and if you are in the company, please share with us your results so far in the comments below…


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Gaming Loot Network

– Jesse Singh

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Jstar - July 14, 2016

There is a reason you don’t know the owner…7,8, and 9 figure giants in this one. Lethe me know if you need a link. I’m a 7 figure player myself.

Paul Hardingham - July 20, 2016

The compensation video on the GameLoot Network page is introduced by someone calling themselves “Game Dude” – very shady. What are they trying to hide? Usually people hiding something have a reason. Would be interesting to see how this develops now they have a decent marketing system (taken then time seeing as this article was published over a year ago).

Gigi - August 5, 2016

I’m not impress why because it reminds me of pyramid. Each person gas to pay a monthly fee in order to make money. Also why pay monthly when u can download mobile games free.

    Jesse Singh - August 6, 2016

    Hey Gigi,

    Yep you are right.

    Ian - September 17, 2016

    Does everyone have to pay a monthly fee, or is it just the affiliates – and only the affiliates make money? That’s how it is with another MLM opportunity I’ve joined recently.

Sheila Coplin (English) - August 7, 2016

I have been in Game Loot since July 13, 2016. I really enjoy what I’m doing and very disappointed in the comments above. I have a strong team under me (37 members..) saying I just started. We really love the comp plan. I am a certified teacher of 24 years and if Game Loot is a scam I would definitely say so; but my bank account is proof (over $1,000). Game Loot has its own games. To compete and win prizes and participate in tournaments, you pay for tokens (500 of them). I’m Sheila Coplin. Look me up!

    Poperpepz - August 7, 2016

    The problem is, most gamers enjoy playing because they can play it for free. no hustle, no requirement. I’m a gamer myself and I find this very annoying. Gameloot only gives you one option, If you don’t buy, you can’t play. It’s a big no no for me and and about 100,000+ gamers in my community.

      Lex Loraee - December 18, 2016

      Actually, you can play for free, you just can’t win any prizes if you get a high score. I have plenty of free gamers in my downline. next.gamelootnetwork.com
      I’m a gamer too and I hate paying for things, but i know plenty of people who do 🙂

Bjorn - August 20, 2016

Hi Jesse

You will probably remove this post but here goes anyway.

Why is it that whenever you do a review, and I checked your reviews on Game Loot, United Games, World Ventures, Skinny Body Care, Click Intensity, and the list probably goes on, you use a link leading to your site stating this is where they can earn money.

This is definetly a form of marketing your business to draw traffic to you. Well done (Sarcastic).

Maybe you should read up the difference between a Pyramid Scheme and a Legitimate Network Marketing company. People that belong to a legitimate Network Marketing company do make really good money.

All corporates are “legalised” Pyramid Schemes in essence. The guys on top earn all the big bucks and the guys on ground level does all the work.

In a legitimate Network Marketing company, the the guy that just signed up can out earn anyone above them. It depends on their efforts.

Network Marketing does come with its challenges but the rewards a phenominal.


    Jesse Singh - August 20, 2016

    Hey Bjorn,

    First of all, not all my reviews are negative.

    If it’s a legit network marketing company, I redeem it legit and tell people to
    treat it like a real business and not a lottery ticket.

    And I also tell people to brush on their recruitment skills because you will need them.

    Now out of your list:

    Game loot – No retail products or services and lack of transparency from the company.

    United Games – Lack of information on what they are doing and they haven’t launched and people haven’t even seen the product at work.

    World Ventures – Legit

    Skinny Body – Legit

    Click Intensity – Lack of retail products or services

    I could have partnered up with ANY of these network marketing companies and I just chose one.

    I had to see if it was duplicatable by newbies and that the products give real value.

    I don’t join scams.

    So not sure why you are giving me this pyramid scheme lecture when I actually endorse
    network marketing, just the legit companies.

    Anyway, have a nice day man.

    Josh Jakobs - August 21, 2016


    You must be one of those brain washed people that blindly join companies without doing their diligence.

    I agree with Jesse, most of the companies you mentioned are not even legit.

    What are you defending them?

    I do notice that Jesse doesn’t call everything a scam.

    I have seen positive reviews on LEGIT network marketing companies.

    SO go get a life and join your scams.

      Jesse Singh - August 21, 2016


      Thank you Josh for clearing that up 🙂

Ms. Nancy - October 22, 2016

Okay here’s what i want to know.

What is it now with this recruiting of 3?

Primerica tried to get me the same way. The person who recruited me found me at a job fair and presented me with a card and took my information as if to schedule me for a job interview. I go to my so called interview and its a presentation. They ask for $125 that covers a webpage and marketing tools like business cards and the like. Not to mention you have to take an exam and pay like an extra $40 to get life licensed to sell life insurance. The part that got me is that its required you get insured in order to sell. I am a single mother with two children. Every dime i have i need. I need something that pays me for what im doing and doesn’t require me to pay them just to make them richer and me scrambling to get where they are.

Sheron Neish - December 22, 2016

I joined Game loot in august, was unsuccessful for the month, consequently i unsubscribed in September, On December 2 the subscription fee was taken from my account without my authorization, Since December 7 i have been trying unsuccessfully to get my refund.

I received an email on December 9 that the refund was processing and igt would tale 5- 7 business days to get my money back in my account. to ay is december 22, and i still have not received my money, FURTHER MORE THEY HAVE DISCONTINUED BUSINES IN JAMAICA , YET THEY PULLED MONEY FROM A JAMAICAN ACCOUNT

X-GameLooter - March 10, 2017

This is a scam. I was in Gameloot and what they did was just plane wrong. When I signed up my 1st 3 people I started getting $5/day and was really excited. I spent a lot of time to setup a promotion campaign. Then Christopher one of the top people in the company claimed that there was some fraud and they lost money so they were going to make some changes. They claimed they were weeding out those defrauding the company but what it really turned out in my case was to cut down lines to avoid paying out money. In my case I saw in my back office money disappear. I routinely take screen shots in case of some system errors occurs. When I reported the problem to the support team they would close the ticket without even acknowledging the ticket. I would resubmit with attachments of the screenshots showing money disappearing and they kept closing it without any acknowledgement. Then I find out that 1 of my down lines was locked out of his account within the first week when he signed up. I tried to help him with support but all we got was a run-a-round. I got my up line and he got his up line involved and we all got the same BS. We would tell them that this person is locked out of his account. Support would say that he has to certify his account first. I would tell them that he can’t certify his account cause you have to log into your account first. They would then close the ticket. We would then open it again and they would pull the carp all over again wasting time while not paying me the money they owed me. I have PDF’s of of all the support communications I had with them that backs this up. Gamelootnetwork only has their dishonest claim that they are weeding out fraud. After dealing with them for a month I left, my up line left and toll everyone under him to leave and his up line did the same. We all were sick of the dishonest games and lies we were being told.

PS – I still have all the documentation of all the support tickets I’ve submitted along with the responses and lack of responses that I got from support. I also still have the screenshots showing money disappearing from my account.

PSS – GameLootNetwork aka GameLootNation is a SCAM!

PSSS – All their games are knockoffs of other games. When I was there they never game out with an original game. That should of been a warning sign.


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