Fuxion Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Fuxion Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

Welcome to my my Fuxion review!

Chances are you have been approached by a Fuxion distributor in person or on social media and now you are here to make sure it’s actually legit right?

Good news!

You are actually doing your research instead of blindly jumping into the business head first…

A lot of people make decisions on hype and emotion fail in the end…

And I don’t want you to fail or get burned…

So PAY close attention to this blog post because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

Find out if this is legit or a scam!

Fuxion Review

Fuxion Review – The Company

Fuxion launched in 2010 and was founded by President and CEO Alvaro Zuniga Benavides who has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the food and dairy industry.

He also has helped create several companies in commerce, manufacturing inputs and, in development of inovative products and services for specialized nutrient sector.

December of 2014, the company finally launched in the United States and Fuxion USA was born.

Prior to this, they were just in South America…

There were complaints that the blog was still in Spanish in the USA, but it looks like all has been fixed now.

Address provided is:

14110 Dallas Parkway
Ste 170
Dallas, TX 75254

And Phone number:

(972) 597-2211 (Office)
(855) 747-9922 (Toll Free)
Fax: (866) 480-9591

So it looks like they fixed those issues now…

Now you know about the company, let’s take a look at the actual products in this Fuxion Review…

Fuxion Reviews – The Products

Fuxion Products

If you don’t know this already, Fuxion specializes in the health and wellness MLM niche.

All of their products are broken into 4 categories:

  • Nutraceuticals
  • Weight Management
  • Athletic Performance
  • Anti-Aging


  • Fuxion Off – This is an ice tea designed to manage stress.  Contains many amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts.
  • Fuxion On – This is an ice tea designed to give you more energy and stimulates the brain.
  • RGX1 –  Helps with dealing with chronic or occasional constipation.
  • Veramas – This is a hot tea designed to nourish the immune system.

Weight management

  • Flora Live – Probiotic product that also helps the immune system.
  • Liquid Fibra – This helps the digestive system and nourishes the integtinal flora.
  • Te Nocarb – Keeps your carbs under control and reduces and slows down the absorption of carbs and fats.
  • Termo TE – This is a tea that increases your body’s thermogenic ability.

Athletic Performance

  • Post Sport – Helps keep you hydrated in exercise and contains L-Glutamine and Achiote.
  • Vitaenergia Xtra T – This is an energy drink with antioxidants and multi-vitamins that helps with energy and mental focus.
  • FLX TE – This is formulated to help nourish, lubricate and protect your joints.


  • Passion – Keep the fires of your love life burning hot with Passion, an invigorating guarana flavor drink. It’s packed with enlivening nutrients including L-arginine, Royal Jelly, and vitamins.
  • Probal – If you’re experiencing symptoms of menopause, menarche, andropause, or any other hormonal irregularities, you’ll love a delicious cup of Probal hot tea. It has been developed to promote hormonal balance in both men and women. This special formula includes herbal ingredients and antioxidants for general health such as amino acids, vitamins, soy extract, lutein (marigold extract) and achiote.
  • Ganomas – Imagine relaxing with a good book, sipping a cappuccino, and knowing that it is actually packed with protection to safeguard your wellness. Ganomas is loaded with antioxidants, micronutrients, and beneficial nutrients that may improve your overall health. It also contains ganoderma lucidum extract (reishi mushroom), which is rich in polysaccharides, polypeptides and trace elements readily absorbed by your body. Complemented with Wellmune® (immuno-based beta glucans), which is clinically proven to enhance immune function.
  • Beauty-IN – If you want radiantly beautiful skin, you need to be drinking Beauty In! Stir up a cool, refreshing glass before you go to sleep at night. Then while you sleep your body is regenerating, nourished by this potent combination of vitamins A, vitamin E, tropical fruits, collagen and other nutrients for your skin.

Now we know what the products are all about, let’s take a look at the compensation plan next so let’s keep digging in this Fuxion Review!

Fuxion Compensation Plan

In all good network marketing companies, when you sponsor someone in your business that buys a product pack, you get paid a commission on it.

They actually named their comp plan the “Fuxion Evolution Compensation Plan”.

And has the following bonuses in it:

  • Direct Sales (20-25% on retail sales)
  • Preferred customer benefits (discounted prices)
  • Additional discounts (Volume based discounts)
  • Sponsorship bonus (20% bonus based on PV)
  • Increased Consumption bonus (Get 10% bonus on personal members and customers who re-order).
  • Building Bonus
  • Binary Team bonus
  • Rank Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Multilevel bonus
  • Lifestyle bonus – Includes car and apartment/office
  • Fuxion Experience (Get an annual international trip)
  • Extra business centers
  • Millionaire fund club
  • Profit sharing

I found a great video that explains all of this in great detail.

Now before you watch this video…

I do NOT endorse it, it’s for educational purposes only and this video is completely biased to the company.

Check out the video below:

Overall very good compensation plan, but not as strong as these companies on this list.

Fuxion Review – The Verdict

Overall, it’s a great company with good products and a good pay plan.

The only issue I can see with this company probably is the recruiting aspect.

Now you can always learn this skill, but the old school belly to belly marketing is very tough for the average person.

I don’t see any cutting edge training in Fuxion that helps with this…

If you are already a great sales person, then you can actually be very successful with this…

And if you not good with sales, you will have issues…

You have to ask yourself this question…

How have you done in the past business opportunities or MLMs?

If you have been in a MLM that sells in this same niche and you failed…

Well, it’s not the business opportunity it’s actually you.

Sorry to be blunt but it’s true.

You have to learn the skill sets to actually do well in it…

You WILL have to get out of your comfort zone and start talking to people…

This is why I personally don’t do traditional MLM’s anymore, but online businesses where I don’t have to talk to people…

So What Do I Recommend?

After reviewing literally hundreds of companies, I have narrowed down to it one for a big reason…

You never have to talk to another person again and you will learn exactly step by step on how to build a business online…

AND you don’t even need to have a product, it takes care of that for you.

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Let’s face it…

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You will thank me later 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my Fuxion Review and if you have any questions about anything, leave them in the comments below…


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-Jesse Singh

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