Four Corners Alliance Group Review - Legit or Scam?

Four Corners Alliance Group Review – Legit or Scam?

There has been quite the buzz around this company, so I decided to investigate and decided to do this third party honest Four Corners Alliance Group Review.  Make sure you stick around all the way to the end because once you are done reading this 4 Corners Alliance review – you will have the right information to decide to join or not.

Let’s start out what the company is all about…

Wait, before we dig in…

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Four Corners Alliance Group Review – The Company

I was trying to dig some information about the company and I couldn’t find much.  I don’t know why it’s so difficult to find the history about 4 Corners Alliance group, but meh.. what are you going to do.

What I can tell you about Four Corners Alliance group is it’s apart of the “Cornerstone Alliance group LLC and is a fully registered company.  The business is not BBB accredited, but not many network marketing companies are lol.

What I can tell you is it’s mailing address…

Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC

5550 Painted Mirage Rd

Suite 320

Las Vegas, NV 89149 U.S.A

Phone number:  775 376 7637.

And that is all I can give you about the company LOL…

…Alright let’s dig into the products next.

4 Corners Alliance Group – The Products

What this company offers you are 18 books that are based on financial topics ranging from mindset and motivation…

…in other words, they are designed to build you up so you can do better in the business world online and offline.

The cost of these books is a monthly news letter which is $29.95 per month.

You do get a lot of information, but it could be information overload and to be honest, many people won’t even join this company for the products… It will be mainly for recruiting people.  For more details on their products, click here to check them out.

The reason this company will attract the wrong crowd is it works on the lottery mentality.  It works on a matrix compensation plan and their main moto is FILL UP THE MATRIX and you will be RICH!!!

Sorry, I got carried a way, but you be the judge once you read this Four Corners Alliance Group review.

4 Corners Alliance Group – The Business Opportunity

The cost to get started is low which is only $18.  Once you do get started, you will be apart of their matrix compensation plan.

Watch this hyped up lottery mentality attacking compensation plan:

It’s a 4×6 forced matrix with real products…

Here is what the forced matrix chart looks like:



This is a powerful matrix plan, I will be honest.  And the crazy thing is – this is just one of 5 ways to get paid.  TO GET paid, you have to sponsor 4 people just to let you know.

Four Corners Alliance Group Scam – Is it Real?

So is this company an actual scam?

The truth is it’s NOT a scam and for the people that got into it early, are probably making a lot of money.  That is the problem with these Matrix’s – you have to get in early.

Or… Get the skill sets to sponsor a ton of people at will, then you would do well too.

But if you didn’t get in early and you don’t know how to sponsor people like a champion – you won’t do well in this…

…I am just telling you as it is with NO hype or B.S other marketers are feeding you.

If you search for “Four Corners Alliance Group review”, you will notice the people who wrote them are actually IN the company and feeding you the whole ‘GET IN THE MATRIX, YOU WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING!!!  YOU WILL GET MY SPILL OVERS”.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t fall for that…

If you want to join this company because you love the products and you truly believe this will change people’s lives, then go ahead… But if you are getting in this just to get spill overs and recruit and recruit… That’s not the way and you will fail.

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I hope you liked my Four Corners Alliance Group review and I hope you make the right decision.  Clear your mind and ignore all the hype and ask yourself “Can I change my life and help others to do the same with this?”

You will find the answer… 🙂

If you are in Four Corners Alliance Group, please comment below about your success and the greatest obstacles you have faced in the company.


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