Forever Living Review - Still Going Strong in 2018? Find Out...

Forever Living Review – Still Going Strong in 2018? Find Out…

Welcome to my Forever Living Review!

You stumbled across this post because someone either approached you or maybe you were searching around for the best mlm companies and found Forever Living.

First I would like to congratulate you because not many people do their diligence before they join a company.

I am going to walk you through everything so you can make the right decision to join.

Just pay close attention and read this to the end…

Forever Living Review – The Company

Forever Living Review

Founded in 1978 and based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Forever Living is one of the biggest network marketing companies out there with over 9.5 million global distributors and in over 150 countries.

The astonishing piece of data I gathered was the CEO of Forever Living started this business by offering the products and opportunity to his closest family and friends.

This is what network marketing is all about, instead of trying to advertise your business through radio, classified ads or media, you go out there and spread it by word of mouth.

This way the network marketing company pays you directly instead of paying for advertisements.

Forever Living Reviews – The Products

Forever Living Products

All of the Forever Living products are based on Aloe Vera which is a natural plant with great healing attributes.

Some of the things Aloe Vera does is help with weight loss, more energy, heals skin burns and helps keep your digestive system in check.

Because the products are all natural, there is no real side effects that you have to be concerned with.

The product line ranges from cosmetics, health drinks and specialized skin car products.

A lot of people claim that these products actually do help them, but again nothing can’t be claimed because it’s not FDA approved which is just a scam on it’s own if you ask me.

Next, let’s take a look at the compensation plan inside of this Forever Living Review…

Forever Living Compensation Plan

Like any mlm company, Forever Living gives you the opportunity to make money through their products and through sponsoring other members into your team.

The great thing about the product line is the great profit margins, you can make 43% per sale which is on the high side.

Unlike many other companies like this, Forever Living has no membership fee’s or joining fee’s to get started.

You just pay for the products you want to sell and your set.

That’s the not the only way of making money, there is another way in this Forever Living review.

That my friend is called sponsoring members.

You get paid a commission anytime you sign someone under you in your business.

The way you get paid will be in the compensation plan which this video will explain.

Forever Living Compensation Plan Review

Instead of you reading what this compensation plan is all about, I gave you a video you can review and see if it’s right for you.

In a nutshell, the more people you sponsor under you, the more money you will make in the company.

It’s leveraging other people to make you money while they create an income for themselves.  That is the network marketing way!

Verdict On Forever Living

After reading this Forever Living review, do you still think it’s a scam?

Do you think it’s a pyramid scheme?

To be honest with you, it’s NOT a scam and it’s not a pyramid scheme.

First off, pyramid schemes are illegal and Forever Living has been in business since 1978!

If you want to know what a pyramid scheme is check this out.

So will there be challenges for you in this company?

Yes of course and this is the reason why 98% of people fail in network marketing…they refuse to invest in themselves.

98% of the people have a lottery mentality that believe by just signing up, you will make million’s over night!


To be successful in Forever Living, you have to invest in people skills, sponsoring skills and personal development so you become a better person.

The sad reality is people are willing to invest in College to become a Doctor, but won’t invest even a month to educate themselves acquire the skills to be successful in network marketing.

The Solution?

You either invest in yourself, or you need to find another business model that works without recruiting anyone.

You see,

To make make money in network marketing, you have to sponsor a ton of people and you have to learn those skill sets.

The product sales along are not going to cut it my friend.

Unless you do a ton of retail sales which is still a possibility of course can’t completely rule that out…

Overall, Forever Living is 100% legit maybe try out the products and see how you like them before joining.

Before of all those reasons, I rate this the following:  [yasr_overall_rating]

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Forever Living review and if you have any questions, please leave a comment below…

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