Five Dollar Funnel Review - Good Business Or Huge Scam?

Five Dollar Funnel Review – Good Business Or Huge Scam?

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this new company that has been taking the industry by storm.   I decided to investigate for myself to see if this is actually legitimate company.  The last thing we all need is another scam out on the market…

Find out in this Five Dollar Funnel Review if this is the right business for you…

First let’s take a look at the company and past history…

Five Dollar Funnel Review – The Company & History




FiveDollarFunnel is the brain child of two people – Tom Cellie and Bill Ebert.

The company doesn’t have a corporate address as of this review, but the state of Missouri is mentioned on their website.

Bill Ebert in the past has been involved with a marketing co-op named “Unlimited Profits”.  With further investigation I found out it’s actually tied with a company called Gano Excel which is a Ganoderma coffee company.

It looks like Unlimited Profits marketing was used for Gano Excel’s affiliate training.

Tom on the other hand was involved with a company called Bidify which was modeled on Zeek Rewards (a $850 Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme).

That’s not a good thing just so you know…

Alright, let’s take look at their products…

The FiveDollarFunnel Product Line

It looks like they do have a products which is a good thing.  Most of their products are based on affiliate marketing.

Video Training:

They show you how to do screen-cast recordings, green screen and more to find your audience to make sales and build a brand.

Hypnotic Ad Copy:

They show you how to write hypnotic letters, sales pages, squeeze pages and more.

Social Entrepreneurs:

They show you how to use social media to build a business.

That’s all I know about the products so far…

Let’s take a look at their compensation plan next…

Five Dollar Funnel:  Compensation plan

Like any MLM company, you get paid to refer people into your business…

Instead of me trying to explain it, here is the business presentation video from Five Dollar Funnel…

BEFORE you watch this, I want to tell you that I do NOT endorse this video.  It’s for education purpose only.

When a company is pushing the compensation plan more than the product, you should watch out for that…

You should specially watch out what Tom Cellie has to say being involved in past Ponzi schemes…

Hmmm…. That should be something to think about.

Five Dollar Funnel Review – The Conclusion

So what is the verdict here?

In my honest humble opinion, you should watch out for this company.  It’s mainly based on recruitment and the products are there just to make them borderline safe from the FTC…

You should ask yourself this…

What value will you get out of the products and will they actually help you?

I have seen too many of these Matrix cycler companies that crumble within 6 months.

Yeah sure it’s only $5, but what about the months of time to invest that you will never get back if the “Excuse my language”, shit hit’s the fan?

I want you to ask yourself another question?

How WELL have you done in companies like this in the past?

How many people have you sponsored?

If you are on this blog post is either you are failing another MLM and looking for something else…


You already failed that MLM business and looking for something else.

I am here to tell you, this company isn’t the solution.

You have two options…

You either become an amazing MLM recruiting monster or…

You find a business model that doesn’t require recruiting.

I have reviewed hundreds of business opportunities and by far…

This is the best one for complete newbies click here.

You don’t have to sponsor/recruit a single person.


  • No Blogging
  • No Sponsoring
  • No Marketing
  • No bugging friends and family

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I am tired of all the scams out there and you are on this page because you really want to find something that is legit where you can make an income.

I could have just signed up for Five Dollar Funnel and recruit a ton of people in it, but I like being honest.

I know the average Joe is going to fail in this…

So if you are tired of all the B.S and want to really profit online…

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I hope you enjoyed my Five Dollar Funnel Review and if you are apart of this company, please share with us your results and how did you like the actual products?


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Five Dollar Funnel

-Jesse Singh

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