Evolution Travel Review - Legit Travel Based MLM in 2018 or Scam?

Evolution Travel Review – Legit Travel Based MLM in 2018 or Scam?

Welcome to my Evolution Travel Review!

There has been some buzz about this company and I am surprised I haven’t done a review on this already.

So I decided to check it out for myself and see what it was all about…

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and now you landed here to make sure it’s legit.

The good news is that I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make an informative decision.

Just make sure you pay close attention and read this to the end…

You owe it to yourself 🙂

Evolution Travel Company Review

Evolution Travel review

Evolution Travel is the brain child of David McCovy who launched the company back in 2015.

It specializes in the travel MLM niche and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to David’s bio:

A lifelong entrepreneur, David has founded a clothing store, a restaurant, the largest independent concert company in Las Vegas, and has also invested in a hollywood film.

Persistence from his mother along with time freedom that his traditional businesses didn’t allow him are the things that got David involved in network marketing.

He quickly ascended to the top of the companies that he was involved with.

His passion to help people and to give the average person a platform to succeed is what drove David to found Evolution Travel. (1)

David McCovy first had his breakthrough in a company called 5Linx and became a Senior Vice President Rank in 2014.

After 5Linx, David joined a company called Paycation that eventually went under which is unfortunate.

In 2015, David moved onto his own company and finally launched Evolution Travel.

Another company this reminds me of is WorldVentures.

Now you know the history behind this company, let’s take a look at the products inside of this Evolution Travel review…

Evolution Travel Products

evolution travel products

Evolution Travel uses a third party service to access discount flights, hotels, cars, cruises and vacations booking engine.

The company they seem to be using is a white-labeled Archer Travel Group.

This let’s both customers and affiliates book discounted travel.

Alright next let’s take a look at the compensation plan structure inside of this Evolution Travel review…

Evolution Travel Compensation Plan

You can make money in Evolution Travel by selling their products/services to customers or sponsor new business partners to grow your sales team as a whole.

Evolution Travel Ranks

Inside of Evolution Travel, there are six ranks you can achieve and this is what that looks like with their qualifications:

  • Consultant – Sign up as an Evolution Travel affiliate
  • Executive Consultant – Sponsor three affiliates
  • Bronze Consultant – Sponsor six affiliates
  • Silver Consultant – Sponsor nine affiliates
  • Gold Consultant – Sponsor fifteen affiliates, at least three of which are Silver Consultant or higher
  • Platinum Consultant – Have a total downline of at least three hundred recruited affiliates
  • 1 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least five hundred recruited affiliates
  • 2 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least one thousand five hundred recruited affiliates
  • 3 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least three thousand recruited affiliates
  • 4 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least nine thousand recruited affiliates
  • 5 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least fifteen thousand recruited affiliates
  • 6 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least thirty thousand recruited affiliates
  • 7 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least fifty thousand recruited affiliates
  • 8 Star Platinum – Have a total downline of at least one hundred thousand recruited affiliates

Travel Commissions

Evolution Travel actually shares 90% of their travel commissions through Archer Travel Group with their affiliates.

Whenever an affiliate or their customer books, they will get 80%.

On top of that, their upline will get 10% residual commissions.

Evolution Travel Residual Commissions

Evolution Travel puts a certain amount of money in this pool, but don’t talk about the exact amount.

Executive and higher ranked members can get a share:

  • Executive ranked affiliates receive an equal share of 13% of the Residual Pool
  • Bronze ranked affiliates receive an equal share of 14% of the Residual Pool
  • Silver ranked affiliates receive an equal share of 20% of the Residual Pool
  • Gold ranked affiliates receive an equal share of 12% of the Residual Pool
  • Platinum, 1 Star Platinum and 2 Star Platinum ranked affiliates receive an equal share of 30% of the Residual Pool
  • 3 Star Platinum and higher ranked affiliates receive an equal share of 11% of the Residual Pool

Leadership Bonus Evolution Travel

Gold and higher ranked member can be part of this Leadership Bonus:

  • Gold = $750
  • Platinum = $1750
  • 1 Star Platinum = $2500
  • 2 Star Platinum = $5000
  • 3 Star Platinum = $10,000
  • 4 Star Platinum = $15,000
  • 5 Star Platinum = $25,000
  • 6 Star Platinum = $50,000
  • 7 Star Platinum = $75,000
  • 8 Star Platinum = $100,000

Cost To Join Evolution Travel

Cost to join Evolution travel is $299, but seems to be discounted to $30.

On top of that there is a $69.99 per month fee to be qualified for commissions.

Why Some Negative Evolution Travel Reviews?

There could be three reasons for that…

One reason is that the writer is promoting their deal and calls EVERYTHING a scam when it’s not.

Second reason could be an affiliate didn’t get the results they wanted and calling it a scam.

Third reason could be that it’s a scam lol.

Now I have nothing against people promoting their deal, but don’t call things a scam when they are not…

Having that said, let’s get into the verdict now…

Verdict On Evolution Travel Review

Evolution Travel seems to be very similar to Paycation the way it’s structured but look where that company went.

My ONLY concern is how much of their revenue is from actual retail sales compared to affiliates.

If the company can sustain high retail sales, that is usually a good sign on how well it will do.

Most big MLM companies like Amway, Herbalife and Rode and Fields run that way and have been successful many years.

Best thing to do is ask an upline to see how many customers they have compared to affiliates.

That would be a great indicator to see where this company is going.

Overall, I am neutral about this company…

I am not going to call it a scam because I need to know their retail stats first.

But just so you know if it’s all about just recruiting with no retail, it’s considered a pyramid scheme.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my Evolution Travel review and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below…

My personal recommendation…

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Anyway, after reviewing hundreds of companies and systems out there…

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