eBay Training Course That Makes You Money

eBay Training Course That Makes You Money

Hey friends, welcome to my eBay training course blog post!

Chances are you want to learn more on how to sell on eBay the right way for maximum profits right?

There is so much information out there and it can be overwhelming…

Well in this blog post, I am going to reveal my #1 eBay Training course that has made me personally well over 6 figures on eBay.

Crazy right?

It’s true!

What I want you to do is pay attention and read the words on this blog post carefully and find out the best course online right now…

eBay Training Course – What To Look For?


Before I reveal to you the course that will actually make you profits, I want to let you know what you should look for when deciding to buy…

First, does the course actually walk you through it like you are a newbie?

The point of a course is that you don’t know anything so if the course doesn’t at least teach you the basics of account creations etc. what is the point right?

When I first got started selling on eBay January of 2014, I had NO clue.

I mean, I was a car mechanic LOL.

But after a short 19 months, I am making 6 figures in PROFITS every year…

Yeah profits not sales ūüôā

Will the course teach you strategies of finding profitable items?

That is VERY important!

Trying to guess what will sell is one of the worst things you can do…

You need to know EXACTLY what will sell.

Third thing is does it show you how to sell through drop shipping?

Drop shipping is the easiest way to start your eBay business.

This way you don’t need anything on hand and the risk is none really.

What you do is list profitable items from the wholesaler site onto eBay for a mark up.

Then when the item sells, you go back on the wholesaler site, place the order and send it to your customer direct.

Easy right?

Alright the moment you have been waiting for

eBay Training Course – What is the best?

There are thousands of training’s there and trust me I went through many of them…

A lot of them are TOO basic which you can find out for free on YouTube or something.

The best eBay training course by far is called DS Domination.

DS stands for Drop Ship.

There are different training levels in this program as well.

Here are the different membership levels:

DSD PRO:  $19.95 per month

Here you will learn the basics and you will learn how to find profitable items that actually sell on eBay by drop shipping.

This is what you get with this course:

  • Learn how to setup all your accounts
  • Learn how to find profitable items on supplier site
  • Learn how to setup your listings so they rank on eBay searches for your keywords
  • Listing Tool – This is integrated with the supplier site and just pulls the listing in for you. ¬†You then make minor tweaks for ranking and hit submit, once you do that your item will be listed on eBay from the back office of DS Domination.
  • Tracking and Management Tool – This will track your inventory you listed from your supplier site. ¬†If there is any changes like price or out of stock, it will make those adjusts for you on eBay automatically. ¬†You don’t have to do anything.
  • Live Weekly Trainings

Income Potential:  $20-$80 per day

DSD Elite:  $99.95 per month

  • Get access to WAY more suppliers
  • More advanced techniques and strategies which will drive more sales
  • Listing Tool and Tracking Management tool has those extra suppliers unlocked
  • Live Training’s weekly
  • Learn how to sell on Google and rank your items on the first page

Income Potential:  $85-$150 per day

DSD Unleashed:  $249 One Time

This is where they go into more detail on selling on Google and using a platform called Bonanza.

Income Potential:  $150-$200 per day

For this course, you will need ELITE.

DSD Monopoly:  $499 One Time

  • This is where we sell on Amazon and really ramp up sales.
  • Learn how to rank on Amazon and find profitable items
  • Listing/Tracking Tool
  • Repricer Tool

Income Potential:  $250-$500 per day

Note:  Tools are coming soon, they are in beta testing.

DSD Genesis:  $1499 One Time

  • This is where you learn how to source profitable items from China and the USA.
  • You will learn to use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • That just means you send those items in bulk into Amazon and Amazon takes care of shipments, customer service and returns for you.
  • You will also learn more advanced techniques on how to use Amazon PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising to drive more traffic to your products
  • You will learn how to setup your listing so it ranks for the keywords you are going for.
  • You can also do retail arbitrage¬†where you can use the DSD app to scan items in stores like Walmart and see if they will be profitable for you to send them in Amazon FBA.

Income Potential:  Unlimited (There are testimonials in DSD of people making over $50,000 per month in profit)

eBay Training Course – Testimonials

dsd results

Elite Dropshippers Scam


iparty travel

business opportunity


The truth is there are thousands of testimonials like this in DS Domination…

So if you really want to invest in the best eBay training course out there…

Look no further click here to learn more.

This changed my life and I know it will change yours…

Did I mention that I was a car mechanic before this?

Now I run this home business full time for home so I can spend more time with my family ūüôā

Click Here To Get Started!

Bless and Be Blessed,

eBay Training Courses

-Jesse Singh

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