DS Domination Review - Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out Here...

DS Domination Review – Legit Business or Big Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my DS Domination Review!

Before we get started….Breaking News (As of June 2016).

I am NO longer in ANY of these two companies which include DS Domination or INFINii.

I found something that has helped more people to make MORE in LESS time…

DS Domination became INFINii eventually pretty much…

To Learn More about INFINii, you can read this post here:  https://hotmlmcompanies.com/infinii-review/

If you want to continue to read my DS Domination review, you can continue:

There has been a lot of buzz about DS Domination in the past few months so i decided to get to the bottom of it.   The problem with most of the information out there is it goes two ways.  Either people call this a scam or people believe it is a legitimate way to create an income.  In this DS Domination review, learn the absolute truth!

Once you read this blog post all the way through, you can either decide to join or not to join this company.  Let’s dig into this first ever PROPER DSD review.

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Main Website:  www.dsdomination.com

DS Domination Review – The Company

This company was created by three business men, Hitesh, Jason and Kevin who have been in other mlm companies in the past but decided to get together and create something unique.

They also brought in 6 to 7 figure ecommerce sellers on eBay and Amazon to help with the content.

With this knowledge, DS Domination was born.  Another name for this is Drop Ship Domination because the entire training is based on drop shipping from retailers to your eBay customer.  Let me run this down for you…you find an item on this wholesale/retailer site, you list it on eBay for a mark up.  Your customer buys your eBay item off of you and what you do is go back to where you found this item for cheaper and ship it to your customer direct.

That is what drop shipping is all about.  You don’t personally handle any inventory or products on hand.

This company launched in September 2013 and as of right now have 75,000 members in it which means it’s growing at a fast rate…People question if this could get saturated?  We will get into that later in the blog post.

DS Domination Reviews – The Products

In the the product line up, there are several to choose from and if you decide to join this company, I would take it in steps.

PRO Training $19.95 per month – This is the entry level training where you will learn exactly how to drop ship.  This goes through the basics like creating your eBay and paypal account to properly ship out your item from your suppliers.  The main supplier they use is Amazon in pro.  The average profit margin they teach you to achieve here are $3-$20 per item.

Elite Training $99.95 per month – This is the next level training where it teaches you more advanced techniques like ranking items on eBay for specific keywords and it uses better suppliers than Amazon for higher profits.  The average profit margin Elite training goes for is $20-$150 per item.

Unleashed Training  $249 One-Time – This training is a lot like Elite, but it shows you even better suppliers and teaches you how to reduce your eBay and Paypal fee’s which is around 15% and drop it to around 5% using special cash-back techniques in the training.  The profit margin Unleashed training goes for is $150-$500 per item.

Monopoly Training $499 One-Time – This training basically puts everything on it’s head. In PRO, you were taught to sell on eBay by using Amazon as your supplier.  In Monopoly, you are taught to sell on Amazon by using suppliers from Elite and Unleashed.  Selling on Amazon is totally difference compared to eBay.  First of all, there are LESS sellers on Amazon, but MORE buyers.  What does that mean for you?  It just means you will have less competition and your item will sell multiple times a day.

You don’t need as many items listed on Amazon to make huge profits.  

Genesis Training $1499 One-Time – This training shows you how to leverage actual wholesalers from China and the USA by using Amazon FBA.  FBA stands for Fulfillment by amazon…if you don’t know what that means, I will explain it in a nut-shell.  What you do with Genesis training is find items from China wholesalers or USA and send them into the FBA center.  What Amazon FBA does is basically packages your items and stores them in Amazon.  In other words when someone purchases your Amazon item, it will get shipped from Amazon directly and they take care of returns and customer service.

DS Domination also guarantees your first 3-10 sales so there is no risk.  A ton of people have became rich by using this method and now DSD has introduced what the “Top Dogs” in eCommerce are doing.

For the people have heard stories of items going out of stock on Amazon or other suppliers and hard to keep track…

That has all changed now.

DSD launched a brand new listing integration and Price, stock Tracking Management Tool.

What that means is your eBay account and all the suppliers in DSD are integrated in the back office.

With a few clicks of the mouse, all your listings will be imported over from eBay.  You then can track your Amazon item or other supplier item directly in the back office.  If there is a change of price or stock, you will get a notification.

Another thing DSD launched is their “Insights” tool which allows you to transfer over all your eBay items where you can manage your listings with ease. You can check sales, process orders, calculate fee’s and other cool stuff.

 NOTE:  This is NOT the same DS Domination when it first launched.  It has been completely revamped and fixed all the challenges it faced when it first launched.

 DS Domination Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is rather simple, I will explain as best as possible.

1st Level:  50% Commissions (Personally sponsored)

2nd Level: 10% Commissions

3rd Level: 5% Commissions

4th Level: 4% Commissions

5th Level: 3% Commissions

6th Level: 2% Commissions

7th-10th Level: 1% Commissions.

To get paid a commission as an affiliate, you will have to pay the $9.95 per month fee.  On top of that, you must own the products to get paid on them which I believe is the ethical way of doing things.  Why would you sell a product that you don’t even own?

If you don’t own the product and someone upgrades under you, it will be rolled up to the next person higher than you that owns the product.  This is called “Rolled up”.

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My Personal Results in DS Domination

One thing really interested me about this company was I didn’t have to recruit anyone.  Being an affiliate is totally optional so i decided to take this for a test drive.

After being in it for 6 months and following the program myself… this is my result:

ds domination review

I made $25,834 in sales which banked me $6000 profit that month.  You know what’s funny, while I am writing this blog post, I made over $500 in pure profits… Here is my latest screen shot for social proof:



In other words, no matter what network marketing company you are in, you should have a second stream of income period.  Most MLM companies can take a while to start up and get going so this is a perfect way of getting some cash flow in the meantime.

I went one step further, I actually got so good selling on eBay that I decide to make my own personal training for the people who join through me and the testimonials I got were just amazing!

ds domination testimonials


Now you know how there are different levels in DSD, I decided to create my own training that has helped me make over $6000 profit per month on eBay and over $10,000 profit per month on Amazon…

I walk you step by step with all of my personal strategies and secrets right in the open that will increase you sales by 3-4 times…I even show you how to RANK your items in eBay and Amazon to TOTALLY dominate the market place.  Plus, I have list of huge seller son eBay using Amazon for their products and you can pretty much take their items as you please 🙂

DS Domination Training Center:


For the affiliate’s, I have something special for you as well.  How about an entire marketing system with capture pages linked to your affiliate link?

DSD Marketing System:

ds domination capture pages


Many people charge you $50 per month for their marketing system, but I give it away for FREE when you decide to join my team.

In August, I am number 1 in all of DSD and I can show you how to completely crush it on the affiliate side as well.

august leaderboards

DS Domination Review – The Conclusion

Note:  No Longer in this company, read below for what I am involved with now that is crushing it…


Some people call this the DS Domination scam, but the truth of the matter is…it’s NOT a scam and if you have the right mentor and team, you will be extremely successful.  In fact, if you follow the training in DS Domination and then follow my personal training I will give you…you will be 6 months a head of all the DS Domination members who join random people.

Join something who cares about your success…

Join something that has systems in place for your success…

Join something that knows what they are doing…

All you have to do is make a decision…

Make a decision that you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…

Make a decision that no matter what, you are going to follow my exact instructions and go all the way with this…

Make a decision right now to take massive action and I promise you this…your life in 90 days will be totally different.

Click the BIG yellow button below and GET IN and I will see you on the other side.

NOTE:  No Longer in this company, all links direct to what I am involved with now….

ds domination sign up

I hope you enjoyed my DS Domination review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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