doTERRA Review – Great Business Opportunity or Big Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my DoTerra Review!

You are on this blog post because someone might have approached you about this company.

Or it’s possible that you were looking for a business opportunity and this caught your eye.

Whatever  the case may be the bottom line is you want to know if this company is legit and if it’s profitable.

In this review, I am going to reveal to you everything about the company so you can make the decision to join or not.

All I ask you to is PAY attention and read this all the way through because I am going to reveal one fatal flaw about this company…


Let’s take a look at the company first…

DoTerra Review – The Company

doTerra review

Website: http://www.doterra.com

Launched in 2008, the founders of the company are executives and come from two different back grounds when it comes to business.

Healthcare and Business.

What the company does is it offers alternative path to health and wellness through the powers of essential oils…

They also have many health leaders and hospitals on board that are experimenting with these essential oils and to see if they actually work.

doTERRA is bringing therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world that knows very little about essential oils.

Overall, the company sends a powerful message with their products and vision and this is the reason why the company is successful.

Other companies in direct competition with doTERRA are Young Living Essential Oils and It Works.

Alright, let’s take a look at what the product is about inside of this DoTerra review…

doTERRA Reviews:  The Products

doTERRA products

Well, if you didn’t know already by reading this blog post and paying attention, this company specializes on essential oils…

They have several different products including:

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon

and many many other essential oils.

Each oil does something different to your health.

For example, if you have sleep trouble, there is an oil for that.

If you have coughing issues or some kind of chronic condition, they have something for that as well…

Now I am not sure how well they actually work as I haven’t tried them personally, but I haven’t heard anything negative about the products…Yet.

Plus there is a LOT of hype around these essentials oils and doTerra is definitely taking advantage of it in a good way of course.

Maybe I can ask some people to comment below and tell us about your experience with the actual product?

Let’s face it, the product has to have raving reviews and actually work for make it worth while to even sell it.

A lot of network marketing companies sell over priced products that can be found anywhere in your local stores, but I hope doTerra is different.

Now let’s take a look at the actual business opportunity…

doTERRA Compensation Plan

Like all the top mlm companies, you get paid a commission when you sponsor people into the business.  This is called “MLM Recruiting” and for the right people there is a lot of money to be made…

Now unlike all the other doTerra reviews out there, I want to keep this as unbiased as possible so keep reading my friends…

Now instead of me going on about their compensation plan, why not let a rep talk about it?

I am sure they know what are talking about..(Let’s hope).

Before you watch this video I want to let you know…

I do NOT endorse this video and it’s for educational purposes only!

As you can see, the compensation is fair, but falls short compared to The Super Affiliate Network.

Any who, let’s get into the verdict…

DoTerra Reviews – Legit Business or Scam?

Considering the success of the company and how well it’s trending in Google, it’s actually NOT a scam and for the right people there is a lot of money to be made…

Did you catch that?

The “RIGHT” people…

Now DoTerra is far from any scam and I rate it the following:  

Here is the major flaw that I was talking about…

Let’s face it, 98% of the people who get into Network Marketing fail because they just suck at recruiting people.

In fact, the average person only recruits two people into an opportunity like this and frankly that’s no where near enough.

You get what I am saying?

So if you have been jumping from company to company… STOP IT!

That won’t do you any good, you have to either become an amazing recruiter…


Look for a business model that doesn’t require sponsoring people…

Those are your two choices.

I personally believe you should learn how to build your business online…

This way you are not really talking to anyone…

But just driving traffic to the offer which is the BEST way to make money from home…

This is what my number #1 recommend company teaches.

The biggest contributing factor for all this success is you get a one on one coach in this system who will guide you step by step and will work with you.

All the richest people in the world have a mentor that they used for help.

And you get it in this system click here.

Heck, even if you are in doTERRA or any other MLM company, this will work hand to hand with it because it won’t clash.

You can use this business to pay for those annoying auto-ships LOL!

Click Here and Start Profiting

You will thank me later 🙂

If you are in doTERRA, please share with us your personal experience with the company so far.

Share with us your experience with the product and business opportunity.

And PLEASE do not post your affiliate links because I will not approve those posts…

Thank for reading my doTERRA review and I hope it gave you some insights.


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-Jesse Singh

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jessica - May 30, 2015

I’ve been with doTERRA for 3 months. I’ve made enough so far to pay for my oils. The products are amazing and basically sell themselves. Breathe is one of my top products. Great for allergies, asthma, snoring, anything respiratory. My favorite is serenity it’s a calming blend and amazing for relaxation especially in my diffuser at bedtime and the whole family gets it too. (They have no choice;))

    Jesse Singh - June 3, 2015

    Hey Jessica,

    Thank you for your honest opinion and sharing your results.

    Leslie - March 24, 2017

    DoTerra is a horrible company! I will never have anything to do with this company again! Please do not sign up with this company.

      kathy - May 9, 2017

      just curious as why you say this is a horrible company… Leslie…

        karen - June 7, 2017

        how on earth did you come to this conclusion? you obviously have had nothing to do with doTERRA.

      Raphael - November 30, 2017


      Jolie - February 22, 2018

      People who think doTerra is a terrible company, work for the competition, Young Living. They have tried so hard to defame doTerra and pass on a bad rap, but there is none. Note, the no comment when asked why. Networking Marketing is a relationship business. I do not like how you trick people into reading your fake review then selling your own product, because you don’t have to talk to people. You are missing the point. People want to talk to people. People do business with those they trust.

Kymberly - July 3, 2015

I love Doterra! I got the chance to try the oils before I invested to be an advocate, and I fell in love with them right away. I did not purchase my own kit or sign up for a year, as I did not want to make such a large investment before researching and feeling the products out. I have done Mary Kay and World Ventures (love wv), but have not remained active in them for they arent as easy to promote in my massage practice as something more relevant to my profession (health and wellness) like Doterra would. I am happy to have descovered Doterra. I am a massage therapist and reiki healer; I utilize these oils in my feild all the time, and where I currently work they are used “religiously” almost; we have a woman who does the scans and they are spot on in what your body need. These oils are AMAZING, and have HUGE health benefits, even my clients love them. I purchased my own oils more for a personal benefit to put them to the real test in my day to day life, besides just at work on other people. I have had them for a month, and im hooked for life!

I wanted to invest in Doterra for over a year, and finally saved up enough to purchase the Natures Solutions Kit (a value over $600). It was worth the investment!

My son suffers from childhood asthma, he nearly died two years ago and has had 3 sever attacks due to pet allergies I was unaware of. He has had to use a nebulizer and inhaler ever since and ive had to give up my furry friends. I decided to really test these oils out in regards to their benefits in helping with allergies and other respiratory problems. I got a new kitten four days before my oils came in the mail. My son immediately reacted in hives around his eye, and would cough. I handled these symptoms with Claritain (not something I want him to take on a daily basis). As soon as I got the oils, I started putting Balance, On Guard, and Breathe on his feet every night, along with putting Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender in the diffuser right by his bed which is a blend used to treat allergies. There where immediate results. I havent seen his eye break out even after playing with the kitten nearly as often. Hes not showing any signs of wheezing like he used to! Not a single attack yet, and I havent had to use his inhaler or nebulizer! Not only that but my son has constipation issues, a drop if Lavender and DigrstZen on his shins and it makes the process so much easier (since the only thing that helped before was an enema and he hated that as did I.)

They also have helped me stay balanced and calm, helped with my chronic pain from fibromyalsia, and helped me hormonal wise during the month, also helps ward off colds.

Needless to say, I now depend on these oils for my overall health and that of my family as well. They are a blessing and I believe EVERYONE should be utilizing them!

    Jesse Singh - July 4, 2015

    Hey Kymberly,

    Thank you for your honest opinion 🙂

    Sally - February 18, 2016

    Do they have an oil that can correct your abhorrent spelling and grammar?

      Susanne - March 7, 2016

      Really sad that you speak to another human being that way. Encouragement for her honesty surely would make you feel better than insulting someone. Please think about your words. God Bless and have a nice day

      Monica - June 9, 2016

      I DO NOT LIKE RUDE PEOPLE, AND YOU ONE OF THEM, YOU NEED GOOD OIL TOO, but most likely they don’t have it.

      susa - November 23, 2016

      Karma x3 to you.

      C K - January 11, 2017

      The oils of kindness and humility have sadly skipped over you thus far. I am praying they will find you soon.

      Penni - May 8, 2017

      You are very rude Sally! How about acting your age and quit being a sour puss.

      Shosh - May 12, 2017

      You are funny!

      Anonymous - May 15, 2017

      Wow you must not want to better yourself. Your ignorance is showing might want to zip it up.

      Lynn - February 1, 2018

      Sally, pointing out someone’s grammar isn’t a good basis for an argument, that’s just being rude.

      raquel - March 2, 2018

      Pathetic! grow!

    Coombsie - April 6, 2016

    Which oil did you use for Fibro Help?

    Jess - May 24, 2016

    Did I read correctly that your son has asthma and allergies and you got a cat? I grew up with an asthmatic sister who has severe dander allergies. She gets sick coming to my house because of my pets and doterra oils don’t work. We also had a stepmom who died from an asthma attack- it isn’t something to take lightly. Glad that you have had luck, but I hope you are giving a lot of disclaimer when you tell this.

    dan - May 27, 2016

    everyone i know who uses doterra is sick more than those who don’t.

      Elizabeth - April 13, 2018

      I agree. Someone I know very close to me has taken it so far as to not take themselves and 3 year old son to the doctor. There is not one ailment they cannot handle themselves without the oils. They self diagnose themselves and get the “right” oil. I don’t like that they try to promote this like they are doctors. Is this not dangerous? They are always “sick” with running noses and coughs but claim they are fitter than all of my family. I feel weary of Doterra for this reason.

    Gigi - May 13, 2018

    Just curious, why the cat with the son with asthma and allergies? I had/have same issues since childhood.

Brandon - July 28, 2015

DoTERRA is all about caring, sharing and empowering. I see more health promotion and it is affecting the world on a large scale. Business side. If you invest at least up to two years you will see the results. Making money quick isn’t always good just like losing weight quick isn’t good either. You’ll gain it back quick. It’s building your own company and deepening your roots rather than growing wide. You benefit if someone below you sells and everyone helps each other compensation wise in your tree. But the results from using the oils and success stories are the best part. I have experienced plenty of success with it in aiding the healing on my tooth and gums with onguard, mood calming for bipolar with frankincense, peppermint and slim and sassy and have decreased on my medicine, digestzen works instantly, cassia works the best in stimulating my brain and focus. Seriously you should consider at least trying an oil for something you may have an issue with. Maybe snoring or even an upset stomach because you aren’t supposed to use antacids more than like 3 times a year in 2 week Periods.

    Jesse Singh - July 28, 2015


    All of the health and wellness MLM companies claim to cure everything, what makes this any different?

      Lana Perry - February 29, 2016

      I don’t know why he didn’t answer, but the answer is the chemical compound of the essential oils. If you would like me to send you a sample, Just let me know.

        Amy Padilla - July 25, 2016

        I have cirrosis and diabetes, this products can help me? Which ones?

          Tashaleigh Ryerson - May 6, 2017

          Amy, get in touch with me. We suffer from eczema & psoraisis here in my house…. I would love to talk to you and show you your best options.

      Jade - October 13, 2017

      I’d like to know the answer to that question. Of course, people that are pro-MLM have drunk the kool-aid and think its the best thing since sliced bread. What I’d like is some info from someone that has been involved with Doterra and KNOWS the products and company but chose to leave and WHY? So basically, apart from saying ‘its wonderful because I sell it’ or ‘its garbage and stay clear’ without stating why, hit me with some common sense and factual pro’s and con’s please. After finding out the the Certification label they brag about is a registered trademark name and not certification of anything does give me pause to question this company and it’s products. A lot of people are stating that their ‘ailment’ has been cured using Doterra oils. Has anyone switched to another (much much less expensive) equivalent and had the same results. Iherb offer organic essential oils for a 5-6th of the price, can anyone offer objective observable info relating to this ? Doterra seems to promote that the ORGANIC means nothing and offer their certification in it’s place that is worth ‘less than nothing’ in terms of a guarantee of any type of quality. Anyone speak to that fact ? All respectful and factual based opinions welcome, thanks 🙂

        Jesse Singh - December 1, 2017

        Hey Jade,

        DoTerra is a legit business opportunity, however, I am not really into physical product network
        marketing companies because their profit margins are small.

        I rather promote digital products where I can make over 45%+ commissions on the sale.

        I know their product works, but I guess the best thing you can do is buy the cheaper brand and compare it to DoTerra.

        Just so you know, I am NOT in DoTerra 🙂

        I hope that helps!


        Sandra - February 10, 2018

        Hi Jade. The reason so many people prefer the doterra oils is because they are 100% certified pure therapeutic grade. Meaning they can be taken internally and put on new born babies.
        I know there are a lot of cheaper brands on the market but you’ll find they cannot be taken internally or used on new borns or very young children because fillers and additives have been used.
        You will find that hospitals in America are using doterra oils with amazing effects as are doctors surgeries in America and the UK. Care homes and establishments that cater for children and adults who have issues such as ADHD, anxiety, dementia etc are starting to use them as well.
        I do not know of anyone whether a customer or an advocate who has actually left doterra but it would be interesting to know if anyone has.
        Doterra source the oils from the countries the plants naturally grow. Meaning they have not been forced grown in the wrong climate. They give the farmers a liveable wage and work with the communities on projects that give them a better standard of living – helping to build schools or hospitals.
        I read somewhere that god made nature to provide us with all the remedies we need to keep healthy but the majority of us ignore it and use pharmaceutical chemicals instead.
        I personally prefer to use natural products rather than keep putting chemicals into my body.
        There is a load of information out there on doterra. Just research the brand and you’ll see what types of establishments are using them.
        If hospitals are moving away from pharmaceuticals to natural products then that’s all the endorsement I need

          Sara - May 10, 2018

          Hi Sandra and Jade, while doTerra do a lot of good as per your post. Their marketing FALSELY gives the impression of this being the best quality and I’ve seen ” better than organic” !! In their blurb.
          Unfortunately I’ve even seen post say dr hill is a medical dr. No no CHIROPRACTOR but with clever marketing eveeything is brushed under which is a shame as Ireally like their oils even tho overpriced to cover bonus’ etc. Yes I can understand people being disillusioned with allopathic ways and wanting to do anything to ease pain and suffering BUT please research! If you are a WA you should have been told you can not use the term certified therapeutic. 1) THERE IS NO SUCH TERM, the FDA does not approve foods nor essentials oils ONLY the LABELING. And IMPORTANTLY it is outright dangerous to say as per your post ” AS THEY ARE PURE AND THERAPEUTIC THEY CAN BE USED ON BABIES ALSO INGESTED( or words to that effect) please do proper research and use safely. Have also seen posts where remarks appear such as : doteera are the only ones to ingest as pure and other oils state not to ingest ” Wake up , warning lables on other oils have NOTHING to do with being unpure!! They are being responsible to consumers to the potency of these oils. And safe to ingest or GRAS approved only relates to essential oils used in FOOD COLORING which is miniscle compared to a drop of essential. A huge loophole which is being used unsafetly by some companies. 1 drop of peppermint EO equates to approx 75 teabags of peppermint tea! The research just is not in. There is not enough research, please share your links and hospitals using as very very interested. Please remember oils need to go thr liver before being excreted. Water and oils do not mix.

          Sarah Watson - August 30, 2018

          I’m glad you said all that as it was pretty much what I’ve been thinking! I’m a herbalist and looking for some oils I like andwant to support and make money from as an extra income as part of my therapies but having still not received my free sample I don’t want to commit till I’ve read up more on their products.

          Linda - August 6, 2018

          Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils is a Potentially Misleading Claim. No governmental agency or generally accepted organization “grades” or “certifies” essential oils as “therapeutic grade,” “medicinal grade,” or “aromatherapy grade” in the U.S.

          I have clients who were told to use the oils neat, and have suffered from severe burns. This is a company which recommends ingesting the oils, as a trained aromatherapist the first part of my training was how potant the oils are and should never be “ingested”.
          I am not sure where the reps are trained or if they are. I will not use or recommend this company.

      Stacey - January 31, 2018

      They are the only 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils on the market. From harvest to bottle, they are independently tested by 5 other companies.

        Jesse Singh - March 8, 2018

        Hey Stacey,

        Thank you for that information 🙂

          Sam - May 11, 2018

          They are the only company to offer Certified Therapeutic Grade because it is their registered trademark. A little like McDonalds “i’m loving it”

        Sara - May 10, 2018

        Who are the 5 other companies that do their testing. I only know of 1 3rd party and that is the cert doTerra shows

        Sara - May 10, 2018

        Stacy that is such a false comment. There are plenty of good essential oils from other companies. That said doterra puts out good ones.

Cherelle Jeudy - August 10, 2015

I love doTERRA! The products are amazing and has help keep my family really healthy without the assistance of over the counter medication. I make enough to pay for my oils each month, but the possibility to make significantly more is there. Yes, you do have to recruit to make a significant amount of money, but you can also have a loyal customer base who love the products as much as you do…you make money when your team purchases products as well. So, it really depends on your goals.

I feel if you are with doTERRA solely to make money then you will miss out on the intangible value of showing people how to live healthy, naturally. I love seeing the reaction people have experiencing the products for the first time.

    Jesse Singh - August 11, 2015

    DoTerra does have good products…

    But like I said, you have to be a recruiting machine to make a great income.

    And the truth is, people don’t have the skill set and they refuse to learn it or everyone
    would be good at network marketing in general.

      Lesley Wallace - December 22, 2015

      Dear Jesse,

      I used doTerra for quite a long time before signing on. As you say above, not everyone is good at selling and I’m one of them but I was okay with that. I didn’t go into this thinking I would be using this to sell to others. My decision to purchase was solely based on the needs of my family from an alternative medicine perspective.

      That said, my rep is a reiki practitioner and a yoga instructor so she is a selling machine. She’s a walking billboard for this stuff. So, for people that are in industries like that I would think this might be a financial income stream that’s doable.

      For me, I was fortunate to have a rep provide me with samples for specific issues each family member was having so we got to experiment before making a decision. I’ve always used alternative methods to support our family so this was something that worked within our parameters. Our family includes our 4 boys along with aged grandparents that live near by so between the 8 of us, I signed up so that we could get the benefit of the wholesale price vs the retail price. Period! No selling, just family use. They have a Loyal Rewards package and we buy so much of it for various aspects in our home, (i.e. creating cleaning products, dealing with migraines, colds, cramps, anxiety, this list is long!) that this package gives us benefits that we wouldn’t have buying these oils from our local health food store. We also have heard good things about Young Living but since we had a doTerra rep nearby, we went with her, it was simply a geographical thing and I signed up with someone for whom I trusted their opinions.

      As for MLM companies, I don’t have any issues with the payment structure, if you can work it, why NOT!! If you can make money from it, why not? I don’t see MLM companies, in general, as a scam but I do know there are folks out there that are vehemently against them. That’s okay too. They don’t have to sign up 🙂

      It’s good for people to make informed choices by being exposed to lots of information and different experiences and hopefully they will come to the conclusion on their own, not because “someone said” but because it feels right for them. There are going to be people that agree and disagree but that’s their decision to do so.

      Thanks for posting your blog.

      Lana Perry - February 29, 2016

      Hey Jesse, I think you will find that most of the people involved with doTERRA “use” the product first and then “share” the product and before you know it they are “building” a business. doTERRA is the only company I know of that rewards you for placing people further away from you, NOT on your front line, but below other people on your team. They have a 65% retention rate and encourage us to Serve, not Sale. It is an amazing company. You build to the Power of 3, so really, you only need to find 3 “Like Hearted” people to make this work.

        Jenny - March 19, 2017

        Well said..

        Tashaleigh Ryerson - May 6, 2017

        Wow only a 65% retention rate….. I do not doterra or young living, and the company I use has a 96% reorder rate. On top of being around much longer….. Do terra has been around since May 2008, young living 1993, the company I , 1985….. I know tons who have left both yl and doterra and came to the company I use.

      Heather - July 21, 2016

      I have been considering getting involved in the business side of DoTerra but one thought keeps entering my mind. What happens in a few years when people simply lose interest or can’t afford these oils. The people at the top who have worked their tails off… I’m assuming they will go under… Is that an accurate assumption?

        Andrea - September 18, 2016

        Heather, that’s a great question. I was skeptical as well, fearful to a small extent. Doterra has an 85% customer retention rate. That’s higher than any other MLM company. And we also have a system in place for staying in touch with our client base. It’s built into the training you receive when you sign on. I was mentored and helped along. When I decided to build my mentor helped get people under me so that I could begin making money. There are membership overviews that we do with our new customers. As well, once customers see how these products actually WORK, they don’t want to live without them. Living with chronic pain or suffering from occasional aches or ailments is not fun, and treating them naturally is a great alternative to over the counter remedies. There are lots of events too, more studies being published and other ways to keep your customers as excited as you are (or will be) about these product. And if you can get your clients on the supplements, boom! They experience what healthy really feels like.

          Tracey - January 18, 2018

          My “friend” signed me up. Funny, I don’t hear from her anymore. Only to place an order!! SMH

        Ali - August 2, 2017

        YES!! It is SO much work and sadly sales is hard and people are rude and lead you on. Takes a TON of education and time before someone even considers a purchase and you don’t make money unless you recruit others who are as motivated as you! I was working so many hrs for very little profit when you take travel costs etc into it. Plus you don’t get a penny unless you yourself spend at least about $125/month or more to “qualify for commissions “. Like their oils but they totally break rules for some and completely screw others. DO NOT SELL!

Jim - September 5, 2015

DoTerra most certainly IS a scam. There is no scientific evidence for the product claims made in the earlier comments. No reliable clinical trials. “Certified Therapeutic Grade” is meaningless marketing fluff – the products aren’t actually certified by anyone. The FDA sent them a warning letter about making false medical claims last year, and get here their reps are continuing to make them. In essence, they induce their reps to break the law by promoting this nonsense. America really needs to do a better job at science education so people could see through the scams and save their money.

    Jesse Singh - September 6, 2015

    Hey Jim,

    Even though I am not in DoTerra, but I have to say they are not a scam.

    FDA in general are fraudsters themselves.

    Look at all the medication they approve that kill people and then suddenly there is a recall.

    All BS if you ask me.

      Vivayne - September 22, 2015

      In general, apothecary shops and essential oils are how people stayed healthy in ancient times. Why does medicine work? Because of their chemical make up. Guess what, those synthetic medicines mimic plant properties and their organic chemical makeup. Might want to do a little research Jim. Essential oils seem like a much healthier option.

      I am new to DoTerra. Went to a friend’s house for a little make and take. I am really impressed with the throat spray we made. It’s really helping with my laryngitis. I called back and ordered the physician kit and I can’t wait for my order to come in.
      p.s. at this point I’m not interested in the money making aspect, not really a fan of mlm.

        Nikki Shilling - December 2, 2015

        No…lots of people died in ancient times. Lots.

      Jaki - May 5, 2016

      Awh thankyou so much for saying that jessie…. exactly what I was gona say ??????

      Pam - June 27, 2016

      Well said! Just have read the two pages of side effects you get with almost all medications!
      Why would you not try a natural product first then if it it does not work fill that prescription!

      xoxo - August 23, 2017

      Excellent point!

    Lila - March 5, 2016

    Yeah, because the FDA is totally legitimate! Lol ?

    Des - March 8, 2016

    The FDA will say anything to keep big pharma in business. I have personal experience with Doterra. It replaced all of my prescriptions and kept my family from getting sick for over 2 years. I am one story of 20+ in my circle whom have had amazing results. I will be using doterra for the rest of my life.☺

    Yoasha B. - September 4, 2016


    Ginny - October 15, 2016

    Stay tuned my friend, more than 100 published scientific studies have been conducted with (and will name) doTERRA oils by reputable hospitals and research facilities – because the Pharmaceutical industry and the FDA have not been willing to explore these all natural powerhouses.

    Bobbie - November 21, 2016

    Except in the book we give every client, Essential Life, each essential oil cites MULTIPLE scientific studies that prove how the oil works.

Diana - December 29, 2015

I got sucked into the MLM of doterra. Some of the products are actually very good, that being said the essential oils are very expensive. There are other sources to purchase oil which are much less in price and just as good if not better. There is no certified pure, its a marketing trademark that doterra uses. They have the “followers” that believe that there is certification. Those to me are the lemmings.
They also promote the use of many oil neat and internally that for the most part should not be used.
The “wellness advocates” as they are called are sales people with a fancy name that to me allows innocent people to think that they have some training other than what the “company” uses. The new “emotions” line is to me very frightening in that it is using words that can be interpreted incorrectly by lay people who have more serious underlying problems.
They are trending on thin ice as far as I am concerned.
That being said, I do believe there is a place for essential oil which is why I am doing an intense study program to become a certified aromatherapist. It’s a long process with over 250 hours of study.
Thanks for your site.

    Jesse Singh - December 29, 2015

    Hey Diana,

    Thank you for your comment 🙂

    Victoria - January 14, 2016

    So having some course work under your belt, what do you recommend when purchasing EO’s?

    Meeka - November 18, 2016

    Hi Diana,

    What other essential oil companies have you come across that are equally if not better (certified organic and GMO free) than Doterra?

    I’m having a hard time buying to an oil that is not certified as such and is so expensive.

    Thanks, Meeka

aking - January 13, 2016

Thanks for the write up. I’m a doterra ‘rep’ for a couple of years. I love the products, I hate the MLM 1990’s BS that goes along with this company.
-They have not been very responsive or progressive to the rep’s needs or complaints. If they expect me to follow all of their rules, they should provide quality tools and consistency in their requirements and if they don’t, they should bend the rules to the rep’s benefit. The poor front line hears my concerns and that seems to be where it ends.
-It’s not uncommon that the website is not updated on the 1st of each month with bonus info, etc.
-They focus on the money you can make vs the qualities and benefits of the products (I have to research online for that info) and as a rep, I would really appreciate them making me feel supported with quality online information right from the website (there are several websites you have to refer to in order to navigate the product lines and related information on the products).
-Last month they had to take down the main page of the website (someone hacked it an place ‘inappropriate pix’ according to a frontline employee). I was penalized with my ‘late’ order because I couldn’t see what was available on the 13th of the month (orders need to be placed by 15th in order to receive bonus items), it was a weekend and no one available to answer my need for help (phone or chat) and I was flying on the 14th and 15th. Whatever!
-Today, I was placing an order and when I was checking out online, my order amount was about $25 more than what it should have been….guess what they do, they included an annual renewal fee and there was NO line item describing this. It was hidden. Isn’t that illegal somewhere?
I’m to the point that I don’t find any pleasure in working with this company and as soon as I drain all of the points I’ve earned, I’ll be looking for another quality vendor that appreciates my loyalty.
Again, I love their products and for me that’s only HALF of what’s important in business.
Thank you for allowing me to tell it to someone who might actually benefit from hearing my experience to date.

    Ash - February 16, 2016

    It would definitely serve you well to complain to DT CS. They solve problems quickly and hand out product points like candy. They do absolutely listen to the WAs.

    I’m not sure what rules you are referring to, but all the rules and tools are available online. They do have a lot of websites (5 that you can utilize for everything you listed), but it’s a lot of information to cover, so I guess separate sites organizes that.

    As for the renewal fee, the details of your membership should A. Be explained to you by the person you enrolled with, B. Are available for you to read on the website, and C. Are available for you to read in the policy manual. There is nothing hidden about the fact that your wholesale membership is yearly.

    Ash - February 16, 2016

    Also, you have obviously never been to a convention or corporate event if you think DT lacks in product usage information. That is about 90% of what convention is.

    Yoasha B - September 4, 2016

    For those who have serious underlying health issues I would say the best thing to do is to change the food paradigm!!! then detox and when needed use natural products first – essential oils are first on the list – the extract from the plants is an essence of life , bath with the life giving sun – with an addition to healthy soil ( from the virgin areas of indigenous people) . Those components create assurance for superior essential oils to treat our beautiful bodies, which with the help of essential oils will achieve the equilibrium. Now PAY ATTENTION – it is up to YOU to make a choice – The knowledge is there – if you chose to ignore – your health and life will show sooner or later!!! Health and Happiness to ALL

Alison - February 1, 2016

I recently went to a DoTerra class. I have been a complete skeptic for years! I am also on a path to alternative treatments, so I have decided to by the kit and give it a try. I am in sales and also an attorney. I am a selling machine, love to talk to people and do presentations. Obviously with my skill set, the money making aspect is appealing to me, as I want to start something on the side for additional income. I would be a recruiting machine. The DoTerra rep and my friend have already thought of this and want to bring me on. I just ordered the kit yesterday, but I have to be convinced of some of the benefits before I can commit to the selling aspect. I would love some feedback from you and anyone involved in MLM. I am a very quick learner and feel that if I decided to commit, I would be successful. I would eventually want to leave my six figure job down the road, and I mean a few years off. I watched the business video and get the idea of residuals doing the work for you.

    Jesse Singh - February 1, 2016

    Hey Alison,

    DoTerra is a good company and the fact you are selling machine means
    you will probably do well in it.

    However, your team won’t do that well in it and that’s why I didn’t join
    any traditional MLM companies.

    I show people how to make a living on eBay and Amazon.

    And the people who refer people to this training get made in a compensation plan
    that pays out 70% in total.

    So if you are interested in that, I can add you to my mail list 🙂

    I personally have 20,000 members in it already on my team alone.

    Rich Vincent - April 5, 2016

    An attorney that doesn’t know how to spell “buy”?

      C K - January 11, 2017

      An attorney (or just about anyone), that isn’t a perfect typist and didn’t catch an error during the proof………..isn’t rare at all. JS

Veronica Lee - February 3, 2016

I have used doTerra products as they were given to me as presents during Christmas. It causes allergies and also elevated the estrogen hormones causing a lot of discomfort. My friend who gave me the oils refused to believe that I am allergic to it or that it caused hormonal imbalances. In the end, I just threw them away. I know it is expensive, but it caused me more problems that solve my problems. I think doTerra brained-washed their sales people or they have appealed to their sense of greed that all the sales people as only interested in making money and do not care about the side effects of their products.

    Jesse Singh - February 5, 2016


    That is an interesting statement.

    Kimberly Curtis - April 10, 2016

    I went to a doterra class/party for the first time tonight and that is not what the rep told me. My friend hosting the class has very sensitive skin. So the rep was telling us to put a drop on a bandaid and put it on our inner wrist. After a while… Check it. If you have have broken out then that oil doesn’t agree with your body… Don’t use it.

    Susieq - April 11, 2016

    Sorry you had such a negative experience with doTERRA oils. Please know you are in the minority. Many people use the oils with great benefit and no bad side affects, but as with anything, whether natural or man-made there is always a chance of an allergic reaction. I am sensitive and allergic to so many medications but have been able to use these oils with no issues!! They have helped me where traditional medicine has failed me!!

Maria - March 3, 2016

I try doterra with my family 6 montjs before atarting this as a builder. I was so amazed how mu family health change, so then I started thinking what do these products have that can work so deep; I did a lot of research and there is no miracle, it is just back to nature, so I think this is the great asset that they have among other companies, besides there is an oil for literally everything, so your area of action is everywhere!!!
I been working part time job for 5 months and the response of the people is amazing, therefore, you pay your lrp order and you still have more than double in comissions!

Cristian - April 1, 2016

Hello just so everyone is clear on this..
Allergies are associates with proteins and when the oil of a plant is extracted it leaves all the proteins behind meaning that you cannot be allergic to the oil. It just would not make sense.

We are also not brain washed because it is not our company doing these test rather a third party Scientist who does our test for us so nothing bias is going here. Make sense?

dōTERRA does teach about the compensation plan like every other MLM company.. It only makes sense to do so. However if you do go to one of their big conventions you might just find how they teach more on humility, love and charity rather then money market net money like many other companies.
You can ask any dōTERRA advocate “would you still buy dōTERRA’s essential oils if there was no money involved and they all would say “Yes!”

Now just to get you an idea of why there is a power so great besides the simple answer of being a gift of the earth. What an essential oil does is it teaches YOUR body which you love so much how to heal itself rather then medicine that heals your body for you. Once again we are not rgulated by the FDA so the oils do not cure or heal you rather they teaches your body how to do that for itself! Now let’s just think about that. if everything is done for your body what does your body really know? However if we teach our bodies how to defend it self we would not need anything to do it for us. That is the POWER of Essential Oils. I hope this clarifies some of it because there is just so much no matter how much I say right now I couldn’t say it all and that is the beauty of it is there is so much to uncover and to so much more discover!

God Bless and sorry for any spelling and grammar errors! Lol

    Pat - December 7, 2016

    I am one who has allergies and sensitivities to some of the doterra oils. Yet when i try to tell others at marketing meetings i get shut diwn immediately. You cannot interrupt the csrefully scripted sales talks telling others to be careful. I use a few but can not justify being involved in marketing them because i have not had a lot of success with them.

Dtb - April 13, 2016

Please add me to your list as well! dtbruce69@gmail.com
Thank you!

Mike - April 20, 2016

My wife is a wellness advocate. She has been working as a recruiter/”wellness advocate” for two years. She has only made enough money to pay for her oils that she uses extensively. Unfortunately she is strung along by the companies promises that big money is just around the corner, if she just keeps putting money and time into the business. So she continues to put time and money into this while her family struggles to get by. This company has her brainwashed. Make no mistake, they are not out to make the world a better place, and bring their advocates along for the ride. They are out for a dollar, and will string you along with false promises indefinitely to get it.

Joe Russ - May 21, 2016

My wife commenced using DoTerra oils for fragrance and they are lovely . I was skeptical and wary of getting involved with another MLM but supported her in this.
I started using the oils for cold sores and hay fever both of which I’ve suffered from for years. I have thus far found them to be effective and immediate in their effect. I am generally healthy so haven’t needed them otherwise but I enjoy the relaxing or invigorating effects of peppermint or frankincense and I certainly sleep better with cedar wood and lavender. I’m also satisfied now that there is money to be made in this MLM but like all of them it requires work and perseverance and some willingness to be vulnerable, risking rejection, after all not everyone agrees as you can see from the above posts. Love to you all

    Chris M. - July 15, 2016

    Hi Joe,

    I’ve been using DoTERRA oils for a year now. I enjoy them for myself. I was a customer before investing in the physician’s kit. I was introduced to the oils at a massage. Lemongrass was nice so I asked about it.
    I’m going to attend some classes to learn more about how to use the oils and sales presentation tips before getting more involved with it. I may or may not.
    I enjoy diffusing the lavender and frankincense for sleep, lemon in my water. I like the OnGuard laundry detergent and soap.
    Please tell me your oils and formula for the cold sores, hay fever…and please do the same for relaxing with peppermint and frankincense, and sleeping with cedar wood and lavender.
    How many drops? Do you diffuse?
    Thanks, Joe!

      Suzanne B - June 12, 2018

      Hi Chris I started using doterra in May of this year. I have found that diffusing: 2 drops of Cedarwood, 2 drops of marjoram and two drops of serenity work great for sleep. 😴

Sally - May 31, 2016

I would really like to hear from customers and not the sales reps. The reps will of course say the stuff works. I want to hear about customer success stories or disappointments. What oils worked for you? There were a few testimonies, but not enough. Has anyone used the Slim n Sassy? How about the Deep Blue after an intense workout? Has anyone reduced their cholesterol or lowered their blood pressure with these oils? I am thinking of purchasing but don’t want to be disappointed if they don’t work. There are so Many false claims out there and I just want the truth. Thank you.

    Rachael - October 26, 2016

    I have bought and used Doterra products. Some of them work for me and others don’t. I do not ingest as when I tried some I got heartburn. I do use oils for my frequent mouth sores. I also use wintergreen and peppermint for arthritic pain. I find on guard and breathe helpful during cold and flu seasons. That being said I have many oils in my collection that I bought thinking I would use them but did not find them beneficial. I am not a sales person so I only buy for personal use.

    Mike - November 5, 2016

    That’s the problem. Every customer is a Rep. It’s impossible to get a straight forward, unbiased answer from this modern day cult. My wife is hooked on the stuff; bottle after bottle of oils stack up in our bedroom, diffusers upon diffusers littered through the house, and yet every week she develops a new ailment, that miraculously has a new oil to treat it. I have no proof one way or the other, but my gut doesn’t seem to like the cut of doTerras jib.

    Mary - June 17, 2017

    Hi Sally, I’m just a customer and have only been using the oils for a month or so. I have severe chemical sensitivities, a lot of damage to my esophagus caused by years of taking Nexium, bone degeneration from arthritis, and several autoimmune diseases. So far I’ve found that lavender in my diffuser keeps me awake, but mixed with other oils and diluted with fractionated coconut oil in a roller bottle and applied to my neck, behind my ears, under my feet, etc. is very calming. I tried the digestive blend for the severe heartburn I’ve had for years and it lessened it but it was still there. However, that blend is working amazingly on my psoriasis. And my heartburn is almost non-existent since I started capsules with olive oil plus 2 drops of lemongrass and 2 drops of oregano. At the moment I only take the capsules when the pain comes back, usually at night, but I don’t think I’d have pain at all if I remembered to take them twice a day. And that’s after having continuous pain for at least forty years. I also use lemongrass and oregano in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil for neck and back pain and headaches. Works much better, and much faster, than the paracetamol I used to use.

    Chris - April 24, 2018

    My mom was the verge of kidney failure and we looked everywhere to get help. We came upon dottera and they have thing called Zendocrine. She tried it for three months and when she went to her doctor, he was amazed. The doctor didn’t believe in alternative medicine but he told her to keep taking what she is taking. I bought an oil called Past Tense and that works for me and my headaches. I don’t know how or what they do but it works for us. Oh, and I also tried Oregano oil for my tags on my neck and in two days they fell off. Don’t believe me, just try it.

    Jana - September 21, 2018

    The ‘sales reps’ in which you refer are customers of doTerra too. The reason they have became reps is because of the benefits of the oils. Most of the wellness advocates enjoy sharing the benefits as there are so many. However it is extremely difficult to try and educate people who have lived a lifetime into being brainwashed into believing that chemically induced medicine is best (because their doctor prescribed it, it must be good.. Right!!). So much negativity it’s unreal and very very sad.

Kayleen - June 5, 2016

I’m in doTERRA and was a bit worried about your catch. I thought eek what have I got myself into but then when I read your catch I thought, woohoo because I do have that skill set and I am progressing up the ranks. I’m currently now at crunch time progressing from premier to silver. If I can crack the silver then the sky is the limit for me.

Kathleen - June 26, 2016

I have a problem with any company that misleads with statements like Certified Therapeutic Grade. There is absolutely no agency or standards for such a claim. It is completely marketing deception. I am wondering how many sales people for doTerra are actually Certified Aromatherapists? I have seen some of their mixtures listed that contain oils I have been taught to Never ingest promoted for ingestion. On that alone I hope for the best for those taking such chances with people most likely just being educated by the company. These MLM companys are going to make the government regulate essential oils when you actually hurt someone. Some Essential oils are are concentrated so much they are deadly to ingest, which is why No one not certified as an Aromatherapist with at least 250 hours of study should ever tell anyone which mixtures they should ingest. Since there are no standards mandated for essential oils and their certification saying this is unethical and most likely criminal.

Feb - July 22, 2016

Add me to your list

Judy - August 16, 2016

Please add me to your list.

Ros - September 24, 2016

I’d love to know if there are studies (RCTs) that have shown scientifically that these products are making a difference to people’s health. If there are some please point them out – that is the only way I have been trained to work to believe in the so-called ‘therapeutic effects’ of a product.
many thanks, Ros

    OilyMum - March 6, 2018

    Yes there are, peer reviewed science even.
    I’d research for you but I’m sure you can google and find the correct articles as well as I can.
    I watched a doco recently where they even did brain scans of people taking oils and showed the oils working. Was very cool.

    So scientists believe in oils, why wouldyou try it ? even if it’s placebo affect which is very common and very cool actually, it doesn’t matter if it works.
    Did you know placebo effect works for knee reconstructions ?? They put a cut in people who didn’t have the knee reconstruction so they didn’t know if they had it or hadn’t, gave them the same rehabilitation therapy as the group that did have the reconstruction and they had the same outcomes. So basically the reconstruction is pointless, it’s the believing you’ve had one and the rehabilitation therapy that fixes the knee.

    Personally, I’ll use the heck out of placebo if it stops me taking drugs that isn’t good for my body and I don’t need if I can trick my mind to not need them.
    EG use Copaiba for pain instead of taking an advil!

Valerie - October 20, 2016

Can you add me to your list as well please.

Rosemary - October 22, 2016

So I heard of doterra through a friend, I have used essential oils for 20 years for cleaning vaporising, I ignored her thinking I probably already knew about them 6 weeks later I went to a class and decided to try the product for emotional issues as my sons has had many surgeries and health issues, I thought might as well try it, so I brought a starter pack my expectations were low, I got the products and a few days later my son got ill, now just for some background when he gets a virus he gets asthma very seriously, and in 4 years has always required an ambulance to the hospital as his air saturation drops below 90, I have steroids at Home and a hospital only medication, he eats healthy no dairy, gluten and cane sugar. When he started getting sick I used the breathe from my doterra kit with carrier oil on his chest and in a diffuser I honestly did not expect much but what was to follow blew me away his air saturation did not drop below 92 percent I actually could not believe it, this was the first time he didn’t have to go to hospital, I did not know essential oils could work so well, and I believe it’s the quality of the oils they produce superior to any other I have used in 20 years, you are right about the business model you need to Bea Le to sell, but honestly doterra is so good it sells itself.

Guy - December 16, 2016

Can you add me to your mailing list please 🙂

Rebecca-Lynne Christensen - January 24, 2017

Can you please add me to your list?

Amy Unicomb - January 28, 2017

I could not be less satisfied or more shocked at the terrible service I have experienced from this company.

On November 14th, I ordered essential oils for health purposes for both my husband and I, as well as a friend. I should have noticed the first sign of unprofessionalism this company displayed, when I was told by the doTerra agent I was ordering from that I would have to provide my SIN to complete the order. It is ridiculous and unnecessary require a SIN for any purchases. If a SIN is provided with a customer’s name, address, as well as their credit card information (which they also require all of), identify theft could easily take place. I felt extremely uncomfortable with the request of my SIN number and told the agent I would not complete the purchase with that information. Later, I was told it would not be required for me to order the oils.

I was looking forward to the potential health benefits the agent had explained could aid with the chronic migraines I suffer from and my husband’s severe allergies. So, I took the SIN experience as a mistake on the agent’s part, and decided to go through with the purchase, despite the high price. I provided my full address as well as my credit card information. I was charged in full the next day for my order. I waited, excited for the order, until December 20th. In that time, I travelled several times to the post office to check the mail, with no luck. Finally, I contacted the agent who said I had to inquire about the order. I found out that, for some reason, my address was not attached to order in full, and so on November 21st, my items were returned to sender. Strange, that neither the agent who sold me the products nor the company attempted to make contact to let me know this. On January 6th, I was told the company was re-sending me my products and they would arrive in two weeks at the latest. At this time I was told I would receive some type of doTerra package for having to wait so long.

So again, after two weeks I start travelling to the post office to check the mail almost every day, thinking surely, they’ll be here the next day, and the next, and the next…. Nothing came. On the 25th of January I contacted the agent again, who said if the products did not arrive by January 27th I would receive reimbursement.

Well, almost 3 months after ordering and paying for doTerra products, still no arrival, if you can imagine service that horrible.

I have an aunt who also sells essential oils through a company and I would have gladly ordered those had I known of the terrible service this company provides. I only ordered the oils in hopes of the health benefits the agent described and because I believed the company stood for quality products and service for customers. I also felt too guilty to order essential products from another company because I had spent so much money on the ones I already ordered but did not receive.

With no hesitation, I advise anyone considering these products to think again. I cannot comment if they provide any relief for ailments, because I NEVER received my products, after THREE MONTHS and contacting the company 5 times. Still, the customer service nightmare is not worth the money or effort trying these products.

    Jesse Singh - January 30, 2017

    Sorry to hear that.

    Lynne - February 6, 2017

    I just signed up to receive doTerra oils and had no problem receiving mine.

Morgan - February 2, 2017

I call it a scam cuz anybody and everybody has oils. I mean how much does one differ from the other?

    Jesse Singh - February 3, 2017


    It’s not a scam.

    So your saying Walmart and Bestbuy both have computers and TV’s so one of them is a scam?

    kathy - May 9, 2017

    Morgan, there is a huge difference, you dont want to use any essential oils that are NOT PURE, contain synthetics or are adulterated in anyway.

Judy Dodd - March 27, 2017

I’m a new be to doTERRA so far I like it. I ordered Oils for my diabetes. Not sure I received Them all. There was a blend for 1 & 2 I think I only got 1. Not sure which one.I’m using it seems to be working But my bs is low Thought It might make a differents if I had the other one also. I need help with diabetes I know there’s others who need help out there also with diabetes. Now I need it to even out my ls to even it out To keep it from going to high also.

LaSonya - April 10, 2017

Please add me to your list. I am interested in legitemite business opportunities.

M - April 14, 2017

I just started using the oils. I like the natural recipes you can make without chemicals. That’s my interest from the beginning. Peppermint has helped me with Some headaches. I get migraines from wheat and sugar. Losing the wheat and sugar from my diet made MANY health issues I was having disappear. I lost a ton of weight and feel great overall!! Medications tried over the years for migraines did not continuously work, For Me. My husband stopped using melatonin to sleep and has felt his mind clear as well as his mood. We diffuss the Lavendar occasionally for sleep. It works. I am enjoying the chemical free aspects of essential oils and the natural recipes. Overall, eat God food and be wise and research the things you ingest. I don’t believe everything works exactly the same for every person. Each body is different, so bad-mouthing all of it because something didn’t work for you is not helping. I can’t take penicillin, but others can. That is OK.

Kathy - May 9, 2017

Ive been using essential oils for 22 years, studied essential oils in France 13 years ago, and have been with doTERRA for 4 years now. I have tried many brands over the years and up until 4 years ago was purchasing my oils from the distillery where I took my studies. I was introduced to doTERRA at a workshop where we made products with the essential oils. Needless to say, I was hooked and enrolled with a kit that same evening. doTERRA follows the French model in that if an oil is pure, and is distilled from a plant that can be eaten, internal use is safe. Essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than a dried herb and as such, should be used with respect and moderation. 1 -2 drops is considered safe for topical or internal use and if you have sensitive skin (especially children and elderly people) always dilute with a carrier oil. If you are not comfortable ingesting, then by all means do what you feel comfortable with, but please stop saying internal use isn’t safe, I have been doing so since I “learned” in France that it is a safe practice. As with anything new, do your own research and become your own expert. Teach safe practices and common sense. doTERRA as a company provides educational tools on their website, but I have always been one to investigate for myself with any new holistic approach to better health, and with the medical field as well. Also doTERRA has a team of over 40 scientists and partner many doctors and hospitals to research and study how essential oils work with our bodies. All the essential oils come from plants they grow where they are meant to grow (indigenous) and go through extensive testing so that we know they contain the proper compounds and at the proper ratios to be therapeutic to the body. The FDA does not regulate essential oils, so yes, doTERRA took it upon themselves to coin the term “CPTG” (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) because they are certifying it to be so, they do not state anywhere that any governing body is certifying their oils, because they do not. I am a user and a business builder, but my main focus is on EDUCATION, the oils will speak/sell themselves.

Keri - July 6, 2017

I’ve been using doterra oils for a few months now. It could be mind over matter, but I’ve skipped my usual run of colds at this time of year. And when my young son got gastro a few weeks ago, I used On Guard for cleaning and diffusing and no one else got sick. He also got better much quicker than usual. I don’t care if they are a placebo, because I feel great and the house smells wonderful. But I won’t be making a business from it. This is just about me and my family.

Lisa - July 20, 2017

I’ve been using DoTERRA oils for five months. The products are highly effective and the wholesale membership has a lot of perks. I’ve made enough to cover the costs of the oils, supplements, and products I’ve purchased. I’m not sure what you mean by “sponsoring” and “recruiting” people. Wellness consultants simply sign people up to a wholesale/rewards program with an enrollment fee or kit (similar to a wholesale club like Sam’s or Costco.) They get front end commission from the initial purchase and a smaller percentage of residual commission for that person’s future purchases. Yes, you do get bonuses from the company for hitting certain milestones, but that’s like any sales job. It’s a great company, a great product, not a scam. Sharing/selling provides a way to pay for a product you use and make a little spending money, and not to be disparaged!

Rachel - September 23, 2017

I’m a 29 year old woman who is trying to conceive and struggling with infertility …told clary sage was beneficial to balance my hormones. Ok sounds good so far…Use CLARY SAGE with CAUTION! I had fairly normal cycles until I started using clary sage. I was told to put 3 drops UNDILUTED on my ovaries twice a day by a Doterra essential oil therapist…Stopped taking clary sage 6 days later due to
PAINFUL SORE breasts ..pain in ovaries ..cold hands and feet.. prominent blue veins all over my entire body…increased amount of cervical mucus ..bloating..mood swings and still a week later I’m still having these side effects along with My FIRST EVER IRREGULAR MISSED PERIOD (like I need any more stress)!!! NO IM NOT PREGNANT! (Thanks Doterra for making me believe I was but found out it’s just the extra estrogen my body didn’t need!!) so frantically I called my Doterra essential therapist n she described how clary sage is not THAT potent. But now I’m reading everywhere that IT IS potent. So who’s lying!! Cancelling my membership today! Their products are unsafe and totally ruined my menstrual cycle. Thanks Doterra you suck! WASTE OF MONEY WASTE OF TIME . Wish I would’ve done my research BEFORE applying this POTENT OIL on my body. Something I will always regret!

Tanya - October 30, 2017

Doterra and their representatives these people have no medical back ground of any kind although they make these statements such as cures cancer or USE instead of blood pressure meds etc .SHAME ON YOU DOTERRA
In my opinion YOU ARE
being careless and completely putting peoples health at risk.
For anyone to state that oils should be substituted for medications And to say that Dr’s are trying to poison US with prescription meds is so dangerous and unethical .
Please be careful if you take medications and choose to take Doterra supplements
Oils don’t cure cancer if so
I would expect St judes and pretty much any cancer institute would be using them for treatment . They may assist in some treatments Helping TO EASE with side effects etc:
:but we are intellegent people and a cure for CANCER
Doterra also claims to be most pure and better than any and all oils on the market.
They claim to get theirs from these exotic designated places around the world and claim.that others are synthetic and or not helpful they have a very
Negative attitude regarding other companies.
Ofcourse Dottera is 3 times the cost as well.
So if a cancer or diabetic patient can be cured with these products OR any serious disease
Seems it would be a obviously first course of treatment since it would be much easier on patients CHILDREN AND ELDERS especially . And the whole
Scanning the hand Thats just silly
As it was presented to me by more than one professional in the medical field why wouldnt medical professionals choose scanning instead of blood work wouldn’t that be so much more convenient and cost effective could be done in the office and have immediate results .
Please use caution
These reps have no training they continue to
pressure people into all these peoducts with
promises they can not possibly deliver
especially their supplements .
I started the vitality pack then was told use the DD prime and zedrocrine
Being on medications myself .
(And this is my mistake not asking my Dr first)
I began having severe mood issues ,depression issues, CHEST PAINS , panic attacks, AND high blood pressure .
Appointment with 2 Drs blood work showed levels for hormones were far to low anti siezure medication as well . Rep still suggesting oils etc:
I had no intention . continuing the suppements
Thankfully I saw they Had same order from month BEFORE and set to.process on the 15th without any confirmation
And the reps do very little to help once they’ve talked you into your signing up, your on your own so be careful they just want to be SOME SORT OF SILVER ??


But ive DONE SOME RESEARCH AND FOUND SO.MANY OTHERS THAT HAVE HAD SIMILAR COMPLAINTS ONE that IS OUT $10,000 AND LOOKING FOR AN ATTORNEY with this company so Im.not complaining TO.MUCH they took all my loyalty points big whoopi. Of course said I canceled them .
Makes no sense that was money owed to me why would I cancel money I was owed

Liars as well
If you or we want to use oils for home and beauty even pets thats great.
Not saying there
Just that their reps are very reckless and Doterra should require more education on Their part but Doterra doesn’t want to invest in them .
Anyone over 18 can be a rep and push this crap with no knowledge or
Training .


Joe - November 8, 2017

When people are in trouble they are usually more vulnerable and Doterra is exploiting them. If you care about your health stay away from these people and save your money. If health could be bought, a lot of people would buy it, but it’s not.

Teresa Bates - February 5, 2018

Love the oils I buy them for myself not out to sell them ,I have grandchildren and when they come over with runny noses and not real well we use to always come down with the cold until I invested in detorra oils especially onguard I put in a humidifier and easy air and put it on trust me since doing that no more colds only do it when need be amazing stuff I have a lot of oils now but not interested in selling it I reckon it would be to hard to make money doing it ,but I love the stuff

Shy - April 15, 2018

I went to a doterra presentation thing for a co-workers daughter and this consultant was just above and beyond perky, first of all. Then she had us talking about our lives and as I would tell her things she would bring out a different oil that was supposed to be the miracle cure for my medical problems. At the end of it all, I could be completely on my way to being healed for the low bargain price of 1000.00. No thanks, I’ll just die. After she learned that i was not going to throw down 1000 dollars for her, she wasn’t quite interested in me as much . Imagine that. I did, however, end up buying the serenity only to help my co-workers daughter, who’s “party ” this was. So basically I ended up paying 45.00 for something that doesn’t work as well as my 3.00 melatonin. Thanks doterra.

Jaime - June 2, 2018

Hi Jessie,
I want to share my doTERRA experience.
First of all I joined in November 2017. I went to a party and didn’t realize I had to sign up as a Wellness Advocate which is an consultant to buy the oils at wholesale this also means I can sign up other people as well. I didn’t join for the business side but more for the health and wellness part. Here in Australia there is a very big doTERRA community with websites, facebook groups and I got a lot of help with placing orders etc.
The Pros:
– There is so much information that is shared between wellness advocates and its a very welcoming community.
– People have uses for all the oils from household cleaning to personal care products.
– Oils can be used internally/orally, topically or diffused.
– Large rang of products
– Lot’s of research and information on doTERRA’s website especially in regards to what you can and can’t claim the oils to do.
– With time your discount increases, you can get free products every month and earn points to purchase really expensive oils.
– Co-impact sourcing you know who grows the plants and most of the oils come from 3rd world countries where doTERRA have made positive changes to these communities

– CPTG claims that the products have been tested by doTERRA for there purity and that on the SOURCE to YOU website you can check each essential oil’s test results by looking up the batch number on the bottom of the bottle; I have tried this to no avail. I questioned the wellness advocate who signed me up and was told that you can only check oils manufactured before March 2018 but doTERRA have been advertising this since I joined.
– Companies founders are all members of the Latter day saints or MORMONS. I wish I had known as I probably would not have joined because I don’t support religious groups.
– Oils are expensive
– doTERRA back office is not user friendly website
– They hold your credit card information and will process an order every month even if you don’t want to buy anything.
– You have to really live the doTERRA life and believe in the oils to get any benefit from buying them for example if you just want to put a nice smelling oil in a cheap oil burner and use occasionally then you are wasting your time and money.

I hope this has been helpful.

Leigh - July 26, 2018

I had to go inactive with DoTerra due to a divorce. A few years later I was able to become active again. They moved all of the people below me to someone else. They told me I would be right back in the position I was in before I went inactive and also told me the same thing when I became active again. It was after a few months of hitting my PV (buying products to stay active) that they told me I was back at the bottom and all of my people were moved to another person at DoTerra and someone else was benefitting from them financially. They lied when I went inactive and lied again when I became re-activated. I spent several thousand on products and had an income of over $500/mo. I know my upline makes $2.5M a year! Funny how they don’t care about your hard work, just your money and building their empire. Beware if for any reason you have a tragedy if you are enrolled with DoTerra. They’ll take your money and your down line and won’t give you back what you worked hard to build!

Kathryn Boyle - August 16, 2018

Hi I use the oils just for myself at the moment, I am a nurse and holistic therapst. Do terra are not allowed to claim that any of their products can cure any ailments by law


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