Clever Container Review - Legit Company or Scam?

Clever Container Review – Legit Company or Scam?

Welcome to my blog!  You are here because you want to find out the truth about this business opportunity.

Maybe you were approached by a distributor?

Or maybe you were invited to a home party?

Whatever the case may be, you just want to find out if this is a legitimate opportunity.

Well, you came to the right place because in this unbiased third party Clever Container review I am going to reveal everything…

Pay attention and read this blog post all the way to the end because I am going to reveal one huge flaw that could result in failure…

First, let’s take a look at the actual company.

Clever Containers Reviews – The Company



Launched in 2006 by two close friends named Karen Eschebach and stay at home mom named Jennifer Weaver, this company took off from the get go…

Just several months later, they introduced their organized party format and launched their first distributor program in March of 2007.

This kind of reminds me of “Tupperware” which is a very successful network marketing company…

Their main mission is to give you products and strategies to organized your life…

I guess everyone can use that…LOL.

Alright, let’s take a  look at their products…

Clever Container Review – The Product Line

I will be honest with you, I went through their catalog and I feel like they have hundreds of products…

Which is a good thing!

If I listed them all, this blog post would be a novel.  So what I did was find some videos to show you a demonstration on how their products can be used.

Now this video is going to be biased and I do not endorse any of it, it’s for educational purposes only.

The products are unique and they do actually as described…

Only issue I have about them they are a little bit on the pricey side compared to lets say… Walmart or Target.

I haven’t personally seen the products or felt them, maybe they are higher quality?  Who knows.

Now, Clever Container has a business opportunity side which I am going to dive into next…

Clever Container – The Business Opportunity

Like any network marketing companies out there, you get paid a commission on people you sponsor who purchase the product packages…

I can only see one package which is called the start up kit.

Price:  $149 Plus Tax and Shipping

This includes:

  • 25 Color Catalogs
  • 50 Order Forms
  • 100 Postcard invitations
  • Training and Marketing materials
  • WrapRack
  • Drawer Designers Combo
  • Car Hooks
  • Bin Coffee
  • Belt Hanger
  • Stuffit
  • Flip Flop File
  • Document Boxes
  • Large Curved Shelf Dividers
  • Rechargeable Pump
  • Large Fridge Cube
  • PANIC no more
  • File the Pile
  • Project Board
  • Clever Cache
  • Stow or Go
  • Desk Envy

Okay, I am done I promise… LOL

That was a long list!

I found some great info on the actual site for the comp plan.

Click here to view the compensation plan from the company.

Here is what I got from their site:

Retail Commissions:


Team Building:


Hostess Rewards:


Leadership Rewards:




Overall the compensation plan is fair and the “right” people will make money…

Clever Container Review – The Conclusion

Now I mentioned there is one major flaw with this company and most companies out there in the beginning of the blog post.

First let me just say this company isn’t a scam and it’s growing at a rapid rate…

The problem is…

People just suck at recruiting people into the business.

Seriously ask yourself this question…

How well have you done in your previous company?

You have to do either learn how to become a great MLM recruiting master by learning the right skill sets or you have to find a business model that doesn’t require that.

Let’s face it, the money from the actual products isn’t that great, you have to recruit to make a decent pay check here.

I believe you are on this blog post for a reason because you are sick and tired of hopping company to company just to fail.

I am personally a great recruiter, in fact, I have sponsored over 1800 people personally in my primary business, but not everyone can do that.

12 months ago I was experimenting with a business model where all I did was follow the proven instructions and take action.

The best part is it’s completely web based and as long as you have a computer/tablet and an internet connection you can do it.

Well, 12 months later, I generated over $100,000 in profits!

Not to mention it was completely part-time along side my primary business.

This required:

  • No blogging
  • No marketing
  • No home parties
  • No recruiting
  • No technical skill
  • No selling

Click Here To See What I Mean!

I am here to really help people to make a legitimate income from home.  I know Clever Container is overall a good company, but it’s difficult to get going.

You will definitely thank me later when you are finally in the PROFIT instead of paying an auto-ship that builds in your garage.

Click here to check this out!

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my Clever Container review all the way to the end and paying attention.  If you are in this company, please share with us your personal results my readers would love to know…


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Clever Container

-Jesse Singh

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