BullionVault Review - Legit Gold, Silver & Platinum MLM or Scam?

BullionVault Review – Legit Gold, Silver & Platinum MLM or Scam?

Welcome to my BullionVault review

There has been some talk about this company lately so I decided to check out what it was all about…

Chances are someone approached you about the business opportunity and now you landed here to make sure it’s actually legit and you won’t get screwed over right?

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

BullionVault Review – The Company

BullionVault Review

BullionVault is owned by a company called Galmarley Limited which is part of BullionVault LTD.

BullionVault, Galmarley Limited and BullionVault LTD are all UK corporations which actual physical address in London, UK.

The company was founded back in 2005 and the man that runs the show is Chairman Paul Tustain.

According to his bio on his website:

Sensing that more people would soon be looking to buy gold (Tustain) started planning BullionVault in 2002.

Development of BullionVault, which he funded, started in late 2003, and the BullionVault service was launched in spring 2005 supported by investment from 30 friends, family and business angels.

He was CEO from launch until 2016, during which time the business grew to become the world’s biggest online investment bullion service.

Paul Tustain is also the co-founder of a company called WhiskyInvestDirect back in 2015, but it’s not a network marketing company.

BullionVault Reviews – The Products

BullionVault Trading

BullionVault specializes in Gold, Silver and Platinum trading, however, there isn’t any affiliate fee of some kind that separates affiliates from retail customers.

According to their website:

On the order board you can deal direct with other customers, cutting out the middleman.

You can buy their bullion when they want to sell, or sell to them when they want to buy.

You choose your own price and compete in the market to find a buyer or seller who will accept that price.

It’s like a stock exchange, but for pre-vaulted investment gold, silver and platinum, not for shares.

Here are some of the fee’s on BullionVault’s website:

  • A “dealing commission” of between 0.05% and 0.5% each time you buy or sell through the order board
  • Storage and insurance charges of 0.12% per year for gold and 0.48% per year for silver and platinum (billed monthly)
  • Fund wire fees of around $30 on average (UK withdrawals free)

Another thing BullionVault does is charge you fee’s for withdrawing money or moving stored metails through the live order board.

BullionVault Compensation Plan

BullionVault pays you commissions on a two tier unilevel compensation plan structure.

All of the transaction fee’s for gold trading on the live order board are commission-able…

In addition, commissions are paid to you as a percentage of the free’s generated by actual trading activity of referred customers:

  • 25% of fees charged to personally referred customers and
  • 6.25% of fees charged to customers your personally referred customers refer (level 2 in a unilevel compensation structure)

This is paid out for two years of the date your customer created an account.

Now the moment you have been waiting for in this BillionVault review…

Verdict On BullionVault

After checking out the company myself, BullionVault scam doesn’t exist…

BullionVault is completely legit and has been running strong since 2005…

In fact, they trade $100 million of Gold and Silver every single month and has $2 billion of client’s assets with 65,000 clients across 175 countries.

Best thing to do is test out their trading system and see how you like it personally…

What you thought I was going to bash this company?

No way…

I don’t bash legit companies like those Wealthy Affiliate members out there…

If it’s legit, I call it how it is…

But the sad reality is that more scams pop up compared to legit business opportunities.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my BullionVault review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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