Bioceutica Review - Legit Business Opportunity or Scam? Find Out Here...

Bioceutica Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my Bioceutica Review!

Chances are you have been approached by someone or maybe someone messaged you on social media about this company.

Now you are probably thinking of a million different questions about this business opportunity…

Are you going to make money if you must invest something first, are you going to be okay being new at it and doing it alone, or even wondering if the company is legit?

Well you’ve started at the right place…

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the company’s past, the products and its compensation plan and put some those to questions rest, as well as answer any others.

Find out here if this company is for you…

Make sure you PAY close attention and read it to the end because I do reveal shocking truths behind them…

Bioceutica Review – The Company

Bioceutica Review

The company comes to us from Danvers, Massachusetts where it was founded in 1997.

In the beginning of my research I found that the company originally hailed from the Trump Network.

Ideal Health is where the Trump Network comes from, they are one more nutritional company that licensed the Trump name to boost their fame.

Trump did however take a tremendous liking to the company and supported the vitamins, becoming the face of the company’s aid in direct selling ventures to new investors.

The Trump Network sold a lot of supplements and in-home urine tests designed to help detect what users needed or had to help them achieve a good picture of health.

How ever startlingly or not, it was found that not a single product of the company had any real scientific proof that backed up their health claims, and the company came under attack from the courts and FTC for lacking in this department.

This company ended up losing its popularity, because of wide spread disapproval and supposedly was facing bankruptcy.

This even brought Trump to jump ship, the company was sold, and was purchased by Bioceutica in 2012.

The new named CEO was Candance Keefe and although she had rough road ahead of her, she was the right woman for the job because she was not without qualifications.

As the former operating CEO of Apriori Beauty and the former Vice President of Arbonne was definitely qualified to pick this company off the floor, clean it up and have it ready for show.

Her vision for the company is to encompass a wide range of products including, “health and wellness, nutrition, weight loss, personal care, human and sustainable energy”.

She has been rebranding the company, taking it away from the image as just another typical nutritional MLM by using the brand Bioceutica and calling it a “lifestyle brand” and using a new slogan “life without limits” to leave an impression on the people or its future clients or affiliates.

But in reality, does changing the company name and leadership really change things from when the company was under the Trump Network.

Bioceutica Reviews – The Products

Bioceutica products

Seeing that they have tried to change the company’s image to selling a lifestyle rather than just products, the majority of the products are still nutritional and weight loss focused products (including products like Beachbody, Max International, and Qivana),


The at home urine test, now if this sounds as strange to you as it did to me you are on the right side of thinking here, because this is the product that waved the red flag for the Trump Network and got them in trouble.

The test is called the PrivaTest, which is a in home urines test, and there has not been any further research and development performed on the product to help improve it.

The PrivaTest is supposed to analyze your body’s biochemistry and reveal everything you need to know about your body’s personal nutritional needs.

As well as tell you exactly the Bioceutica products you should be buying to help you achieve perfect health (because such a thing exists, right?).

The PrivaTest is not FDA approved and there is no proof to even propose that it is even legit.

As I just said it seems like they are using the unprofessional results to get you to buy their products that are for sale.

My Vitamins RX

After you perform the PrivaTest test, the company says it’ll figure out exactly what nutritional values are lacking in your body.

The company then takes the info from the test and makes a custom blended nutritional formula with what you need for your body, which is then is offered to you at a price of nearly $100 a month in form of a supplements (called My Vitamins RX).

However, in the end the custom blend was no so custom after all, because customers stated they discovered their “custom blend” had the exact same ingredients as other customer’s supplements, despite the difference in medical histories and nutritional needs.

Popular company products include:

  • Silhouette Solution MetaReset: for metabolism and weight loss
  • Intuitiv by Nature: skin, body, and hair care
  • Luminous: “ingenious cosmeceutical color” (if you put enough long, nonsensical words in the title, people will assume it works, right?)

The company states that the products improve your health situations, and some are specific in claiming to help in losing weight and furthermore helps to improve any skin conditions.

Although none of this is not scientifically proven.

Side Effects:
No adverse side effects are linked to products of Bioceutica.

Bioceutica Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to buy a membership and a start-up kit.

Retail Commissions

The company has a fun and good incentive for new affiliates, in the first $200 in Cumulative Personal Retail Volume (personal sales), the affiliate will get a 15% in commissions earned.

After that, commissions are earned in accordance to the following specific classification on personal sales of:

  • $1-$99: 20%
  • $100-$299: 25%
  • $300-$799: 30%
  • $800: 35% + $50 bonus

Team Commissions

The company wants you to sponsor new affiliates and once you’ve made a team you will get a 7-11% total commission on team bonus volume (which depends on your rank held).

The ranks in the company falls under:

  • District Managers must achieve $200 in Cumulative Personal Retail Volume each month plus $1,200 in Group Retail Volume.
  • Area Managers must achieve $1,000 in Cumulative Personal Retail Volume each month plus $5,000 in Group Retail Volume.
  • Regional Managers must achieve $3,000 in Cumulative Personal Retail Volume each month plus $15,000 in Group Retail Volume.

Here are the Bonus percentages of the ranks listed above:

  • District managers get 7% on Levels 1-3
  • Area Managers get 7% on Levels 1-3 and 4% on Level 4
  • Regional Managers get 7% on Levels 1-3, 4% on Level 4, and an extra 4% on their entire group down to the next Regional Manager

The company offers more incentive bonuses for: leadership, rank, and generational at a rate of 4-5%.

This compensation plan offers a dependable, straight forward plan with reasonable commissions.

Cost To Join Bioceutica

The cost to join Bioceutica as an affiliate at the bare minimum is a Basic membership cost at $89 (which includes a start-up kit).  

There is also a annual renewal fee required by the company of $47.

You may also choose from one of the following other options for your starter kit:

  • The Personal IC Kit: $299
  • POP START Ingenious Cosmeceutical Color Starter Kit: $339
  • The Business IC Kit: $499

The company wants you to stay as an active affiliate and member, so in order to stay active you need to minimum of 100 PV monthly must be maintained.

Verdict On Bioceutica

Bioceutica definitely had a rough start with it’s run-ins with the FTC and the dreaded bankruptcy, however, their new CEO seems to be very committed to growing sales.

The only bad news is it’s been a few years now and nothing crazy has happened inside of Bioceutica yet.

When I looked at the compensation plan, it’s pretty fair and around average when it comes to commissions payouts…

The only bad news is their products look like your run-of-the-mill nutrition MLM products…

If you’re okay with selling some questionable products and spending a ton of time sponsoring people in your business, you probably can make some money here.

But I wouldn’t quit your day job…

Look, I’ve been involved with network marketing for almost 4 years now and have made multiple 7 figures online so I know what to look for when it comes to new opportunities…

I will get into that later…

I hope you enjoyed my Bioceutica review and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Having that said, what do I recommend?

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