50 Best Network Marketing Companies of 2019+ That Are Trending Today

50 Best Network Marketing Companies of 2019+ That Are Trending Today

This is one hell of a best mlm companies list!!

I’ve decided to write the list of all lists, seeing that the year is starting to wind down, here it is ladies and gentlemen, the best network marketing opportunities of 2019, built on the year’s trending companies, risky ventures and your downright talent to succeed no matter what!

So, for those of you who enjoy a good count down…

Let’s dive in!!

50 best network marketing companies

Best Network Marketing Companies

Before we kick this off I just want to make sure you PAY close attention to everything because the end of the day this is your future…

If you don’t do your diligence the right way, you will waste a ton of time and effort so picking the right network marketing company for you is very is important.

If you want to know want to go in further detail on what is required to run a network marketing company, make sure you check out my article on:  Getting Started The Right Way.

#50. Empower Network

(Update: In June 2017, the co-founder, Dave Wood, has for the time being stepped down following his check-in into drug rehabilitation and the company no longer exists). I wonder if the buzz of Empower Network will ever die down? This is one of those rare gems of the MLM industry that exploded onto the scene and did not hit a bump in the road by dying out only after a year of being out there.  Although now the company is on decline, and its highly doubtful they’ll make it on any lists in the years to come.

#49.  Bode Pro

A new project hitting the list, because it will have a huge following no matter what.  We know that crowds of affiliates from other MLMs will tail over to this company. Why? Well this is a BK Boreyko’s business, the same person who had just dealt with the FTC with Vemma.  And there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s planning to make another public attempt.

#48.  Forever Green

(Update: In April of 2017 there was an article posted about this company, so as of May 2017 it is unsure if this company has gone under.)  First off, to sign up and become an affiliate of the company you might do a double or triple or quadruple take at the startup cost (which is almost 4 figures).  However, you do get to truly set up your own business, because you can set the price on all the products you sell.  If you have that business talent to make consumers buy the products (which are legit btw) you can certainly make that start-up cost back in no time.  This company has also been achieving some high praise by being the recipient of many awards (including a growth award from the Direct Selling Association).

#47.  Beachbody

If you remember those ads for P90X and Insanity, you are not alone because they were something to rave about at one point in time.  They have dropped off a tad, but nonetheless Beachbody is still a well-known name.  The company is so focused on their products, very few people know that they are a network marketing company.  Which can be seen as an advantage for the company’s survival, but they are questionable as a “hot offer” to advertise.

#46.  ACN

In the earlier 2000’s everyone in the network marketing industry new about ACN.  Accelerate time and land in 2017, the telecommunication strategy company has seen better days and has continued to decline over the last 5 years.  However, with $800+ million in yearly revenue still coming in, it’s not bad at all.  You can still call them a “has been” company and they have ultimately met their demise by a failing to update themselves.

#45.  Youngevity

Yeah you can kind of tell what this company is all about just from their name. It is one of those currently trending companies with their anti-aging business opportunity, where the company boasts about “selenium” being the minerals of all minerals to help many immune system and thyroid functions.  The company has steady development (with revenue up to $156 million per year, up at a rate of 16%), though they are unable to take over the market.  They are just in a market with too many big named competitors (i.e. Nerium, Jeunesse).

#44.  It Works!

Well if you didn’t know before, this company is all about body shapers and nutritional products, with a “greens line” in their product line up as well.  The company got some built up heat in 2015, but have later cooled down a bit.  There was minimum quota of $112 that had to be met every month in order to earn commissions from the company and after a while their distributors had a hard time keeping up with these expectations. Not everyone (including their grandmothers) needs more than one or two body shapers. LOL.

#43.  NHT Global

Well they were hot…this company was caught in the act and had some shade thrown their way after they were found to have been over-inflating their health products for consumer purchase.  But really though?  What company do you know that doesn’t do this in the MLM health industry? It seems like a common practice, even if its “just a bit,” so they are able to pay out commissions made.  Some perspective for the shade…their fiber product was 900% more costly than “leading alternatives” and their Trioten protein blend was 600% more pricey as well when comparing their products to companies such as Herbalife and Shaklee.

#42.  PartyLite

Let’s put it this way, the early version of “Scentsy”’ is not as virtually hot or trendy, but they are however staying significant.  If you like to have parities or play host to others, you’re better equipped to handle this business “opportunity” than others, because that’s what this game is all about.  While you throw these parties, you also have to encourage your guests to whip out their cash and credit cards to buy, buy, buy. Buy what? Candles…Luckily, there are better opportunities to make extra cash these days.

#41.  USANA

This company unbelievably made it on this list…they should not be here.  In reality, they probably should not even be operating a business following the beating they took by the SEC and the FBI in the year 2007.  Still the comeback they made was huge! The evidence is in the income disclosure statement, where it can be seen that $76k yearly was made for full-time, proven representatives.

#40.  Melaleuca

Well done Melaleuca, they hit over a billion dollars in yearly sales…there’s a reason they are a part of the select few considered to be at the top. Adding to this is their longevity, because they’ve been in the MLM industry for over 20 years, and now they’ve reached the status of the “largest online wellness shopping club” (which can sound fancier than it is, because are they aren’t selling anything more than a fantasy diet pill).

#39.  Seacret

These brothers from Israel changed the minds of the entrepreneurs behind the company, Seacret Direct, when they managed to take the typical start up business from the kiosk (you know those booths in the mall) to the beyond and turned it into a global direct selling company worth millions of dollars.  These skincare product companies are pretty boring these days, but the company’s dead sea products originate with a 5,000-year-old history and a huge fan following.

#38.  Jamberry Nails (Now Owned By M Network)

The MLM industry varies so much and is so vast, it’s kind of hard to break into any niche with a new product (because chances are it’s already been done), however this company managed to do it! With their custom nail designs and adhesive technique, the company made a big bang with their introduction to the direct sales platform.  They got over 100,000 associates in no time, and ended up conquering their market.

#37.  World Ventures

Busting out into a world where you are met with travel bloggers, hotel jumpers, and digital wanderers, seems to me that #wanderlust had to be one the best ideas ever…out of the MLM industries.  A lot of people are willing to work far away and alone, and a big reason is because people want to travel and see the world. Therefore, a remote income business with a travel MLM company just seems like the right move.   World Ventures came out with a solid effort in the travel niche, and was named as one the incorporation 5000’s fastest growing companies 2 times in a row.

#36.  Natures Sunshine

Now this company is a true innovator in the MLM industry.  Their product: Herbal supplement capsules. Where can you find them? Everywhere! The pair that were the first to do it was a husband and wife that are behind Natures Sunshine.  If you visit a local health food store (or your yoga fanatic friend’s medicine cabinet) you are bound to find their product and proof of how well-known they truly are.

#35.  Kyani

Yes folks, another MLM company in the nutritional niche selling astonishing super-fruit with an overall distinctly higher price tag.  What separates them from the rest? Not sure, but interestingly enough their bottom line is impressive.  The company has grown to over 44 countries around the world, and is constantly expanding!  All this after only about 10 years in business.  On top of their successful reputation, they offer a lot of sales training and decent commission rates for their company reps, which is not seen a lot these days.

#34.  Rain

Keeping with the trend I have here, yes this is another MLM company operating under the nutritional niche; and it comes to us from Utah.  They have a specific product that’s help made them well-known: seed nutrition and the “black cumin seed,” which evidently is very potent for helping fight cancer cells and encourages anti-oxidant benefits, among other things.

For any number of reasons, the black cumin seed had been trending well in more recent years.

#33.  Market America

If you need something just see if this company has it, because chances are they do.  They are recognized for their greatly discounted product one-stop-shop, as they are wealthy CEOs.  The CEOs have made it to the Forbes list, drive nice cars, live in mansions in Biscayne Bay, penthouses in Manhattan, and are well-known with celebrities…I could go on, but you get the picture, right?  And this is all in credit to their MLM.  They’ve hit snags in their past with the SEC, but at the end of the day they just kept going, and they’re going strong.  Market America still managed to make it onto the DSN Global 100 at the 29th position.

#32.  Ambit Energy

Hmmm, what should I say about this company, well it still seems like they are far from “the finest and most-respectable retail energy provider in America,” I feel this way because it was just a few years ago that they were dealing with a class action lawsuit.  But when you have $1.5 billion in revenue in the bank from your global business, a lawsuit doesn’t really seem to break your stride.

#31.  Wealthy Affiliate

Now, this one I like.  This company doesn’t use your typical Facebook stalking, 3-way calling, auto-shipping tactics.  It has leaped into the future, did its homework and decided to succeed with network marketing, finally.  The company is an affiliate business opportunity for those who are interested in some first-class digital marketing training; and the icing on the cake is that they have a free trial option.

#30.  Pampered Chef

Okay, we have a return to network marketing roots (can you remember the days of Tupperware parties…no? Well I’m not sorry to tell you there’s a reason for that).  Products for your kitchen, cooking demos, and an abundance of mommy bloggers.  Well homemakers are still the key demographic for this MLM, because they are looking for flexibility.  It’s not surprising to anyone that this company has done so well, but what is notable is that even Warren Buffet saw this company and decided he wanted a piece of the pie.

#29.  4Life

This company was living life in the lime light, and they were trending for a good while there. They deflated out a bit, however they are still pretty big.  There are over 50 countries currently promoting their immunity-boosting nutritional products, and the rave reviews from the former and current associates makes things seem pretty superb.  Although it’s mentioned that the commissions aren’t great, but maybe that’s okay as long as their reps have continued happiness?

#28.  Plexus

Diets…fad diets, new diets, old diets…it’s an endless story especially in the 2000’s, and this company is one of those companies.  The FDA had a run-in with these guys and they are not in the greatest standings with the BBB either, which seem to be the norm with weight loss pills of the “magical results” variety.   Well the good news for this business is that they’ve managed to keep trending for 5 years (that’s a pretty good streak), and the company reps are earning a colossal 50% in commissions.

#27.  Arbonne

This company is still able to shine through, even though they are in tough competition with other well-known competitors such as Mary Kay and Avon.  This company does promote their focus on having cruelty-free products for consumers and au natural ingredients, and from their stand point it looks like they could sling shot into the league of their rivals at any time.  You can anticipate to watch them enter the billion-dollar yearly revenue stream pretty soon!

#26.  My Lead System Pro

One of the giant SEO network marketers in the game is Rob Fore, and yet he promotes MLSP as his best venture.  This should mean a lot to those out there.  This company is still in the neighbourhood, even with all the steam clearing away, they still have something left to give the digital MLM industry (although they are up against companies like: Tecademics, Digital Altitude, Empower Network, Wealthy Affiliate).

#25.  Tecademics

Talk about heavyweights in the industry! Tecademics is what we call a digital company, and quite befitting because they have one the most extensive digital marketing training programs around to offer.  The founder, Chris Record, who used to be at Empower Network and was highly acclaimed there, launched Tecademics after he left that company.  This digital training arrives with a bigger price mark, but it’s not even close to what you’d have to pay for a university degree.


So we are half way done through our top mlm companies, pay attention and keep reading…

Top MLM Companies

Alright we are half way there to our best mlm companies of all times and glad you made it this far.

What do you think of the list so far?

Remember after reading this post, make sure you comment below on what your favorite mlm companies are and what you like about them?

Remember to pay close attention and read this to the end because we are almost there now…

#24.  Omnilife

Long before becoming a billionaire, and even before starting Omnilife, Jorge Vergara sold tacos on the streets of Mexico. He then secretly brought in Herbalife supplements into the country.  While there, he was able to get the Mexican government to change regulations put in place for their nutritional products division.  Talk about a life filled with action…this guy could probably sell his life story and make millions more (he could probably win several awards, side note: he’s actually a film producer casually on the side).

#23.  Team National

It seems this company has been promoting their coupon books to the masses for decades.  This idea may sound old-fashioned, but their sales recently came in at over half a billion dollars, so clearly people are still buying what they are selling.  The founder of this company, Dick Loehr, is seen as a mastermind and an entrepreneur.

#22.  Level Thrive

Just hitting their 5-year anniversary in the MLM health and wellness niche, they have already gained so much popularity.  The company has won the Bravo Growth Award from the Direct Selling News Global.  Yes, they won this award about two years ago, and yes that is when they were just starting out.  They had so much potential, but eventually they came to booming halt, shattering into a bunch of tiny pieces (meaning a lot of MLM affiliates without jobs).

#21.  Lifevantage

This is another MLM company that is trying to use some kind of science, and is coming to us from Utah.  This company is managing to pull in a yearly revenue of $214 million dollars, and their company distributors are receiving 6 various paid bonuses.

#20.  Purium

This MLM’s motive is a great natural path to healing using Naturopathy as its guide while #cleaneating, drinking medicinal herbs, and those free-loving souls are eating it up.  Apparently, they have the “The FASTEST, healthiest, simplest weight loss program on the planet.”  Now is this just a lot of gossip…no it’s not. The company has a line of products that are certified organic.

#19.  Mary Kay

Queens of the MLM world, would you please stand up!  Yes, these ladies in pink can do it all, even though they are just a few ranks down from their challengers Avon.   Mary Kay is up there nonetheless, and they hold the spot of the 5th MLM in the world by achieving $3.5 billion dollars in their yearly revenue.

#18.  World Global Network

If you’re headed towards the future, WGN will be there waiting.  This company is ready to take on the world and they just may be ready to do so.  They sell every futuristic gadget you could think of, some items include their space phones, wearable tech, and VR (virtual reality gear).  They’ve only been in business for a limited amount of years, but they are on a constant rise in the MLM list of top 100 businesses globally.

#17.  Isagenix

There’s still a bit of growth that this company needs to see, but it feels like they could just reach out and touch it soon.  This company produces millionaires and they’ve proven it.  They have great reviews for their awesome products and the buzz surrounding this company is still very loud.

#16.  Amway

Well say hello to one of the top MLM companies in the world for the past few of years.  Talk about untouchable yearly revenue, coming in at $8.8 billion dollars.  This company’s brand is so popular that their brand is really associated with network marketing – and that can be considered to be either a positive or a negative.

#15.  Avon

Well think of your grandma, remember her perfume or hand cream…chances are she probably got it from Avon and that’s kind of their reputation.  But don’t misjudge the number of grandmas that bought from Avon.  This company is the one that approached the yearly revenue of Amway with a cool $5.7 billion dollars.  But what goes up must come down…their sales have been declining over the last 5 years, and this company just sold their North American branch after quite a few years in the business.

#14.  Nu Skin

Okay, if former presidential candidates wasn’t enough, this company even got a very popular American paper, the New York Times, to make some high profile endorsements.   Just shy of making it to the top 10 MLMs list, this company has some significant worth…let’s say about $3 billion dollars!  If you check them out on the stock exchange, you’ll see their growth rate is incredible.

#13.  Nerium

Give this company a year and it’ll show you what it can do.  Before this company’s first year was up, the anti-aging product company was ranking in at the 86th spot in the top 100 by Direct Selling News.  Guess how much revenue…?  Over $100 million (gasps, jaws dropping…) and this was only in one year.  Who else could’ve accomplished this feat?

#12.  Modere

This is one MLM business that is seriously committed to being eco-friendly…the company’s headquarters is powered by the power of the wind!  This company is looking only one way, and that’s to the future my friends. They use the internet to their advantage and use a very interesting innovative strategy by utilizing social marketing with their reps.  No one really likes or hopes to be bothered by non-friends on Facebook, but this company’s social media game plan is very effective and it’s better than throwing home parties (that no one may show up to…don’t judge me, I’m just stating the obvious).

#11.  Younique

With such a unique name, this semi-new company that falls into the MLM niche of cosmetics, and it does so stunningly and “Younique-ly”.  Their social media game is also innovative and strong, and not as annoying as some others.  They use real customers as their models and who wouldn’t want the chance at 15 minutes of fame?? This company has become one of those company’s people are buzzing about and they credited as one of the most buzz-worthy MLMs of our time.

#10.  Motorclub of America

This motor club is one you’d want to be a part of, and it’s less expensive than let’s say AAA, but they offer a lot of the same services.  Some services they offer are packaged up with some of the same old things you’d need, but they also offer some original services that are very beneficial.  Their CEO designed the company’s referral plan down to every detail, that those who sign up just keep wanting back in.  Interestingly enough, they have been in business since 1926 – an adequate amount of time to be a staple in American society.

#9.  Primerica

Usually MLMs in the financial services niche don’t make it in business for very long (most people are not in the habit of spending money to try and save money).  But these guys figured it out.  They have been in business for over 30 years and in 2013 they had profits of $1.27 billion, so they I think they know a thing or two about what they’re doing to rake in the profits for their company.

#8.  Advocare

Well it seems like forever, but isn’t that how long ago 1993 feels? That’s when this MLM popped its head onto the scene and they haven’t gone anywhere since.  This is how you build a company from the ground up. Step 1: trustworthy name brand and Step 2: strong foundation. With these solid steps businesses can go anywhere, and a half billion in yearly sales won’t hurt either.

#7. Monat Global

This is a unique network marketing company that specializes in the hair care niche and have no shortages of products. Looks like this company is growing year to year and makes it a great contender in this top 50 network marketing companies.

#6.  Rodan and Fields

Want to know where the best skincare products in the land of the MLM world are? Right here with Rodan and Fields.  A pair of dermatologists founded this company as an expensive department store product before emerging onto the scene of network marketing.  They are the ones who made and created Proactiv and they hit success and ended up with the best skincare products of all time (every teenager’s savior, as it became the solution that worked for everyone).  Their one product line rakes in almost $1 billion in yearly sales.

#5.  Jeunesse

You want to go back in a time machine and relive the old days of your younger, fitter and slimmer self?? Well if you just said yes, you are a part of the targeted market: everyone!  With their insane sale profit numbers, this company always makes the list for the top 20 MLM companies in the world, bringing in about $1.4 billion dollars in yearly revenue.  Not only are you selling a product people already have so much trust in, but the new associate cost to sign up is only $30, really one of the lowest.

#4.  Young Living

Want to know what’s so in right now? It’s essential oils, and one of the reasons for that is this business itself.  They were pioneers too!  This company is definitely on my list for the most interesting companies that pushed away from industry trends and went with what they know and love.

#3.  Herbalife

Now this company is one of the more infamous networking marketing companies out there, but maybe not for the reasons you’d think.  They have been in a never-ending battle with the FTC for a number of years.  So, currently they have made an agreement to pay out $200 million dollars to former associates and have sworn to reorganize their organization.

Hopefully, this way the company will be seen less as a scam and more of a business opportunity for all, not sure what this version of the company will bring in because 99% of the MLM companies out there are based on their brand awareness.

Those of us who know this company know that they sell nutritional products (Latin countries go crazy for this company), and that’s enough for this company to play with the bigger players in their MLM niche (unlike the rest that just fill a small tiny sub-part of the niche).

#2.  doTERRA

A little bit of a younger company than #4 on our list, they do play a big part in the essential oils department, and their drive in the niche is quite impressive in the direct selling market.

They have a slew of stay-at-home associates mixed in with some ready to excel entrepreneurs on their team.  Meaning?  They have the products that everyone needs and wants, as well as those entrepreneurs to sell it!  Anyone who is a follower of the MLM world knows you have to have a practical product, so people buying it know what they are going to use it for and how to use it. doTERRA has found the fine balance needed to succeed.

#1.  Scentsy

Yes, it is a breath of fresh air to find a company whose direct selling business opportunity and promotion is a creation that’s original without the “income opportunity” that always seems to be attached. However, those who are associates are making a decent amount of coin.

This just shows that the company is first and foremost all about the product, which proves to a lot of people that they are in it for the long haul.  They have a great product that delivers, their PR hustle is solid, and they are the sole competitor within this niche.

In other words: there is only room to grow bigger at a faster rate, and their future is bright.

I hope you enjoyed my best mlm companies list and remember all these network marketing companies are tried, tested and true…

None of them are fly by night ponzi schemes you see out there today…

Updated: January 2019

Okay, I know you saw my previous list and all of those network marketing companies are 100% legit.

In this section, I am going to post the number 1 mlm companies you should look for this year.

It would take me forever to update the list, so I am making a new section…

#1. HempWorx

Looking back at all the mlm rankings and I noticed one network marketing company did better than all the others when it came to growth.

HempWorx launched back in 2014, however, by 2017 it did $9 million dollars in revenue and by the end of 2018, it pulled in $100 million dollars in revenue.

It pretty much 10x’d it’s sales in a single year which is pretty impressive if you ask me.

HempWorx specializes in hemp based products and there are not many others like it other than Kannaway.

However, I have not seen any company grow like this last year, so this is the number 1 company of 2019 so far…

This list can always change, so come back often.

Honorable Mentions of Best MLM Companies

Below are some of my favorite mlm companies that I recommend…

I know that didn’t make the main list because the ones below are pretty new and really can’t compare with the heavy hitters on the list just yet…

They still need time to start building revenue and pressing forward into the future.

Go ahead and check out some of my recommended top mlm companies below…

 The Super Affiliate Network

This is cross between network marketing and an affiliate marketing program.

You will learn the exact skills what it actually takes to build a business online by leveraging tools that automate the business.

This way you are not walking around prospecting people like typical mlm companies out there.

Not only that you can leverage these skills to build other businesses because the training is truly universal.

Meaning, if you have a network marketing company already and want to take it online, The Super Affiliate Network is for you.

Now if you DON’T have a business, they have a VERY powerful affiliate program that pays up to 70% and pays TWO levels deep.

Other honorable mentions is Copy Profit Success Global and NewULife

Conclusion On The Best MLM Companies?

So does Network Marketing work?

Of course it does or you wouldn’t see any success stories, plus it’s a great way to get into entrepreneurship.

The problem with 99% of the network marketing companies out there is that their marketing plans suck…

They want you to make a list of your friends, call them and see who are business partners and who are customers.

To be honest…

Your friends and family SUCK for business and wouldn’t ever do that myself.

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Top mlm companies

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