The Top 10 Best Cosmetics MLMs of 2017 That Are Crushing It Now

The Top 10 Best Cosmetics MLMs of 2017 That Are Crushing It Now

Welcome, you must be here to find out what the BEST COSMETIC MLMs are!!

I have great information for you, this industry is only getting more prevalent with online bloggers, make up vloggers and lifestyle Instagrammer personalities getting more and more attention.

There is an abundance of wealth to be earned online in this industry.

If you are researching these business prospects because you are a lover of cosmetics, that’s ambitious.

Although, after working in the network marketing industry for ages, I have not been privy to anything better than this.

(Only accounting for your ability to make a profit from the internet…)

The question now is, have I seen enough potential in any of these companies to back them with advertising??

However, you want to say it here are my finds, for the Top Ten Best Cosmetics for 2017:

best cosmetic mlm

#10. J.R. Watkins

When it comes to this company you might end up thinking about cleaning the kitchen instead sitting in front of your lit-up vanity, because its well known for their cleaning and kitchen merchandise than their extensive line of face and body care products.

The reason they made the cut and are on the Top Ten list, was their vintage-charm and all-natural focus along with such quality products.

These products are a benefit to the company and will help it develop and thrive in their own corner of the market, in the cosmetics niche, in less time than you’d think.

These focuses are trending firmly without signs of slowing down, and few MLMs are doing them in good form.

There was a recent ban by the FDA on an enormous list of chemicals and ingredients that were often used in body and beauty products.

Most of the major companies had to work as fast as they could to reformulate their merchandise to come into agreement with the new regulations.

Luckily J.R. Watkins products are of such great quality their products excluded those dangerous ingredients to begin with.

This high quality makes this company one of the reliable names in MLM.

#9. Oriflame

Ever heard of Avon or Mary Kay, well Oriflame is big, not as big as those rival competitors, but that’s a future goal for the company.

After Oriflame surpasses these competitors and achieves this goal they will end up being the best that the beauty MLM market has to offer, and possibly the biggest on the Earth.

Seeing the company’s figures, they could achieve it.

This company is currently hitting $1.5 billion yearly in generated revenue, and presently have 3.6 million specialists worldwide (in reality, that’s more suppliers than Mary Kay).

North America are you ready?

Well get ready because this Swedish MLM company is going to be hitting us by storm!

Right now, Mary Kay and Avon have a stronger grasp on the U.S. markets but considering that Oriflame is dominating other places in the world like: Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, its only a matter of time before they dominate here.

Also, we heard recently that Avon has lost its hold on the North American market, so save your dollars for something new.

#8. Avon

If you haven’t heard well I guess the secrets out.

Avon has been in a losing battle for the past few years and its struggles has finally caught up to the company.

They recently announced the closures of all their North America operations which was massive hit.

The generated revenue that the company has seen dropped from $10 billion in 2013 to approximately $5 billion in 2016.

This sad reality was a one for many MLMs, however, around that time there were numerous companies dropping like flies.

Amazingly though, Avon is still placed 2nd in the global market.

This standing must keep the creditability of the company for the consumers, right??  Hopefully!

#7. Perfectly Posh

This is beauty MLM put a spin on it: this company has done the alternative of beating up its consumer and making them feel poorly about their appearance, they’ve intelligently done the opposite and focused on making women feel better.

The company motive: Self-Care. And who out there doesn’t love being supported?

Heads up, presently Self-care is a COLOSSAL trend, and Perfectly Posh is already situated to gain from it popping up all over the internet and sparking interests among the masses.

And it looks like they’ve already been benefiting.

Three years ago, in 2014, the company said sales had reached $50 million, which I’m sure have increased by now.

The company gained new suppliers quickly but they continue to lag a bit behind the demand, even though they’re just above 45,000.

Suppliers are not needed to house any stock on hand, which is a huge benefit to them.

#6. Mary Kay

Ever seen a Pink Cadillac, chances are there was a Lady in Pink in there too.

Almost everyone knows Mary Kay’s signature colour, Pink, made famous by the entrepreneurial Sale Ladies.

This company is also famous when it comes to cosmetics, they’re debatably up there on the Top Ten List.

Even though Avon can be ranked a few notches higher in terms of generated revenue (Avon is 2nd in the global market and Mary Kay is 5th), however the future is more optimistic for Mary Kay because their revenue hasn’t experienced a tough hit in its latest years as Avon’s did.

Mary Kay is one the originals, and they are not about stop.

With a commission rate of 50% their suppliers are not going to throw in the towel either.

#5. Younique

What’s red hot?

What’s fresh?

What’s a super trendy cosmetics MLM??

Guess what Younique is it.

Remember the days of home parties and auto-ship cosmetics…well even if you don’t it still sounds a bit disastrous, doesn’t it?

Well this company skips all the oldies and jumps right into the 21st century and uses social media to advertise and sell their merchandise.

Want empowerment and innovation? Listen to this.

This company uses their own consultants in their print collections as models instead of using professional models, which most consumers think this a great idea.

As icing on the cake, their merchandise is super trend and popular by consumers.

Their prize product, 3D Fiber Lashes, rapidly became one the most sought-after mascaras on the entire cosmetic global market, not just MLM.

Due to the products super hot following, sales generated were outstanding and encouraged new suppliers to join ASAP!

Younique has been called the fastest rising companies in Utah and the greater United States more than on one occasion, and in 2015, the company gladly proclaimed that began reaching $3 million in revenue daily.

Astonished yet?

To back their appraisal, a huge corporation Coty, purchased a majority stake in Younique previously in this year for a massive $600 million.

Keep those expectation high with this company, because there is still more yet to come.

#4. Belcorp

What can I say about this company, well they are a little less known in the U.S. that the other cosmetic MLMs, but this beauty MLM creator’s have also had another line called L’Bel, and this company is starting to achieve complete domination in Latin America.

Looking at the stats they are presently the third biggest cosmetic corporation in Central and South America. Some possible familiar lines like, Esika and Cyzone are also lines they produce.

Even though they are a private business, and therefore they do not have to release their generated profits, a huge indicator of this company’s wealth, was when their president had recently been seen on the Forbes Billionaire’s List.

That’s right.

#3. Arbonne

Arbonne, do you know it?

Sound familiar?

Arbonne is very well known and its reasonably to say they are a household name by now.

This company has been in operation for over 40 years and their target is to make cruelty-free, botanical, sustainable merchandise, which have made them extremely popular lately.

The stats here say since the 1980’s, this company has been selling cruelty-free, naturally-based creations, long before it was trendy.

The manufactured goods are transported carbon neutral, in recyclable packaging, products that have many biodegradable ingredients, and soy-based ink is used.

All their products are now shipped carbon neutral, their packaging is recyclable, ingredients are largely biodegradable, and they use soy-based ink.

There are notable companies that had very visible company growth recently, like LUSH for instance, now is it possible for Arbonne grow into the LUSH of MLM?

#2. SeneGence

Stand back, FIRE! Over the last year this company has caught on fire in a good way.

The company has been posted all over social media, and trending at an alarming rate, I’ve seen it with my own eyes the power this company has to get people hyped up and ready to sell for them in an instant.

Their celebrated long-lasting lipstick line, LipSense, has definitely added to their successful word of mouth.

Ranked at #47 on the Direct Selling Momentum Ranks, this gives the indication that SeneGence is on their way to the top of that Rank.

If their success is maintained this company could really become limitless.

#1. Amway

Finally its here, #1!  Amyway just isn’t the #1 cosmetics MLM, on the Top Ten List, but they’re in my opinion the #1 MLM hands down.

They have been reigning champs for a while now too, and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

They profit a considerable amount of dough, about $8+ billion yearly in revenue.

Their competitor, good old #2 Avon, profits about $5 billion yearly.

To pick a good point of reference to demonstrate how big these guys actually are…Sephora, the huge make up shop to end all other shops where all the social media buzz worthy bloggers get their products only does $4 billion in yearly profits.


Now are cosmetic MLMs give you the ability to make some money on the side, but in reality, you would find it hard to quit an actual 9-to-5 job and travel on this money or if any was money profited.

The reason it doesn’t really matter what the MLM is, is because at the end of the day your taking your chances on an opportunity and many times the opportunity closes or collapses within a few years.

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