Best CBD Oil Network Marketing Companies You Should Join 2019

Best CBD Oil Network Marketing Companies You Should Join 2019

Welcome to my best CBD Oil Network Marketing Companies You  Should Join in 2019!

Hemp based products are exploding in the direct sales or MLM space and I decided to make a list of the best hemp mlm companies out there.

Now remember, the list I am going to show you is just my personal opinion after doing a ton of research.

Also, this list will keep getting larger so make sure you revisit!

I know that in the next four to five years, there will be a LOT more hemp mlm companies in the marketplace and there is a good reason.

If you take a look at “CBD OIL” in Google trends, you can see it’s pegged at 100 (As Of January 16th, 2019), but this could change any time:

This is a live chart, so you can come back and check it out month to month and see how it’s trending.

Below is a list of the best CBD oil network marketing companies out there you can join right now not in any particular order.

All you need to know they are safe to join and the products are actually great.

1# HempWorx

HempWorx review, cbd oil network marketing

HempWorx launched back in 2014 and didn’t really pick up traction until about 2017.

You see in 2014, CBD Oil or Hemp based products were not super popular yet, but it has all changed right now.

In 2017, HempWorx pulled in an astonishing $9 million dollars in revenue which is amazing.

It became a 7 figure company in just three years!

What really blew me away was what HempWorx did in 2018…

In 2018, they pulled in $100 million dollars in revenue!

That’s a 9 figure company in just four years…

So far I haven’t seen this type of grown in the direct sales industry in a very long time.

I know coffee companies like Organo Gold did really well in the beginning because “healthy coffee” was just getting into mainstream.

Anyway, looks like Hemp is going full force and people are loving it.

2# KannaWay

kannaway, hemp mlm companies

Kannaway launched back in 2014 as well just like HempWorx and had an amazing launch.

At the time I wrote the original review, it was pegged at 100 if you searched “kannaway”, however, it’s a bit lower now…

But like I showed you above, CBD oil and other hemp based products are super popular so this company is still doing well.

Kannaway is known for it’s great products and compensation plan, however, it didn’t have the rapid growth like HempWorx.

All in all, Kannaway is still profiting and growing year to year and I am sure it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

More best CBD Oil Network Marketing

At the time of this publication, I have really reviewed two network marketing companies in this space and I know there are a few more.

So come back often because I will be increasing this list size month to month or everytime a new MLM launches in the hemp space.

There are TWO more companies on my radar, but I haven’t had the time to review them thoroughly that could be a great contenders against HempWorx and Kannaway.

Anyway, that is all for now in my list of hemp mlm companies, but will be added more very very soon…

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