Avon Review - Legit Network Marketing Company or Scam? Find Out...

Avon Review – Legit Network Marketing Company or Scam? Find Out…

Welcome to my Avon Review!

Now when I name a company like this its definitely not hard for me to ask if you have heard about this company, we all have.

If it wasn’t my mom or your mom it was our friend’s mom, ordering items and then proudly showing off their new items or products just purchased.

Now on the other hand there is still a lot of newbies who may not know about this company…

So, I’m here to help you with my research for you to do yours.

Which is very smart of you to do so before committing to joining or handing over any money.

Just like any other new venture there comes a lot of questions when starting something new…

  • Can newbies do this?
  • Can you make decent money this way?
  • And is it legit?

Good news, I am going to help you answer these questions and also go over the company, the products and the compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

Find out if it’s the right business opportunity for you!

Avon Review – The Company

Avon Review

The founder of the company was David McConnell, a door-to-door salesman from New York, and he started up back in 1886 (Yup! That long ago).

The company now ranks at #2 on the DSN Global 100, second only to the company Amway.

In 2015, Avon, managed to still make large amounts of revenue earning $6.16 billion that year.

Although that was a bit of a slump considering in 2013 they had hit $10 billion in sales revenue.

The facts suggest that for the last 5 years the company has seen a decline in their revenue numbers.

From, 2007 to 2014 the company saw the greatest decline in their North American market (their home market, hailing from New York from and all) where it decreased by nearly half the revenue amount.

Now with all those huge numbers the company has hit, I may have not been too clear on how they are currently struggling to stay afloat and last year the company sold the remainder of their North American business and relocated head offices over to the United Kingdom (while having cut 2,500 positions worldwide during this deal).

The 2,500 cuts were just for full-time employees – it doesn’t really represent the impact this had on all of their representatives.

These cuts were supposed to help the company in a plan to turn the company around, but instead all those jobs kind of ‘just went down with the ship.’

Avon Reviews –  The Products

Avon Products

The company sells a huge variety of products such as, make-up, skincare products, perfume, home goods, even some glam accessories and lingerie.

Of course, they are most famous for selling their make-up or cosmetic products, so I’ll focus the blog more onto these products.

Most MLM companies usually sell items at a bit up a markup, which in turn makes the products pretty overpriced, however Avon does not follow this trend, they instead have some of the most affordable prices when even compared to other MLMs or even your everyday drug store brands.

Even in women’s make up staples like your lipstick and eyeliner, can be bought for as little £4-£10, and some whopping sales where items are up for sale as low as £2.

Now if we held a contest, for Best Cosmetics Line in the world, Avon, probably wouldn’t win, especially when its competitors would be brands like Urban Decay, NARS, Benefit, and the all and powerful MAC, one of them would probably take the cake.

However, Avon, is largely well-liked (for its products and mainly its price point) and very well-established in the markets to date.

The company’s skincare products are going to cost you a little more, from about £20-£30, but they are something to rave about, like Marie Claire said their skincare items are “the perfect solution for every skin problem you’ve ever had.”

The Skin So Soft Original Day Oil Body Spray is another famous product of the company’s probably due to the product’s name holding true and delivering the softest feeling skin, and also buyers have claimed it’s better than DEET insect repellent products on the market today for keeping those pesky bugs off.

Want some fun in the sun?

Yes, they have a product for that too!

A “Best Buy,” (from independent reviews) product that the company sells is a SPF 30, Sun+ Clear Spray.

Want a miracle?

Yes, they’ve got you covered there too!

A “miracle” anti-aging cream, A-F33 Treatment, created such a buzz that it collected a 60,000 person waiting list, and once the back orders were filled it ultimately became the company’s fastest selling item ever.

This product even had medical professionals in the dermatology sector call it the biggest breakthrough in caring for your skin in 20 years.

From the items listed here in my blog the skin care products have been celebrated for their benefits of moisturizing as well as anti-aging.

The insect repellent is rated very highly.

And the sunblock is also rated in high regards.

Side Effects:
No reported side effects are linked with Avon items.

The Avon Compensation Plan

Affiliates who want to participate in the company compensation plan are required to ‘sign-on’ as an Avon Sales Rep at $10, and pay any starting up costs.

The company’s compensation plan, for an MLM company, is one that you can actually earn some additional income on just retailing products alone without having to sponsor any team members.

And a lot of sales affiliates do just that, survive on their own, no team needed.

For me this was a refreshing to have this company use this type of compensation model because nowadays MLM companies all involve a lot of (non-stop) sponsoring of new affiliates.

Personal sales commission is respectable here too, it ranges from 20%-50% which is dependent on the rank you are in and the products you wish to sell.

If you do start to sponsor a team, there is a bigger range of earning potential you could hit from better commissions percentages, to higher rank bonuses from cars to vacations given by the company.

Keep in mind that the majority of affiliates only make a limited amount of money (a few $100 dollars monthly max), it’s not something I can you really using to pay your mortgage, but it can definitely pay for a new outfit or night out for drinks with the girls.

And it could just be such a great experience to be an entrepreneur, while having some fun.

Cost To Join Avon

The cost to join Avon as an affiliate is a $10 sign-on fee, a pretty low fee one of the lowest in the MLM markets.

You are also required to purchase your own Avon brochures, and marketing materials, as well as another fee of $5.95 for shipping and handling, as well as any of your personal sales website purchases.

Verdict On Avon

For ethical and well-established this company stands among the higher ranking MLMs.

And this could very well be the reason they might be heading in their decline.

With over 100 years of operations under their belt, they just have to make some updates quickly otherwise the company may not be able to ever get out of the downward slip he company has been facing.

And even if they do switch gears and start excelling and seeing a raise in numbers, the fact that they sold the entirety of their North American operations, signifies that the company will never be the same again.

Its common these days for the oldest player in the game to not be an advantage anymore, look at Toys r us and their recent decision to file for chapter 11 protection, because they are now at a disadvantage to amazon when selling toys to parents for children.

It’s not 100% clear as to why Avon has real trouble lately who knows if it’s a new age, new trends, and maybe it’s just that their products are NOT gaining popularity like they used to (maybe because the image of the company is old school, simply because it is).

Which is shame because the new fads out there seem really cool until you receive what you really purchased in person, and you realize what a mistake it was to trust a company you never heard of before but thought the products looked good.

A last bit of ethical praise for this company is they follow the rules set by the SEC and FTC, which puts them at a disadvantage here because the others that are not fighting fairly in the market are pushing their way through into the international MLM beauty or cosmetic industry but doing so by breaking the rules.

These companies are breaking the rules to the point where they are not lasting long without being investigated as being a scam and untruthful on many levels (companies such as Trivita, Bioceutica, or Vemma).

All good things must come to an end eventually, and unfortunately the things that go along with a well-established company ending are also things like the end of quality and confidence in buying.

I hope you enjoyed my Avon review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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