Amzbit Review - Legit Business That Involves Amazon or huge Scam?

Amzbit Review – Legit Business That Involves Amazon or huge Scam?

Welcome to my Amzbit Review!

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to investigate what it was all about…

Some people call it legit while others call it a scam…

The good news is I am going to put all the rumors to rest and walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

Let’s dig in shall we?

Amzbit Review – The Company

Amzbit Review

Amzbit apparently operates in the eCommerce MLM niche and is located in Florida, USA according to their website.

The “minds” behind Amzbit is no other than Burke Hedges and Sean Conners that describe themselves as the following:

Burke Hedges and Sean Connors, the minds behind Amzbit, recognized that greed and corruption had taken over a lot of business and were looking for a positive way to help people earn money while also providing 100% transparency.

A chance meeting, that turned into a brainstorming session eventually gave rise to the idea of Amzbit.

When looking into Burke’s history, he was a top earner in the company called LifeVantage.

He was later terminated in August of 2011, but he sues them after saying it was wrongful termination.

At the end of it all, Hedges lost the case…

After LifeVantage, he was an affiliate for Numis Network for a couple of years…

Sean Conners, has no history in this space and couldn’t find anything on him…

Anyway, that’s a little bit about the company, let’s take a look at the products next…

Amzbit Reviews – The Products

Amzbit has no retail products or services, but you can become an affiliate and promote their membership…

This affiliate membership is referred as “Smart Subscription” which was first call “Smart Contracts”.

Once you purchase their membership, you get access to some digital products:

An active Smart Contract gives you ACCESS to exclusive business coaching, personal development master classes,  leadership mentoring, books, interviews, podcast,  webinars, workshops and other exclusive products.

Another company in this space is the following:

Let’s jump into the compensation plan next…

Amzbit Compensation Plan

Looks like Amzbit compensation plan combines cashback by sharing Amazon affiliate commissions and member to member payments with other Amzbit affiliates.

Amazon Affiliate Commissions

Amzbit members and affiliates are encouraged to buy products through Amazon through their affiliate link.

These sales generate affiliate commission for Amzbit which the company shares with the affiliates and members.

You can get 50% of the percentage of Amazon affiliate commissions.

100% commissions are paid to affiliates who generate their purchases.

Recruitment Commissions

When you sponsor someone, you get paid $25…

Team Growth Bonus

You can get paid $25 as a Team Growth bonus through a 2-up compensation plan through a unilevel team.

First two of the $25 is passed up to you rupline then you get the rest…

Generational Member Bonus

Every time an affiliate renews their $100 Smart Subscription, you get paid $45 Generational Member Bonus by Amzbit.

When an affiliate pays their $100 Smart Subscription fee, Amzbit’s system searches their upline for ten members who are active with their subscription:

  • First active affiliate found is skipped over (Amzbit claim they keep $5 that would be paid to this affiliate “to cover Amazon Prime and other Incentive Programs”)
  • Second active affiliate found receives $5
  • The next three active Smart Affiliates found each receive $5
  • The next five active Super Affiliates found each receive $5

Cost to Join Amzbit

Amzbit affiliate membership will run you $100 per month.

If you don’t renew your membership, you can only get direct recruitment and Amazon commissions.

Other than Amazon purchases, all payments within Amzbit is with Bitcoin.

Verdict On Amzbit

Basically Amzbit represents themselves a company that fuses Bitcoin with Amazon:

As a member of the Amzbit community, you will automatically become a part of the Amzbit Associates Commission program.

Through our partnership with Amazon, you will earn a portion of the profits on any sale made through Amazon.

By using Bitcoin as our primary payment method, you can experience all the benefits of blockchain technology and be a apart of the future of the financial industry.

The problem with this is that Amazon Associates Program have strict rules:

will not misrepresent or embellish our relationship with you (including by expressing or implying that we support, sponsor, or endorse you), or express or imply any affiliation between us and you.

Meaning, they have NO special relationship with Amazon…

In other words it’s a false claim…

Plus they have no retail products or services and looks like a mix between cash gifting and pyramid scheme…

One of the following scenerios will happen…

First possibility is Amazon terminates their affiliate account so they can’t get any purchase commissions there anymore.

Second possibility is that the FTC investigates the company because it operates from Florida and have no retail products or services…

Third possibility, because they have no products to sell to consumers, once recruitment slows down the company will just take a dump.

The concept behind them is great, but in reality you have to follow the rules and be setup as a long term business model.

As of right now, this business model isn’t illegal in North America…

I hope you enjoyed my Amzbit review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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