Amway Review - Still Legit Network Marketing Business in 2019 or Scam?

Amway Review – Still Legit Network Marketing Business in 2019 or Scam?

Welcome to my Amway Review!

You came across this blog post because someone you know approached you with this company and now you are doing your research on it.

There have been a lot of marketers out there bashing this giant network marketing company.

They are saying the Amway scam exists because it’s a pyramid scheme.

I am here to put a rest to all of these rumors and walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision…

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Having that said, let’s dig in shall we?

Amway review

Amway Review – The Company


Launched in 1959, Amway is the brain child of two people, Rich Devos and Jay Can Andel who always had the dream to own their own business.

Over 50 years later, the business is still going strong and operates in over 100 countries.

It’s still the highest revenue producing network marketing company in the world right now.

Amway goes by four fundamentals even to this day…

  • HOPE

All in all it’s a good message to live by and being in business for 50 years does show this network marketing companies track record which is a good thing 🙂

I know a lot of people jump and say “Amway scam” alert, but let’s take a few steps back and take a deep breathe…

How could a scam be in business for over 50 years and into 100 countries?

Sure they had some run into the FTC, but they corrected the problem and that’s what makes this company legit.

Heck, even big companies like Herbalife got screwed for a little bit there, but they are on track now.

Let’s look at the product line next inside of this Amway review…

Amway Reviews – The Product Line

amway products

When it comes to products, Amway is in no shortage.

Their products range from health supplements to Beauty all the way to laundry detergents lol.

Of all the mlm companies out there, Amway has one of the biggest product lines on the planet.  I am not going to list them all or you would see nothing but products in this blog post.

I will give you a link so you can check them out for yourself:

Amway product categories include:

  • Nutrition – Vitamins & supplements, weight management, sports nutrition, and energy drinks.
  • Beauty – Skincare, makeup, and more.
  • Bath & Body – Hair care, body care, and oral care.
  • At Home – Laundry, surface care, dish detergent, cookware, and more.
  • Jewelry & Accessories – Necklaces, bracelets, gift sets, and more.
  • Fragrances – Several selections from Personal Accents.
  • B2B Products – Commercial-size agricultural, cleaning, and laundry products.

Check Out This Product Line Here.

When I checked the prices, the products are on the expensive side, but they claim it’s because of the quality and research that goes into the development of these products.

Maybe their market is towards the middle class and higher end group of people.

Overall, I don’t see anything negative going on here, just the products are pricey that’s all.

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid to sponsor people into the business and sell products to retail customers.

Cost To Join Amway

Cost to join for signing up as an Amway IBO vary depending on the Business Kit you choose:

  • IBO Literature Kit = $62. Includes a step-by-step guide to starting your own business with Amway, brochures and training programs, as well as information about the company’s bonus programs.
  • IBO Product Kit = $83.99 – Includes everything found in the Welcome Kit, in addition to $150 worth of full-size products that you can try.

If you’re happy with your Amway business , you can get a 100% refund within 90 days of when you bought.

Just contact customer service at 800-253-6500 or

So next, let’s look at their compensation plan next inside of this Amway review.

Amway Compensation Plan

Like all legit network marketing companies, you get compensated for selling products to retail customers and building a team.

It’s no different in Amway…

Instead of me trying to explain their compensation plan, Amway does a pretty good job…well they should it’s their company..LOL.

As you can tell, their compensation plan is very powerful for the right people.

The name of the game is to sponsor people and have them duplicate your efforts so they will get similar results as you.

This is where many people fail because they just don’t know how to sponsor people.

Face it, if your team can’t duplicate what you are doing, you won’t have the mass scale success.

Unlike all the other Amway reviews that are quick to call it scam, I am going to tell you the truth…

Next I am going to get into the presentation that a distributor might give you in this Amway review…

When Attending An Amway Presentation

Personally, I already know what it takes to start a network marketing business and it’s not easy.

This review of Amway is done so you can make the right decision.

Now the next time a family or friends asks you to attend an Amway Opportunity Presentation, make sure you follow these five steps before getting started.

Just before I go through those five steps, most of these Amway Opportunity Presentations are full of hype, but you have to get past that and be realistic.

If someone tells you that you will make millions, that’s not being honest.

This might be the reason you see Amway scam reviews out there…

Five Steps To Think About Before Joining Amway

Alright so follow these five steps below:

  1. Ask how much money you’ll have to spend each month on products, training material, seminars, and conferences.
  2. Ask how much time is required to reach a significant income level.
  3. Ask for proof to back up their claims. After doing so, don’t allow them to change the topic. If they tell you how easy it is to make money and give you some figures, ask them to factor all of the costs into the equation.
  4. Ask how many people are making the really big bucks. If they give an honest answer, then ask them why most people don’t actually make money.
  5. Ask them what your specific chances are of making real money. Unfortunately, the simple truth is that 99% of IBOs will not succeed.

Now remember that you might not get an honest answer and you must use your common sense.

If you get ALL positive answers, something is not right.

What Is The Real Amway Success Rate?

Now the truth is 97% of people fail any type of business because they lack the skills and discipline to get through the tough times.

This is way people say Amway scam in general…

Success doesn’t come over night, you have to work for it hard…

In fact, you will work in a business harder than any job to be honest, but there are great rewards afterwards.

For picking the right network marketing company for you read this:  50 Best Network Marketing Companies of 2018+ That Are Trending Today

The moment you have been waiting for inside of this Amway review…

Conclusion On My Amway Review

After investigating the company, all I have to say it’s Amway Scam is FALSE.

It doesn’t exist and if it did, Amway would have been shut down LONG time ago.

It’s NOT a pyramid scheme because it actually has products that you can sell.

I don’t know why people say “Is that a Pyramid?”.

That always makes me laugh because 99% of these people don’t even know what a pyramid scheme is LOL.

You know what is a pyramid scheme?

Working at a JOB.  Take a look at this…

pyramid scheme

There are a lot of Amway reviews out there bashing this company, but the truth is this company is 100% legit.

The people who scream pyramid scheme are not really educated on the subject…

They truly think network marketing is a pyramid, but their jobs are not?

Let’s get real here…

Yeah sure network marketing isn’t perfect, but sure beats buying a $500,000 franchise for your first business venture…

Some down falls next…

The problem is people can’t sponsor for beans and that’s mainly because they don’t want to learn how to…

So, what you have to do is get the right skill sets to make you a sponsoring machine which anyone can do through personal development.


Better yet, learn how you can drive traffic on the internet to a high converting offer…

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Anyway, after reviewing hundreds of companies and systems out there…

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