Amazing Selling Machine Review - Is It Worth It? Find Out Here...

Amazing Selling Machine Review – Is It Worth It? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my blog post and in this Amazing Selling Machine review, I am going to walk you through the actual course.

The fact you are doing your research is a great sign.  So many people jump into business opportunities without doing their research and get burned in the end…

Right now, Amazing Selling Machine is re-launching for the 9th time and are claiming it’s their final launch (Even though they said this last time).

If it is the final launch, don’t worry there are courses out there just as good at the fraction of the cost…

I will get into that later in the blog post, but right now just pay attention and read this all the way to the end…

Amazing Selling Machine Review – The Company

Amazing Selling Machine Review

ASM is the brain child of two people, Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback.  This program actually launched in 2012 as a beta and then launched the full version on April of 2013.

Both of these individuals have great experience in Amazon so I don’t question their credibility.

Amazing Selling machine is a complete package to selling on Amazon which includes 8 weeks of web classes, 9 proprietary software and a private community on Facebook.

Now let’s get more into the actual course inside of this Amazing Selling Machine review…

Right now there have had ASM, ASM1, ASM2, ASM3, ASM4, ASM5, ASM6, ASM7, ASM8 and ASM9…

I will add more if they launch again…

Amazing Selling Machine Reviews – The Product

ASM is a complete course on selling on Amazon by using Fulfillment By Amazon.  This just means you source items from wholesalers and then send them into FBA so Amazon takes care of everything for you.

The course is divided through 8 modules with video instructions and PDF guides to make sure you are on track.

These are the following modules:

Module 1:  Getting Set Up and Finding Hot Product Opportunities

Just like the title says, this module walks you through how to set up your business with Amazon Seller Central account.  In addition, it walks you through how to do proper analysis to choose the product that will sell on Amazon.

Module 2: Choosing Your Product and Finding Suppliers

This is self explanatory, this teaches you how to find product opportunities with high volume but low competition to sell on Amazon.  You also will learn why labeling and designing your package is very important.

Module 3:  Amazon Listing Set Up and Your First Inventory Order

This modules shows you how to list your item properly with the right keyword research.  This also walks you through some proper on-page SEO so your Amazon listing will rank.

Module 4:  The Listing Jump Start System

You will learn how to jump start your listing the right way which is very important to establish your product and brand on Amazon.

Module 5:  The Listing Launch Formula 2.0

This module is one of the most important because it teaches you the foundation to promoting and driving buyer traffic to your Amazon product listing.

Module 6:  Seller Operations and Brand Enhancement

This teaches you about brand awareness and how you can increase it with sales tactics only available to Amazon Sellers.

Module 7:  The Ultimate Sales Accelerator

Once your brand is established and your sales are consistent, this module shows you how to accelerate your sales even further.  You will also learn how to manage your inventory maximum profits.  Not only that, you will learn how to use REVIEW magnets to get more positive feedback compared to your competition.

Module 8:  Outsourcing and Scaling

This module just like the title says is all about outsourcing and scaling your business up.  This teaches you how to outsource non-income producing activities so you can focus on income producing activities.

Tools in Amazing Selling Machine:

The Email Tool:  You can email your Amazon customers through this tool and schedule them as well. (Kind of like just messaging them through Amazon).

Press Release Tool: This let’s you send daily press releases through Emailwire service.  You will have to write your own content before sending, but this will help with brand awareness.

Promotion Tool:  This tool lets you send promotions to hundreds of sites in your market which will help with traffic.

Pros of Amazing Selling Machine

Overall, the program actually works and there are a lot of people that have done extremely well in it.  The actual content I really don’t have anything negative to say.

Cons of Amazing Selling machine

The big disadvantage of this product is the extremely high price.  Right now, it’s priced at $3997 One-Time payment, or you can make 4 monthly payments which will cost you $5997 overall…

Another issue with this course is it might not even be available when you read this blog post.

I hope you are enjoying this Amazing Selling Machine review so far, but let’s keep going…

Is There An Alternative to ASM (Amazing Selling Machine)?

There are several courses out there that pretty much teach you similar concepts and techniques that cost way less…

I am personally a 6 figure earner on Amazon FBA and I used a different system that doesn’t break the bank…

It’s called “The Wealth Network“.

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What it offers is everything that Amazing Selling Machine does and more…

You see, some people just don’t have the budget to buy in bulk from China and send it in Amazon…

Not only that, buying items from China can be a lengthy process…

So The Wealth Network does teach you how to find hot from China to wholesalers…

Not only that, you will get a ONE on ONE Advisor to help you start, setup and scale your Amazon business.

If it’s profitable, buy them up there and then send them in Amazon.

Take a look at some of our reviews below…



So what is the cost of all of this?

A LOT less than $4997 let me tell you that…

You pretty much get everything that’s in Amazing Selling Machine plus way more for….

We are beta testing our system for $3…

Yeah you heard that right…

$3 to get started with a one on one advisor…

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The one on one advisor is worth more than the $4k alone because if you ever had private coaching, you know it can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars and for a good reason.


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I will see you on the inside 🙂

Now, I hoped you enjoyed my Amazing Selling Machine review, if you ever have questions, leave them in the comments below…


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Bless and Be Blessed,

Amazing Selling Machine

– Jesse Singh

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