Allysian Sciences Review - Scam Warning Or Legit Business?

Allysian Sciences Review – Scam Warning Or Legit Business?

Welcome to my Allysian Sciences review where I am going to compile the information for you so you can decide to join this company or not…

First I want to congratulate you for even doing your diligence because so many people blindly jump into Network Marketing and then fail miserably…

The fact you are doing your research means you are serious but want to be cautious as well.

I am going to walk you through this company and from there you can decide to join or not…

First, let’s take a look at the company.

Allysian Sciences Review – The Company



Allysian Sciences is the brain child of two people…

  • Apolo Ohno (Who is a 8 time Olympic Medalist)
  • Rod Jao (Who has a back ground in software development and Network marketing).

The company as of this review is still in Pre-launch which started in March of 2015 and since then has been gaining popularity…

Just for the heads up, Rod Jao has been very successful in Amway and that’s his Network Marketing experience where Apolo Ohno is there mainly for “Brand Awareness” and I didn’t see any prior business skills…

The company is based out of British Columbia, Canada (The exact address is un-known as of this moment).

This is all I could dig up at the moment because the company is still in Pre-launch, I will update this review once I get more information…

It’s too bad that the website barely has any information on it…

If I was launching a company, I would make sure the website is complete and concise so people will know exactly what it’s about.

Now, let’s take a look at the product line…

Allysian Sciences – The Products


This company is in a very unique niche… It’s the “Brain Nutrition MLM” niche to be exact.  There only has been one other one on the top of my head called “Brain Abundance”.

Allysian Sciences claim that their products increases neurological activity..

Here are the products right now:

MasterMind Nootropic – A “Unique formula” that contains “19 of the earth’s most effective brain boosting nutrients”. ($121.25 for 30 day supply).

Genesis – “Comprehensive formulation” with “74 life-enhancing botanicals and extracts”. ($149.69 for a tub of 28 servings).

Essentials – This is a HIS/HER multi-vitamin. ($74.94 for 60 tablets in a bottle).

Sinless – This is their “Nutrient infused” chocolate. ($28.69 for a box of 20 individual servings).

Note:  This is from their website and I haven’t personally tried the products so I don’t know if they work or not.

Now let’s take a look at their business opportunity…

Allysian Sciences Reviews – The Compensation Plan

When you join this company, you have 5 packs to choose from and the company pays out 25% Retail commissions.

  • Basic Pack ($199) – You Earn $40 commission (When you recruit on this level).
  • Executive Pack ($499) – You earn $100 commission (When you recruit someone to this level).
  • Business Builder Pack ($999) – You earn $200 commission (When you recruit to this level).
  • Professional Pack ($2999) – You earn $600 commission (When you recruit to this level).

When you sponsor people into the business, you will be apart of their binary compensation plan which pays out 20% commissions on the lesser leg.

They cap their binary compensation plan earnings at $75,000 per week.

Here is what a binary plan looks like:


There is also something called a matching bonus where you earn 10% on your first 5 levels for your personally sponsored members.

And there is a Lifestyle Bonus which pays according to your rank.  Now this information was no where to be found, but I hope I gave you a good idea here…

Now the moment you have been waiting for… Should you join or not?

Allysian Sciences Review – The Conclusion

After doing my investigation, it’s hard to say if you should join or not…

The whole “Brain Niche” is a cool idea, but the facts are that new companies don’t make it past a year…

Plus there are two big things that need to be addressed…

First, the big money is actually in the recruiting part which people just suck at…

The average person only sponsors 1.6 people and with those numbers, you won’t get anywhere far.

Second, the packages are very expensive specially the $2999 pack…

Even the entry level $199 is on the expensive side and will turn off a lot of people…

The bottom line is if you don’t sponsor people like a champion, you will fail this business…

I do have hope for the people that can’t recruit anyone…

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I hope you enjoyed my Allysian Sciences review and if you are in this company, please share with us your honest results…


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