ACN Reviews – Business Goldmine or Pyramid Scam? Find Out Here…

If you have seen all the ACN reviews on the internet, most of them have one thing in common.  They are biased reviews because the author of the website is part of the company.  If you are sick and tired of all the fake ACN reviews and just want the truth, you came to the right place.  I am going to go through this company, rip it apart and put some rumors to rest. I would pay attention to the words on this blog post because it can be the difference between you making a great decision or a stupid one so get ready…

ACN Reviews – The Company

ACN Reviews

Website:  www.acninc.com (1).

When you are thinking about joining a company, maybe someone approached you about it or this could be your hundredth ACN review just to make sure, you want to know if the foundation of the company is good.

The company was founded in 1993 by four entrepeneurs – Greg Provenzano, Tony Cupisz, Robert Stevanovski and Mike Cupisz.  They have turned a business idea on a yellow legal pad to a big reseller of long distance services in the USA.  Overtime, they have reached 24 countries and as of right now they are one of the biggest Telecommunication, energy and essential services for both home and business.

That’s quite the achievement…

In other words, the company is built on a great foundation and you don’t have to worry about it hitting the can anytime soon.

Let’s get into the products shall we?

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ACN Review – The Product Line

ACN Scam

When it comes to products, ACN is doing it right.  They are focusing on products that are essential to consumers that they are already using.

Some of these products consist of:

  • Cell Phone Plans
  • Local Long Distance Calling
  • Energy (Natural Gas etc.)
  • Television Channel Plans
  • Home Recruiting
  • Internet Plans

And much much more.

Same stuff goes for business owners, they have merchant services competitively priced.

Overall the products are great…

It makes the company unique and stand out from the rest which is always a good thing.

Plus if their products were not good, the company wouldn’t have been around still.

Think about that for a moment 🙂

But now, let’s look at how you can benefit on the business opportunity side.

Let’s keep digging in this ACN review…

ACN Compensation Plan

Like any good mlm companies out there, you can make a commissions on people you refer or sponsor into the business.  In ACN, you can build a customer side and a sales force side where you sponsor IBO’s into your business.

Instead of me going on about the ACN compensation plan, why not get it from the source?

Here is a video explaining the ACN business:

As you can see a lot of money can be made for the “RIGHT” people…I will explain now the problems you will run into…

The moment you have been waiting for in this ACN review…

ACN Scam? – The Conclusion

Some ACN reviews will say this is a scam and some don’t…Well I am here to put the rumors to rest as a third party person that is reviewing this company…

ACN is….


Yes, I said it even though I am not in the company, it’s far from a scam and for the right people a lot of money can be made, but here is the problem…

ACN is in a market that is super saturated and there is a TON of other services and MLM companies that sell similar services.  Now this isn’t as big of a problem compared to the next one…

The BIGGEST challenge people have is recruiting people into the business.  In fact, majority of your money will be made recruiting people period.  I don’t care what people say lol.

So if you don’t have the right skill sets to sponsor people, you will have a tough time building this business.

So what is the solution?

You either invest in the right skill sets to make you a sponsoring machine which requires the right people skills or…

You have to find a business model where you can leverage the internet to make you sales without talking to people…

Now for the people who want to leverage the internet to do all the work for them…

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How cool is that?

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You will thank me later 🙂

Now if you are in ACN, please comment below about your personal experience in the company and PLEASE be honest because my readers want the truth.

If you are not…I hope unlike the other ACN reviews out there that I kept this as neutral as possible so you can make the right decision.


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Bless And Be Blessed,

Jesse Singh ACN

-Jesse Singh

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Chris - April 3, 2015

“Yes, I said it even though I am not in the company, it’s far from a scam and for the right people a lot of money can be made, but here is the problem…”

“I personally used this trusted and proven method online for the last 9 months and I cleared over 6 figures…WITHOUT recruiting.”

….So you ARE in the company then? Kind of a misleading article.

    Jesse Singh - April 5, 2015


    No I am not, I just said I found an alternative that doesn’t require recruiting.

Kiki - June 30, 2015

Calling bs on this.

    Jesse Singh - June 30, 2015


    You call BS, but don’t explain why?


Dave - July 14, 2015

Why not say what alternative you used and praise that? I am not saying acn is bad but this review is not of acn it is of what you think of their website combined with what you think of another sales point.

    Jesse Singh - July 18, 2015


    The actual information is from ACN.

    If you want to join it go ahead, I am not stopping you.

    I just show people how to start an ecommerce business.

    Heck even if you are in ACN, you can do what I do on the side
    for extra cash flow.

Reggie - August 4, 2015

Let me make sure I’m correct. So this is an investment opportunity based on a hierarchical setup. New recruits provide majority of the funding, or returns, given to the earlier investors/recruits above them?

Lucy - September 28, 2015

ACN is not for everyone, and I learned this the hard way. First of all, like most mlm companies, they lure you in with motivational phrases and brainwashing presentations to make you believe that anything is possible *SMILES*. They usually have someone high in the hierarchy give the presentation and these individuals won’t miss an opportunity to throw in how much money they spend and what cars they drive and stories of how they make their friends jealous. At the end, they say phrases that make you feel like if you don’t join you’re stupid and missing out on the greatest opportunity of your life. So you join. Then, the catch: ONLY $499 to join! Let me tell you by experience, if you are at the lowest point of your life and only have a few dollars saved up and think about “investing” in this “life changing opportunity”, give it a few days of thought. DO NOT feel pressured by the recruiters, because they will go as far as asking how much money you have in your account right now and how you are spending that money tomorrow…. seriously. At the end, remember that you get what you put in, but the day after I joined, they asked me to recruit 10 people by the following day, and they WILL make you write a list of people and start calling immediately. I have nothing against the business but I do with the way they do business. They conceal information to deceive and recruit individuals. When I called to “recruit” I was prohibited to mention the name of the company and what it was about, (HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO RECRUIT LIKE THIS!?) and if they asked I would have to avoid answering by asking other questions. The reason for this? Because they don’t want prospectives to google ACN and find bad reviews. (RED FLAG!). So please be careful when making your decision to join. To many like me, it was a waste of my time and money. They even charge you for a mandatory APP ($40/mo) and for every weekly meeting ($10). Think before you act! That is all I have to say!

    Brenda - October 5, 2015

    I’m in ACN and there is no mandatory APP

    khalid rajab - March 28, 2018

    this is the most honest i’ve come across. this company has been there for years. i remember back in the say..they had invested in the home video calls..then facetime busted there bubble.i never heard anything about them. now just recently they’ve popped up in the name of my co-workers. they pressuring me to change my services..in the name of supporting there business. i’ve nothing against no one trying to make a buck out here..but don’t make an enemy out of me just because i told you.let me sleep on the idea and find out more about this company my self. If it’s been there for 25 years..why you pressuring me to join right now…anyway it’s just a name like the others..like priamerica..they wasted my 55 minutes of my time and i’ll never waste my time like that again.

    Linda - August 30, 2018

    It is unfortunate some fellow biz owners use pressure to recruit people to ACN. They are not following the system. We simply present the information and the people decide if it is a good fit. There should not be any charges for meetings unless they are for training. The ACN founders are very ethical and have integrity. Network marketing is a personal development with a compensation plan attached. If you are an entrepreneur and love to talk to and share the benefits of the services this is the biz for you. 😁

Brenda - October 5, 2015

I’m in ACN and think it is a good opportunity to make money but I have no support from anyone and have had a hard time getting kicked off with it…I’m the the first and only one in my area to get into this business so people are leery of it..it has been difficult for me to go anywhere with it and with the negative responses i’ve gotten from everyone it has discouraged me…ACN have these huge conferences with thousands of people attending so that let’s me know right there it can’t be a scam because i don’t think all these people would come together at major conferences for a scam…and the internet does seem to have negative responses about it…i’m at a standstill with it and just don’t know what to do to get it going

    Seng - November 24, 2016

    Hey Brenda I hope your doing well I’m in ACN and I’m fairly new to the system but have a great team that helps me and I couldn’t be more thankful for the support. It sounds like that is what your missing so if you get this message please contact me so hopefully you can receive the help and support so you can be on your way to success like myself. Ssv7882@aol.com

    khalid rajab - March 28, 2018

    this is a big sales company. if you can’t sell water to a well.then it’s time to cut your losses. i just feel like there’s far so much business that people can do out here.

James - October 11, 2015

Love to read 2 sides of any opportunity. I am in ACN and loving it. Granted Jesse I looked over your opportunity and it is very interesting also. Having run 4 different successful companies with two of them sold and two still active I believe in the 7 year rule, every 7 years you have to add something positive to your life plus new cash-flow to your pool of income and have it growing on the side in order to keep up your lifestyle and for me that is where ACN comes in.

I read all the comments, specially Lucy’s where she says “ONLY $499 to join! Let me tell you by experience, if you are at the lowest point of your life and only have a few dollars saved up and think about “investing” in this “life changing opportunity”, give it a few days of thought. DO NOT feel pressured by the recruiters” …. well this being a recent post she must have been in ACN a while ago and hasn’t checked back since, Lucy get in touch with the person who got you started and ask for updates. Lucy is entitled to post her opinions ofcourse but only if she is aware of all the facts which sadly when doesn’t probably because she didn’t take the time to ask questions and really understand what the business is all about. Well Lucy and Brenda, let me try to explain.

If you want to jump in to ACN and quit everything else within a year, this is not for you !! period, very small % accomplish that but not me or any of you obviously, but if you keep your investment into it at a minimum the returns will more than compensate for your investment, with the generous bonuses offered every month to sell services, or building out your distribution network (some call this recruiting falsely, it really is adding salespeople just like any other business), I myself have invested @ $ 3700 so far and received good bonuses to recover my initial investment. $ 2200 of the $ 3700 was to go to 3 events between hotel + flight + registration + food expenses which I really didn’t need to go to but wanted to explore what the company and people are if I was to do this for the long run , and going to this events solidified that I will. WHY ? because a local training would accomplish the same thing right ? well no, one factor is, when you go to a major event you can see anywhere from 1500 people locally to 20000 plus that come in from all over the world which gives ACN its credibility of being a solid business growing all over the world, and being a successful businessman believe the money invested in to grow a new business is peanuts next to the others I have put together and enjoying the benefits of it now.

Brenda keep the positive momentum going, as I have throughout my career through growing 4 businesses with no support from anyone except myself, trial and error, because no matter what it says in this article or any other you will find on the internet, quitters are always complaining because they get into an opportunity for all the wrong reasons, they are employee minded and they should stay that way nothing wrong with it, just like you go to the gym to get in shape and after 12 months and shedding 30 lbs you gain it all back, whose fault is that, the Gym’s ? seriously !!

What I found is ACN is one of the most interesting ways to make money because it takes very little investment (New news guys, now it is $ 399 to join) and NO INVENTORY to buy , stock and sell then replenish.

The $ 399 will give you (renewal of $ 149/year) a good start to get into a business with a:

1) Hosted website (would be @ $ 500 or more/year on your own, forgetting on how much would it cost to put together a functional website and maintaining the info on it to stay current)

2) A good back end that shows you everything you want to know, from educating yourself to what revenue you are bringing, bonuses you earn, company news, training material, etc.…

3) A good customer service (1200 plus per ACN) base that will help you and your client to be set up in the services they are buying from you and help you understand what you are selling

4) Dedicated business owner support team

5) So much more and I am not sure where the $ 10 meeting fees Brenda mentions are from but I have never paid any

You can look for revenue from 4 sources as the business grows with years passing (any legitimate business takes time to grow, I should know been doing it for over 32 years)

1) Switching your own services to see what you can save ( no one really needs to join in order to do this, you could just buy services using the website of the person who let you know about ACN)

2) Once joined in you have monthly incentives to make bonuses as you sell services just like any legitimate company will offer you, so if you can sell your good, if you can’t sell then you complain here like some of the people above with comments 🙂

3) Some months you could receive bonuses to build out your distribution channel (what regular people call “recruiting”) I call it building your sales force/distribution channel

4) On the long run there is two additional revenue streams

a) You get up to 10% residual income on all billing revenue (not taxes) that you personally have brought in, just as it is when people sell insurance to you…etc…

b) You get up to 8% residual income on all billing revenue (not taxes) that your team brings in (mind you, this is not making money from their checks, they still make their full money, this is money from ACN to you as additional income, this is usually the miss-perception when I explain to others to join my team, 1st question or comment is “So you will make money off my back and hard work, NO !, I help you to make money and grow your business and ACN rewards me for it by sending checks for residual income)

Anyone else want explanations then get in touch with me, I’ve been in ACN for a short while and still learning what we have and how fast it keeps adding up as far as services and I am sure I will find other ways of adding income while I learn and grow with my own organization, because I want it to grow, I’ve given the time to read every negative comment and every positive comment I could find before I joined because let’s be honest, if you go on YELP or you GOOGLE any company you will find both…period !!

I am an independent business owner within ACN and I share this because I like to help others understand why I do it, if you want to be negative then go ahead but if you have something positive to say then go ahead too …please comment I would love to chat with you either way.

    Tunde - October 23, 2015

    I would like to commend James for the great detailed post here today. I will have to put my “2 cents” in as well.

    I have been a lot of MLM companies in my short lifetime and I have seen the ups and downs of all of them. It does suck to find out that I could have been well off if I stuck with ACN back in ’93. However I was young and didn’t have the funds to come up with my membership fee and my parents didn’t think this was anything buy a scam.

    Fast forward to Nov ’14 an old high school friend brought this to my attention and in minutes I was back in the game. Now, here is the thing….if you don’t like to push yourself or even talk to other people, or even have patience, then ANY MLM is not good for you. There is no quick fix. In a span of 4 months, I had at least 15 customers, which got me the nickname “Titan” as I was kicking up dust, but that did die down, due to some friendships that ended, or people just not paying for services. Did that stop me, nope. I knew this was a great chance to make a great SIDE income. I already have a career that makes $60,000+ and I’m not trying to brag, I’m trying to make a point. Businesses like these are just not to make money, they are there to expand your life. See other places, meet new and different people, and do things you never dreamed of doing. Live the Dream if you want, but you need to work to make it happen.
    I’m was at a slow point with ACN, as some of the services were not in my area, but recently that has now changed and has put a charge in my spirit. Its time to make things a reality.

    I would like to also add that I have a clothing line that I wanted to start, and I will say this, it takes more than $499 to start and maintain that, with similar results. I just need to keep plugging away, which I will and I hope you do too!

    God Bless

      James - November 16, 2015

      Right on Tunde,

      Great to see a response vs some others on here who explains ACN as it is, we both are in for the long run and every business I have built was because of referrals. I have been accumulating my own points to hot my personal 10 % residual goal selling services to existing clients that I have from my businesses after all they believe in what I do for them in my present businesses so it was easy to sell to them, some wanted and some were not interested but kept the comps I gave them. As for all my vendors they are now next since I believe if I am buying from them they should buy my own services, I never pitch “savings” but I will let them know that if they don’t buy services from me in return for what I buy from them then I will be looking for another vendor (granted I come in comparable or better then what they pay now for their services). The one’s who say they are not interested at all will eventually find out I have given them no more business going forward 🙂

      Good luck to you, once we hit 10 % is when the real money starts coming in that we signed to ACN for in the first place, the bonuses are nice but that’s not what I am in for, my businesses make good money so I have time to build this and next thing you know when my monthly residual hits my target I will sell the remaining two businesses I have and just maintain my customer base of ACN services sols plus add maybe 10-15 services a year knowing some people always get enticed away from my offerings just as any other business.

      One last thing so far I have 7 IBO’s signed up but nevr did a PBR except one, the people who joined my organisation got interested to do so when I offered to switch their services to what we offer, I explained to them one on one and signed them up on the road to building my own organisation.

        Debbie - May 19, 2016

        Hi James,
        I’m seriously considering joining ACN; I’ve known about it for years, but just now decided it may be the right time for me. I’m curious if you have more to add, now 6 mos. later. Are things going well still? I assume so, but just thought I’d ask. Any new ups/downs to add? I’m realistic – I know it will require work (so does my job! Imagine that!) but I also need support in this because I am NOT a salesperson. That being said, should I pass…?

    Jaquelyn Kramer - March 17, 2017


    Are you still with ACN?

borris - April 5, 2016

i was already in allot mlm companies and the first place i made real money was in ACN where im now and please listen to me the only reason why people write bad reviews is only because they just dont do nothing they just sit back, what do you thing? money grows on tree?

Ashley Stanford - December 5, 2016

I was In ACN a couple of months ago, after investing £569. Don’t get me wrong, I understand in this life you have to take risks. I kept ringing people, inviting people to meetings. But after a few months I decided that it wasn’t for me.

I wanted to focus on my photography, and something that I love doing. Yes, I lost £569. But, you learn from your mistakes. ACN Is not a scam, you just won’t get far in it if you haven’t got that drive!

    Jesse Singh - December 6, 2016


    Yeah, you gotta take it serious and treat it like a business.

Lynn B Spence - June 2, 2017

Thanks for the non emotionally driven review.
I have been with the company for 10 years, YES, you have to work!
ACN builds people into leaders if their prepared to work.
The problem with ACN is people. People think their going to make a ton of money in 2 months and quit before they even touch their potential. For anyone to not have success at any level means people didnt do what they were supposed to do.

Kay Bar - June 27, 2017

Acn and any of these companies are sales companies. For me, they’re a total waste of time and money as I do not enjoy sales and I have no interest in sales. Get a retail job before you try an mlm, same idea, try to convince people to buy stuff and deal with their attitudes to get it done, I’ve done both and for me, mlm is no different than working for a car parts store. What I find the most ridiculous is how all the people who are successful talk about how they’re on perpetual vacation, yeah no, you have to maintain your business and you are at the mercy of your market, customers and down line. If you like sales, it’s fine, if you’re a shift worker like me, don’t hurt yourself trying to become something you’re not, unless you’re the kind who likes to make major life changes and is fluid like that. Be prepared to have sales become your life, your current circles of friends and families are all closed minded broke people according to acn promoters who you don’t need in your life, but they’re who you have to beg for “favors” to get your business going. I’m not a money motivated person, if you’re willing to do pretty much anything for a payout, you’ll be fine.

Karen G - July 12, 2017

I have been with ACN about 3 weeks. It IS HARD work!! If you want to succeed, yes there is absolutely a process. But it has nothing to do with lying, ACN is a broker, but they have great products! Great services!! I’m not anywhere near my goals, but I’m going to keep plugging. All I know is there are allot of higher ups that are making money. I plan to be one of those making that money!!! It’s not a scam, it’s a true MLM… It requires work, just like anything in life worth having!!!!

Molly Lal - September 11, 2017

I do not like ACN in the least. I have been a valuable customer for many years now but they continuously, anonymously increase the amount of money being taken out of my account. I have called way too many times for problems with my internet and home phone service. Every time I call I am told different information by different agents. Some of them tell me about the additional costs and some do not and they hide it. I dislike ACN so much.

    Jesse Singh - September 12, 2017

    Hey Molly,

    Thank you for commenting.

Ralph Migliozzi - October 2, 2017

This is an amazing company, but it is an internet tech based business. If you are not prepared to understand the technical issues specifically related to switching cell phone servicing, am important part to your success, you will not make without a high level support from an up line expert.

Carmen - October 10, 2017

I was in ACN, when they came to our church trying to get everyone involved. We even went to Detroit for the BIG SHOW. I was having a good time but, when it came to finding help, getting the support was hard. Unfortunately, our church withdrew from the program. Which meant a lot of us lost our business and all those people who came and went after makimg the money from our church. Left us who wanted to continue, left us high and dry.

    Jesse Singh - December 1, 2017

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    Adam - February 12, 2018

    Carmen, Im sorry to here about your situation. I know that there are people that run their business differently then the ACN way and unfortunately lack when it comes to support. Feel free to contact me if you would like a reset.

Jamie - December 12, 2017

I have been involved with ACN for four years now. My experience has been incredible. When I first started I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. After attending an international convention I found myself 100% sold out to the opportunity. The ownership team is always acting in the best interest of the sales force. Through the company I have developed a stronger relationship with god, I’ve been mentored by the best of the best, I’ve learned to step outside my comfort zones, focus on personal growth and be a stay at home mom. I can tell you 100% that the company is legitimate. The services and pricing are amazing for consumers. You can make money by building a sales force or by just getting customers. Entirely up to you, the key is to be coachable. Seek out someone who is having success with the company. Follow what they say and execute it in your business. Understand that this is a 5-10 year game plan. You will not become a millionaire overnight. I personally was able to match my income from my job within my first 5 months. (Results not typical) I had no previous business ownership experience nor had I ever joined a network marketing company until ACN. I just had a strong desire to win. My journey has had its ups and downs. However, the ups have far outweighed the downs. My best advice is to come to the table knowing you will have to build your mental toughness. Some people are going to say no and that’s ok. If you can push past the initial discomfort of hearing no you will get a yes. You just have to keep going. Don’t quit! If you’re in ACN and feel like you’re not having the success you would like please reach out to me. I am more than willing to help you obtain the info you need to be successful.

Mustaf - February 24, 2018

Hi everyone, I’m a college student and I recently joined ACN and I really believe it could make a difference in my life. however, in order for that to happen and I need work extremely hard, which is fine but I can’t just focus on the ACN alone and do my colleges at the same time.
What should I do? I don’t want to disappoint my parent drop out colleges and I certainly don’t want this opportunity to slide it off easily.
Thank you

    Cynthia Murray - June 1, 2018

    Hi, I have recently signed up with ACN as an IBO. My background is Telecommunications so a lot of the bad reviews about the quality of telephone or broadband services, I was able to recognize how some of the situations had spun out of control, context or facts. In every direct selling companies, you are always going to find business owners who are irresponsible and really just get themselves into the business to make a quick buck and left. This does create a lot of issues for the company to clean up. Not mentioning also has a certain amount of impact on the confidence of people with ACN business, product and services.
    As James said previously, this is a legitimate and respectable company. I came from a corporate environment and was on the senior leadership team, so I was trained for years to have a negative mindset so that I have better vision, better judgment, and better with risk management. Hence, I’m always prejudging any business matters or in front of the negotiating table.
    I had many obstacles the first 3 weeks when I started this business because I just can’t get over my corporate trained mindset, you can definitely also say that I can’t get over my own pride and ego.
    Well, I learned the lesson the hard way and now I finally understand what it takes to be a true business owner. I literally had to switch that negative mind of mine in the opposite direction and really listen to what the experts (people who have made money) have to say. Yes, I was also given a script and I was forced to use it to call one of my friends. I reluctantly made the call because I knew for the fact that it just won’t work and I was going to prove it… and it did work. And yes, I looked like an idiot and my team leader just smiled at me and said, “this script has been tested and proven to work, especially just for people like you who couldn’t get your ego out of your ass.” She did blinked her eyes in fast speed to reaffirm what she just said.
    I’m not “rich” yet, but I have to say that my mind is working better like a proper businesswoman. Remember, it is not about you. This business is all about how you can serve your customer. Customer is your lifeline. No customers, no money. Building a team is indeed necessary to leverage and maximise your income but you do need to maintain your professional ethics by taking care of your team, no matter how big and where they are. So IBOs, please do not leave a trail of mess for us to clean up after you.

    For Mustaf – don’t stress, put the majority of your focus in your study so that you can be a better business professional in the future. Whenever you meet your college friends or lecturer, just tell them what you are doing in order to work around school hours to help your parents to support you through college… i hope i’m right, so this is your “Why” you’re in this business. Then ask them to do you a favour by providing you an opportunity to see if you can quote for their electricity, gas, mobile plan and other essential services and hopefully help them to save some money. Just do it couple of time a week but don’t go out on your way and take away your time from study. Yes, building a team will help to increase your income but you do need to achieve your 10% personal commission level to get the most out of the team effort. Make sense? Try introducing the business to a couple of friends in college, perhaps? or someone you met when you go to the gym, pub… Don’t be shy to get your sponsor (upline leader) to help you out. Don’t forget that you have your backoffice training that you can refer to as well. Don’t work hard, work smart 🙂
    One big NO NO is DO NOT push sales. The last thing you need is to create adversary among your family and friends. If anyone expresses that they are not interested, stop right there and respect their choices.

    I wish you well, everyone.

Benny - September 2, 2018

Considering joining acn! I was hoping to see more updates and recent comments, the verdict is in and it seems as legit as anything else. Some people have what it takes and others don’t. Being that i’m a gambling man i’ll give it a chance, not to mention a self proclaimed champion and expert in sales. Check with me one year from this date for the last review you will ever need on acn. Me being a passionate poker player has given me the ability to win and lose graciously so whatever happens in my situation with acn I’ll promise to share my experience objectively.

    Jesse Singh - September 7, 2018

    Hey Benny,

    Go for it and see how you do brother.

    Only way to find out if it’s the right fit for you is to take action on it.


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