5Linx Scam - Should You Join Or Stay Away? Find Out Now.

5Linx Scam – Should You Join Or Stay Away? Find Out Now.

You are on this article because you want to find out if the 5Linx Scam exists.  Maybe you had someone approach you about this business or you are searching for ways to make money and find this company interesting.

The good news is you’re taking the right steps to do your research.  In this 5Linx review, I am going to share with you the PRO’s, the Cons and everything in between.  I am not affiliated with this company so you are going to get a unbiased truthful review period.

First thing we should find out about is the company…

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5Linx Scam

5Linx Scam – The Company

Website:  5linx.com

The company first launched in 2001 by three men, Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck and Jason Guck.  Their main mission was to build a company around five key principles:  Vision, Integrity, opportunity, Freedom and success.  Now, I just got that info from their website, but going outside of their site, I did noticed all three of them are expert’s in their field.

What makes this company powerful is they have made the top 100 for the biggest mlm companies in the world and they are continuing to grow.  That is a great sign…so far.

Now let’s get into the products in this 5Linx review…

5Linx Review – The Products

5Linx Review

A lot of MLM companies usually focus on a particular product category like, Health and Nutrition, Coffee or Energy and Telecommunications etc.  5Linx has everything combined…

They have HOME essentials like:

  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Tech Support
  • Personal Security
  • Security Systems


  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition


  • Payment processing
  • Energy
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Security systems
  • Satellite TV
  • Healthcare

So there products are proven and there are a lot of them… Now let’s take a look at their business opportunity…

5Linx Business Opportunity

Like every other MLM company, 5Linx pays you a commission when you sign people up in the company.  This is called recruiting people into your down line.  There are two packages you can purchase, one is $99 and the other is $249.  When you sign people up in either level, you get paid a commission.

This is a great video on the 5Linx Compensation plan and business overview:

If you sponsor a lot of people, this could be a powerful way of making money from home but….”IF” you sponsor a lot of people and here comes the problem.

5Linx Scam – Conclusion

Here is the biggest problem…if you have been jumping opportunity to opportunity and blaming the companies for your failure, joining 5Linx won’t do you any good.  The truth to the matter is you need to learn the right skill sets to become a good people person, learn how to sponsor people the right way.

That is the absolute truth!

So Jesse, is there any opportunities from home out there that doesn’t require recruiting?

As of course, you haven’t been exposed to it yet.  In fact, I have personally made over 6 figures from home online without doing any home parties, hotel meetings, three way calls or bugging family and friends.

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If you are in 5Linx and you crossed this page, let me know how is everything going for you?  What have you accomplished and what are you still working on?

Until next time folks…


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