4Life Review - Another Scam in 2019 or Legitimate Business? Find Out...

4Life Review – Another Scam in 2019 or Legitimate Business? Find Out…

One of the biggest markets in the network marketing industry is the health and wellness. Having that said, 4Life is one of the biggest in this category and you stumbled across this page because you want a legitimate 4Life review correct?

You came to the right place because I am going to give you the most honest third party 4Life review on the internet…

I am not associated with this company so this won’t be a biased review like most on the internet.

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4Life Review

4Life Review – The Company

Main website: www.4life.com

In 1998, 4Life was founded by David and Bianca Lisonbee to bring to the marketplace health supplements that support mostly the immune system.

The main vision of this company is to become healthy while you in the process you become wealthy.

4Life has a leading group of researchers, doctors, and scientists working towards better immune system products and they claim no other company rivals them in this department.

With the products being in over 50 countries, you can see how popular their products are in the market place.  The company has over 100,000 distributors around the world.  Not only that, there are Olympians and celebrity athletes that endorse this products specially the 4Life Transfer Factor.

The Products – 4Life Review

4life products

Like I said earlier, 4Life really boast their leading doctors, scientists and researchers in the industry who are working around the clock to develop even better products to improve the human immune system.

The flagship product, 4Life Transfer factor, has helped many athletes around the world to perform better and push themselves harder in the field.

While the 4Life Transfer factor is a great product, they have several others that doing an amazing job strengthening the human body.

  • 4Life Targeted Transfter Factor
  • 4Life Tri-Factor Formulas
  • Foundation of life
  • Enummi Personal care
  • Animal health for life
  • ShapreRite by 4Life
  • Healthy lifestyle packs
  • Fortify meal pack

Other companies in this niche include:

How to Start The 4Life MLM Business

The process to get involved with 4Life is very simply and easy.  if you decide to join this company, you just purchase their “Distributor Kit” which will cost you $40.  This payment will serve you for a year’s subscription and you will get access to:

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Bonus and Commissions in the compensation plan
  • Earn Profit rewards
  • Access to contests and promotions
  • Rank advancing by sponsoring other members
  • Company training

There are 4 enrollment types and you pick what is best for you:

Diamond 4life, Leadership 4life and Associate require you to purchase a compass system which costs $29.95 on top of the other requirements shown below.

Diamond 4Life – At this level, you need to order 400 LP minimum and keep a 100 LP Monthly auto ship.

Just so you know…

400 LP = $515.95

Leadership 4Life – Your first order must be 100 LP and you must keep a monthly autoship of 100 LP.

Associate – There is no first order requirements, but you must keep a monthly autoship of 50 LP.

Preferred Customer – this has no requirements.

4Life Review – Compensation plan

4life compensation plan

They call their compensation plan the “Life Reward Plan”.

Their comp plan has seven ranks to go through as a distributor and the more you product, the better your ranks.

I am not going to go to super detail on their compensation plan because their document does a great job of doing it.  I will let you know this, they have one of the highest payouts in network marketing.

They will pay out as much as 64% on their LP (Life Points), and they pay 4 times a month which is great!

You can take a look at the 4Life’s Compensation Plan here.

4Life is all about giving back so they created their Fortify and Foundation which is all about giving back to the community.  What they are doing is provide families better nutrition in countries where the company operates.

Conclusion – Does The 4Life Scam Exist?

There are only a few people who call 4life a scam, but the truth to the matter is this, it has one of the best reviews on the internet.  I would say 90% of them were all saying 4life isn’t a scam.

So why do people fail?  Well, 98% of the people fail because they don’t want to be teachable or coachable.  You need to learn new skills to become great in network marketing.  People think by joining a company, they will become rich over night without putting a lot of effort.  The truth is all of the top producers worked their butts off to where they are and learned the necessary skill sets to become successful.


The solution:

Either you learn from the best and invest in your personal development and start getting out of your comfort zone…


You look for a different business model that doesn’t require talking to friends and family, doing home parties or even prospecting.

The best business by far is this because it doesn’t require any recruiting.

Imagine you can make an income from the internet without ever talking to a single soul…

Imagine able to profit online without cold calling or doing home parties…

YUP, that all exists and I am going to show you if you are sick and tired of failing network marketing.

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If you are apart of 4Life, please let us know your experience with the company and the success you have had so far.  I am always looking for success stories because in the end, network marketing is one of the best ways to make an income, but with the right skill sets of course.


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